Basie and Paisley Reviews

Basie and PaisleyLet me introduce you to Basie and Paisley, Little Miss A’s new best friends. Basie and Paisley are two fun monsters. Now I know you’re thinking monsters equal scary, these two are far from that. I am definitely a protective momma bear and because of that Little Miss A has skipped many a Disney movie (sorry Walt). Daddy B and I feel that the villian in most kids movies are too scary for Miss A and sometimes even for us!! So needless to say these two cuties, Basie and Paisley not only captured Miss A’s heart but I fell in love with them too.BasieIn A Spider Lives in My BellyButton we meet Basie, who has a silly little spider living inside his belly button. This is no ordinary spider though, Basie’s spider plays drums, roller skates, and even eats French fries! How fun is that?

This purple fellow uses his great imagination throughout the book. Little Miss A occasionally tells me she has a spider in her belly button. I love that Basie encourages children to use creativity and story telling.

Meet Paisley, she appears to us in A Monstrous Smile. This sweetie tells us all about the things that make her smile. Puddle jumping, scratching on the turn tables, and even an oscillating fan are a few of the wondrous thing that make this pink monster grin. Personally, I used to love talking into an oscillating fan too and hearing my robot-like words.


Both of these great books were created by author James Robert Miller and his sister, Leslie Kelly. James wrote the great stories and I love how the words are mostly small, fun, words that each child can associate, with a few words kids may not know that leaves room for parent/child discussion. The stories are silly and fanciful, but still down to earth. Leslie did an amazing job on the illustrations, I love how she uses patterns and Miss A especially enjoys the non-traditional rainbows. I enjoy reading these books to Miss A over and over again and would recommend these to any friends, and may buy some for gifts ;) shhh don’t tell.

You can find Basie and Paisley on Facebook and buy your own copies of A Spider Lives in my BellyButton and A Monstrous Smile here:

What books do you read to your children to bring out their creativity??

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