Beautiful Hair in 2014 with Blo Charlotte

With 2014 upon us have you thought about things you’d like to change or transformations you’d like to make in the New Year? If saving money, feeling great, and looking your best are on your list I have just the place for you to accomplish all of those. Blo Charlotte is the newest, pinkest, blow dry bar in the Charlotte area and is ready to give you the hair you’ve been waiting for.

Photo Credit: Christine Setian

Photo Credit: Christine Setian

I was excited to receive a complimentary service from Blo and am excited to share my experience with you.

Before my appointment, I looked through the variety of styles that Blo offers trying to choose my favorite. Blo offers several styles for any occasion and have additional services including, Blo On the Go, {where they bring their services to you}, deep conditioning treatments, a la carte updos and more!!

The main styles to choose from include: Go Fish {a fishtail braid}, Hunt Club {a perfectly styled ponytail}, High Society {a beautiful high bun}, Pillow Talk {soft beach waves}, Holly Would {lots of bouncy curls}, Executive Sweet {straight and sleek}, and Red Carpet {smooth look with lots of body}. Since I was having a casual day I went with the Pillow Talk style for some soft curls. Here’s how my hair turned out.

Blo Charlotte MommyB

If you’ve never been to a blow dry bar, specifically Blo Charlotte, and you enjoy pampering, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Here are a few blow dry bar first timer tips:

1. Shower but don’t wash your hair. Blo Charlotte includes a wash with their service and if you shower before your style you’ll be fresh and clean for whatever the day may bring without adding steam or ruining your new hair-do.

2. When it comes to curls more is more. While Blo’s hair styles definitely stand the test of time, in many cases throughout the day the curls will tend to lose their bounce, so if you want to ensure lots of bounce and curls to last day and night you may want to opt for more curls.

3. Speak your peace. Blo stylists are highly qualified {I loved Stephanie}, and want you to leave with what you feel is the best looking hair. If you want to add a little curl or need some extra volume, just ask. From what I experienced each stylist takes pride in knowing they not only did their best work, but also that their clients leave happy.

4. Take a photo. Whether you are getting an a la carte updo, or one of several hairstyles the Blo menu offers if you’re looking for something specific be sure to take a picture with you. Remember though often times celebrities and model hair may be different than your own, but in communicating and working with your stylist you can achieve a style you’ll be happy with.

Overall, my experience at Blo Charlotte was pleasant, from the staff and stylists who lent their services, to the professionalism of the work and the space, and the fun I had getting pampered and waiting to see my finished look. At $35 for a wash, blow, and go, service I would highly recommend this for a special occasion, some regular pampering, or a fun treat for yourself or a girlfriend {or a bunch of girlfriends, ahem, feel free to include me}.

I also inquired about styling for Miss A’s hair {now that she’s 6 she enjoys getting her hair temporarily straightened once and a while}, and I was delighted to find out that Blo does offer services for curly hair including biracial and African American hair among other hair types. I can’t wait to take Miss A and treat her to a service and share that with you all in the future as well!!

If you went to Blo Charlotte, which style would you choose???

Be sure to stop by their website, and like their Facebook and Twitter pages too for discounts, updates, and to schedule your appointment.


I received complimentary services for this review. The opinions expressed in the above post are my own, honest thoughts about the services I received. Your opinion may vary.