Review LogoI know I have a bunch of you super-savvy coupon-clipping awesome mommies who follow me. And in all honest I aspire to be you, it’ just falls by the way-side when it come to me making time to clip coupons. So, I applaud you for your money saving prowess. I on the other hand use a couple of coupons per grocery trip and search for discount codes before I buy anything online. That counts right??

Recently I heard about BradsDeals is a good mix between printable coupons, which some of you live for, online coupons and internet deals too! I like that it has a wide audience and the site even makes me want to reconsider trying to be a “couponer” again, but only for a few seconds *LOL*

BradsDeals have bargains for some of my favorite shops including, but not limited to, where I’ve bought some new and refurbished items from, The Children’s Place, for obvious reasons, although it always seems like I need to buy one clothing size up when I shop here (anyone else have that issue), and SitterCity, which is where a ton of my awesome mom friends have found great babysitters and pet sitters.

Deals are updated regularly and cycled through categories you can choose from. I checked out the Kids Learning Toys under Kids and Babies and they were all great deal, on things like Hooked On Phonics, Legos, car seat toys, ride-ons, Melissa & Doug.

So I think a really great source and super easy to use. Once you click on a savings title it redirects you to the original sale website *sometimes there are additional instructions on BradsDeals so be sure to read the entire listing before you click through, but if you forget the sale website opens in a new window.

Go check them out at and come back here anytime to brag about a great deal you got.

What’s your favorite way to save? Are you a coupon clipper? Online coupon guru? Do you shop at several stores for the best prices?

doug says:

I’ve been a Brads Deals fan for quite a while, and I have purchased a number of items through them, but I’m beginning to wonder about them now.

Last week I paid $40 for a deal that was supposed to provide a $50 Restaurants.Com gift card plus a $50 FTD.Com gift card. My credit card appeared to be accepted but
1) I never got an email receipt.
2) I never got either of the gift cards.
3) when I went to the Brads Deals web site, where I paid the money, to contact customer service, THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT customer service.

The failure to receive either of the gift cards (valentine’s day gifts) could be been some kind of Snafu on the web, But the failure to provide a way to contact customer service, by a company that processes transactions for 3rd parties, is INEXCUSABLE.

The other thing I have noticed is that I can’t count on any quality evaluation by Brads Deals concerning the items that they list. I’ve bought several items that were decent deals, but about 1/2 of the items were of disappointing quality when I received them, and I would not have purchase them had I known. When I shop at Costco, I can count on their products being decent quality at least 90% of the time. Costco obviously evaluates the quality of their offerings before they agree to sell them. This is not true at Brads Deals.