Aurorae Yoga Mat {Guest Post}

I’ve been doing yoga at home for years now as a way to unplug, relax, and stretch out my perpetually tight back. Recently I’ve been stepping up my game, trying to really perfect poses and increase my flexibility.

Thanks to MommyB, I also got a chance to step up my yoga mat. I’d been using the same one day after day for who knows how long, and I didn’t realize how worn out it had become until I unfurled my new Northern Lights mat from Aurorae Yoga.


Aurorae Yoga Mat

Measuring 72″ long x 24″ wide, the Aurorae mat is about four inches longer than a standard mat, which doesn’t seem like much but makes a difference: I’m no longer having to hop back throughout a DVD or class so that my hands stay on the mat. Similarly, the 5 mm thickness seems incrementally cushier than normal mats but the difference is undeniable. My knees, creaky old things that don’t like repeated contact with cold floors, no longer scream after a session. And where I was once uncomfortably aware of my sit-bones and the base of my neck during the relaxation phase at the end of a session, I’m now supported and comfortable, and able to actually let go.

The mat’s thickness and grip make it much easier to really dig in your fingers and toes to support your weight, and slipping is minimal.

So strictly based on performance, we have a winner in the Aurorae mat… but wait! There’s more! The Northern Lights model also scores big points for aesthetics and eco-friendliness.

Mimicking the serenely undulating dance of the aurora borealis (but also echoing the recent ombre craze that’s been happening, at least in my mind), the Northern Lights mats come in five richly toned colors and no two mats are exactly the same. The colors are identified with certain characteristics, so that you can choose a mat that signifies the qualities you want to evoke/boost with your workout. The top of the mat is strategically emblazoned with Aurorae’s logo to create a point of focus, to aid with balance (brilliant). And in spite of its extra length and thickness, it easily rolls tight and is not noticeably heavier than my old mat.

Aurorae mats are made from PER Eco Safe material, and are biodegradable and phthalate-free. There was none of that wretched plastic off-gassing odor when I opened the package. I still flipped it over the clothesline to let it relax and air out, but I didn’t feel like I had to, to avoid breathing in chemicals.

Basically, I’ve learned that a good mat is essential to really getting the most from your yoga workout, and post-workout relaxation poses. I feel like I can perform the poses better and hold them longer without straining or slipping. The fact that the mats are eco-conscious, pretty, affordable and from a company that appears to really appreciate its customers? Incredibly awesome and totally welcome bonuses.

Aurorae Yoga

Aurorae Yoga supplies are sold through Amazon and ship for free when spending more than $25. Add it to your wish list today!

Disclosure: I received an Aurorae yoga mat to review; no other compensation was received. This mat was put through the paces of many hours of Rodney Yee DVDs and YMCA yoga sessions; therefore all thoughts and opinions are thorough, honest, and entirely my own.

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