Anni Zola-My Story CD Review

Anni Zola I know I’m old when I start saying, “I just don’t get what things kids are into these days.” From music, to clothing styles, I just don’t understand. Anni Zola is no exception to my aged misunderstandings. She is sweeping the nation and I have never heard of her until now!

What or who is Anni Zola you may be asking, unless you are or have a teenager, you may be as confused as I was when I first started listening to her musical audiobook titled My Story. Even though I don’t quite understand something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing though.

In fact, this cute anime inspired fictional teen has great message for her fans including encouraging teens to do something to make their planet a better place.

In her song Share My Dream, she speaks of seeing how beautiful the world can be and even has lyrics to tell her listeners to do something to contribute to a beautiful world:

“Are you angry by what you see,

coz if you’re like me,

you wanna go and fix it.”

Anni Zola’s CD has 4 songs, each different in their own right. My Story is most like a poem/talking song while Come On Out and Play is more techno-pop. These songs are very under produced and sound like they were created in someone’s home recording studio. Even though Anni Zola will most likely not be featured on hit-radio the songs on the album are fun and get a great message across in a cute way.

Anni ZolaThe stories on Anni Zola My Story gives great background into Anni Zola and her hometown of Orfea and her life story. Overall I applaud the efforts of Anni Zola on creating a better world and would be excited if my teen sister liked something like this. Aside from the album Anni Zola has a great website: The website is full of media, games, and background story that compliments the album nicely.

If you’re trying to teach your tweens or teens how to love their world and be eco-friendly check out Anni Zola’s website and if they like that then I would definitely recommend getting the album.

What materials do you use to teach your children about being earth-friendly??