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BodyMedia FitWeight, and fitness, let’s talk about it.

– How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Did you give up unhealthy foods for Lent?

Are you working on your whole self, health included?

No matter what the reason for making health a bigger priority in your life, the outcome will always be a good one, if done the right way. Let’s admit, there are tons of different ways to lose weight these days, but a good percentage of them are not healthy and often don’t keep the weight off either.

In these times when moms are getting busier and busier each day, taking on new projects, some working outside the home, some working from home, some homeschooling and trying to be “super-mom” it’s even harder to focus on ourselves. Don’t you agree?

Personally, I have struggled with my own weight battle since I was in the 4th grade. As I’ve grown older I’ve done my research, bought and read several magazines, articles, cookbooks, joined a weight loss program and been involved in “mommy-and-me” type workout classes. I KNOW what it takes to be a healthy, fit person, but my foundation and food issues from my childhood through early adulthood continue to take over.

I am the type of person who will always need to monitor my calorie intake, that’s just the way it is. And since having Baby C and working even more these past two years I’ve found that it’s even harder for me to do that. I found BodyMedia online after searching for a product that would help me count my calories. Not only did I find something to meet my needs in their FIT system, but other tools to help me accomplish my fitness goals.

BodyMedia Fit Link

I received the BodyMedia Fit LINK Armband to review and love the amazing features included.

  • Easy to wear – The adjustable arm band is comfortable and with only a little pulling here and there I barely even noticed I was wearing it.
  • All-In-One – The BodyMedia Fit Armband monitors how many calories you’ve burned, how much quality sleep you receive, and based on your calorie intake (which you personally enter in), your calorie deficit.
  • Technology Savvy – With the LINK armband only, you are able to connect the armband measurements to the BodyMedia App to check your progress throughout the day as well as add your meals to keep track as you are on the go.

Here’s the easily accesible Online Activity Manager, which you can use with any of the Fit armbands. It’s a more detailed version of the Mobile App, you can track your “Personal Bests” in each category, set goals, track your weight and more.

BodyMedia Fit online+activity+manager

Here is a screenshot from my phone for the mobile app for the LINK armband, the left hand side is the interface that shows you all of your calorie levels, including how many calories you’ve burned through different levels of activity, and quality hours of sleep. On the right hand side you’ll see an example of one of the food search pages in the app. You can easily type in the name of your food, and be taken to a listing of several meals and foods, how easy is that?!?

BodyMedia Fit App

With the BodyMedia Fit, I’m able to keep track of what I’m putting in my body and how active I am. It’s a GREAT reminder of how unhealthy I’ve been, especially when I see so few hours of sleep. Of course with any program it will only work if you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and put in work. There are no EASY ways to lose weight the healthy way, only great tools like BodyMedia Fit to help keep you motivated, see results, and make tracking it all a little easier. Definitely a huge plus for busy moms like us. 

What’s your experience {if any} with BodyMedia Fit? What tips do you have to stay healthy and run a busy lifestyle?

Check out the BodyMedia Fit system, armbands, and accessories on their website here: http://www.bodymedia.com/

Visit them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BodyMediaFIT to see transformation and ask questions and check them out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bodymediafit

I received the BodyMedia Fit LINK armband and a complimentary monitoring services in order to give my honest opinion about their products and services. All opinions expressed above are my own, however yours may vary.