Birthday Bash – Sweet Tweets: Whoo’s One

Intricate designs, and playful themes, adorn the sugary creations by the one and only; Sweet Tweets. Self-described as, “Distinct, Unique, and Deee-lish,” and every word is true about their amazing treats. Sweet Tweets makes both cookies and cakes and is located in Texas. While shipping a cake may sound like a good idea, opening up the box would be a different story. Lucky for us, Sweet Tweets ships their cookies, {insert excitement here}, so that everyone is able to enjoy their beautiful-goodness.

When I saw their designs I was in awe that someone could create such amazing detail on a cookie. I’ve seen the printables where bakers use photos and slam them on desserts but this goes above and way beyond! Each Sweet Tweet creation is hand-made, that means their each unique.

We asked Sweet Tweets to recreate our, “Look Whoo’s One,” theme onto a cookie, and here’s what they came up with:

Sweet Tweets Owl

Our owl from the theme, pink, brown, and white number “1″s and Neapolitan “C”s were the inspiration for the cookies and they turned out beautifully. Everyone at the party was so impressed by the look of these treats, and I was completely amazed at the fine details. They not only made a great addition to our dessert table, but they also served as decorations during the party and individually wrapped favors for our guests to take home.

Here are a few more shots of our Sweet Tweets:

Sweet Tweets CookiesSweet Tweets Cookies

{As you can see I put them in a cute tray and accented it with ribbon and gumballs to create color in between the spaces.}

Now when you think of cookies in general and looking at these desserts you may be saying to yourself, “Yes, they look great, but how to they taste?” I wish I could tell you in one word, but I can’t so I’ll say buttery, fresh, and delicious. Three words, not bad. The guests were also making comments on how they had tried similar cookies with designs but were used to them being dry and tasteless.

So Sweet Tweets gets an A+ on design and a big YUM for taste, a great combination in my book.

Sweet Tweets shop is currently closed for orders, but will resume their beautiful work on May 23rd. If you’d like to check out their website you can find them at: be sure to tell them MommyB Knows Best sent you!

What desserts have you used for parties that you absolutely love?

I received samples of Sweet Tweet cookies in order to complete my honest review for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own opinions, yours may vary.

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