Body by Bethenny Review

Body By Bethenny

Chef, author, reality TV star, entrepreneur, mommy, and now workout buddy, Bethenny Frankel shows that no matter how busy you are you still have time to work out with her Body By Bethenny workout DVD.

Bethenny is joined by celebrity instructor Kristin McGee for this 40-minute yoga program. The purpose of the DVD is to stretch and strengthen your entire body following up with a 10-minute strength-training segment.

My thoughts on the introduction are that it is a sweet personal message from Bethenny; it’s a little scripted, but seems like her personality and own thoughts are behind it. She talks about how the workout is for everyone at every fitness stage, and that being a “Skinnygirl” isn’t about what size you are, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Body By Bethenny is approximately 55 minutes, definitely not a quickie workout, but I like how you have choices in the “Workout Options” section of the DVD. You can skip to the five-minute Booty Bonus, or do just the 40 minutes of yoga. I’ve found as a mom even if you do 20 minutes in the morning and find time for the other 40 throughout the day it’s okay, you’re still getting in 60 minutes’ worth of working out. Just make sure you’re getting your heart rate up.

The DVD recommends light hand weights and a mat (in the DVD you use a yoga block as well). If you don’t want to purchase items you can use water bottles (filled with water — or better yet, sand) and a beach towel or blanket. I always encourage people to start their workouts with a low weight and work your way up if it’s easier; that’s much better than starting off with heavy weights and struggling, because you’re not getting as much out of a workout if you’re having to stop because it’s too hard.

Bethenny is her usual humorous self during the entire workout, which I find refreshing because she’s not trying to be someone she’s not and she’s not trying to be a personal trainer. Throughout the DVD Kristin and Bethenny utilize yoga terminology, but don’t fret, there is a great little pop-up on the screen to tell you what “downward dog” is, for example.

Unfortunately, there are no modified versions for some of the moves which would be my only critique. I’m sure you could work your way up, but if you have no exercise background it may be a little difficult to use Body By Bethenny as your first workout video.

If you’re looking for a completely serious workout, this DVD is probably not for you. Bethenny adds her own wisecracks, comments, and “Bethennyisms” during the video, but if you’re looking for a Real Housewives of New York version of a workout that’s more what you’ll get from Body By Bethenny.

Body By Bethenny features a bonus cooking segment, recipe booklet from Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Dish, and bonus workouts — that’s a lot of bonuses!

Right now you can only purchase Body By Bethenny on until August 24, 2010 when it will be available in retail outlets.

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