Bobo Wrap Review

bobo-wrap With a ton of summer holidays there come lots of fun parties and of course, you want to be the best guest of all right?? Well, have I got the most extravagant, beautiful wrapper you’ve ever seen!

The BOBO Wrapping Scarf is one of the emerging leaders in fabric wrapping and they do it with pizazz. BOBO comes with an instruction booklet featuring ideas on how to fold and tie the BOBO in 12 different ways. I love how versatile the wrap is, making it fun and easy to wrap different items.

BOBO Wrapping Scarf is not only reusable, but you don’t have to worry about buying tape or trying to find the scissors, you just grab your BOBO and your item to gift and use the Instructions and wrap away.

wrap-for-wine1Not only can you use BOBO to wrap gifts, but you can use them to carry wine to a party, turn them into the cutest purse (that no one else will own,) and even use them to decorate your tissue boxes. BOBO is super useful, but I can’t see giving too many of these away personally. At about $14 a scarf, they are obviously more costly than wrapping paper, however, they are again better for the environment and can act as a gift in itself. I think I’d reserve the BOBO Wrapping Scarf for occasions like anniversaries, weddings, girlfriend birthday parties, and I’d probably try to give them to someone who would be able or want to reuse it.

BOBO has an extensive website with a large number of wrapping scarves, accessories and also touts their features on Good Morning America, in Redbook, Little Green Blog and many more. Want to get one of your own? Check out their website here: . What’s your favorite fabric or wrapping technique?

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