Business2Blogger – Product Review 101

As you read my regular posts, especially my review posts you may be thinking one of two things.

“Hey, I can do that, it’d be so much fun to review products and services, but I just don’t know how to get connected with companies.” or “I run a company and I’d love for more bloggers to write about my products but don’t know how to reach them all without having to email several bloggers.”

I have to say that among all of the places I get pitches from that Business2Blogger has been the easiest to find product reviews. Business2Blogger sends me an email every time they have a great groping of offers for bloggers. I’m not getting 50 emails a day from them and the jobs that they email are easy to determine if I’m a good fit because they list things like blog genre, monthly visitors, areas, and even post by dates on some jobs.

If I were a company I would LOVE Business2Blogger because they have great writers who are all located in one place. No searching through a database, only the qualified bloggers respond with their stats and you as a company can go through the responses and see who’s perfect for your pitch.

Whether you’re a company or an aspiring or working blogger, Business2Blogger is a service I’d highly recommend to anyone I know. Go check it out for yourself, several different options for Bloggers (no money involved) and different ad options for Businesses as well.

Do you currently use Business2Blogger? What do you think?

I wrote this post to be entered to win an iPad 2, however I fully believe that Business2Blogger is a great program and currently use it for my posts. I wouldn’t tell you about a great product if I didn’t believe in it. But some opinions may vary.

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