Worst Gift of 2009

Pop Pop Review

I’m sorry to say that I’ve come across the worst gift ever. It’s the Mugen Pop Pop Bubble Wrap and here it is in all of it’s horrible giftedness glory. Honestly, I can’t believe someone would pay money for this item, but it was a gift to DaddyB from a coworker so I guess for a cheap purchase they were thinking it was a good choice, I beg to differ.

Basically this piece of crap plastic has several buttons (all of them do the same exact thing,) and you push it to hear a click. I guess it’s supposed to be a simulation of popping packing bubbles, although if you ask me there’s not much resemblance. Once you click the “secret” number you get a surprise sound, like a door bell or a dog barking etc.

DaddyB thought it would be a good idea to give it to Little Miss A and she liked it for all of 1 second. It was hard for even me to press the buttons, much less the fingers of a 2.5 year old. But the best part of this toy is that I figured out the “secret” number of presses to actually get a so-called fun sound…yeah it’s 100. Who wants to push this thing 100 times to get one 1 second everyday sound?

I’m hoping DaddyB’s coworker got this thing on sale because if you ask me $2.75 is way too much to pay for this Ban Dai flop.

Do you have a runner up for Worst Gift of 2009?? What is it? I HAVE to know!!!

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  • I agree with you completely. We actually bought these or our kids last Christmas. I mean, what kid doesn’t like popping bubble wrap? it’s actually a great app for the iPhone! Looks like bubble wrap and sounds like bubble wrap on the iPhone.

    Anyway, we got these cheap, I think at Five Below, I’m not sure. We figured it would be cheaper then buying lots of bubble wrap and less wasteful. Well the item was a great idea, but horrible execution. It didn’t look like the nice round bubbles of bubble wrap, it didn’t have that nice crisp popping sound, it was really difficult to press, even for the older kids, and the surprise sound almost never happened. bad, bad gift … oh well.

    maybe it’s time for a redesign!

    • I highly doubt that his coworker still has the receipt on these lovely gems. And Damian boy do I wish I had an iphone, Miss A loves to hear the bubble wrap pop but is scared because she thinks it will pop her.

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