Bellies and Babies Review

Bellies and Babies LogoBellies and Babies offer a wonderfully relaxing experience for any mom understanding that pregnancy is a beautiful occasion that needs to be enjoyed. (Would you please tell our husbands this?!?)

Bellies and Babies facilities are located in Charlotte, North Carolina run by Angie McInnis, who’s original goal was to create and celebrate pregnant women by offering comfort during their pregnancy. This desire has spawned to include not only mom but also dad and baby in the massage process.

When I first heard about Bellies and Babies I was ecstatic about a facility that specialized in prenatal massage, as opposed to one of the larger chains or even day spas who offer them, but aren’t necessarily skilled in that area. During both of my pregnancies I had prenatal massages. The one I had most recently at a large massage chain was the worst massage, (pre-natal or not), that I have ever received. I’m not quite sure if the masseuse was unaware of my needs, but the entire experience from start to finish was more clinical than relaxing, and unfortunately there was no doubt that this place was a chain.  No offense to chains, I love my fast food, and retail shopping, but there are some things in life, even if they come from a chain, you don’t want them to seem like it.

My experience at Bellies and Babies was great, not only did I get an amazingly relaxing head to toe (literally) massage. But Angie, the owner of Bellies and Babies was very informative about what areas she was going to concentrate on and how certain massages would benefit my pregnant body. I received the prenatal Massage and am definitely thinking about a postpartum massage after this new little one is born, this pregnancy is really taking a toll on my body this time around.

Bellies and Babies have a wide range of services whether you’re trying to conceive, already have, or just want a relaxing massage.

Choose from a variety of services:

Fertility (for both partners)
Prenatal or Postpartum Massage
Newborn/ Infant Massage (Session teaches parents proper techniques on how to massage baby)
Postpartum Neuromuscular Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy (for men and women)
DeepTissue and Swedish (for men and women)
Birthing Partner Relief Swedish massage (if you’re stressed they’re stressed)

The prices are very reasonable and if you’re in the Charlotte area I encourage you to check out the Bellies and Babies website to schedule your next service:

If you had your pick, what kind of service would you choose?