Bob Harper’s Smart Success Suppliments

For those of you parents looking to give your weight loss program a “kick-in-the-pants” you may want to check these new supplements out. One of America’s favorite celebrity trainers, Bob Harper recently came up with the Smart Success program.

Bob Harper's Smart Success Supplements

This program includes Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit, Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss, Bob Harper’s Multivitamin and Bob Harper’s Smart 7-Day Cleanse.

Bob Harper’s Smart Success has a Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit that includes includes a DVD of Bob offering diet and motivational tips and a 30-minute smart workout and daytime formula, which contains naturally sourced caffeine to provide increased energy during the day, and oh-so-smartly, an evening formula, which is caffeine-free. {So you have energy when you need it!}

Bob Harper's Tips

He also has a Smart 7-Day Cleanse which is meant to gently flush the system of digestive waste before you begin the program. Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Formula includes key weight-loss ingredients that have been clinically proven in two gold-standard clinical studies.

One thing you may be interested in is that the supplements are vegetarian friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free, and are encased in veggie-caps. For those of you who have specific dietary requirements.

I received Bob Harper’s Smart Success products in order to give my honest opinion. Your opinions may vary.
I liked these products in general, especially the multivitamin because it was gentle on my stomach and gave me no excuses not to take it {other than occasional forgetfulness.} For me, the cleanse was pretty much like any other cleanse I’ve done, for me it doesn’t really do much by way of weight loss but I did feel like it was getting bad stuff out {which could have been more mental than anything.}

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