Why I’d Rather Build My Daughters’ Self Esteem than Buy a Magazine

My friend, and fellow blogger {and Charlottean}, Kelley Crowe wrote a post today about the controversial Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50th Anniversary Edition. Check out her thoughts here: This is Not Okay For My Daughter’s Eyes…

I completely agree with Kelley’s sentiments and understand her frustration and here’s Why I’d Rather Build My Daughters’ Self Esteem than Buy a Magazine and my response to Kelley’s post.

Self Esteem in Girls MommyB

As a conservative mom of two girls who wants her children to know that their worth is not skin deep, issues like this really make me sad that our Nation is going overboard. I think often times the general population, (some parents included), start to tune things like this out because it’s more the norm than not.

Yes, I already mentioned I’m conservative, and things in stores like music videos or magazines, or even some mannequins dressed provocatively bother me. Do I wish that stores, television, and people would stop promoting the objectification of women? Sure! Do I wish they would stop promoting the objectification of men? drugs? alcohol? sex? etc, yup.

The only thing we can really do as parents is change our children; let them know our moral beliefs, let them ask questions and find answers, discuss situations, and maybe once and a while flip off the tv {or cut the cable like we did}, turn over the magazines in the store, and pray for our family and the future of our Nation.


What are your thoughts on the Sports Illustrated cover, or magazine in general? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the topic of self-esteem and children, even if you disagree, but please be respectful or your comments may be deleted. 


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  • As the mom of 2 teenage boys and a young daughter I don’t want any of them to see it. When the issue came in the mail I immediately put it into the recycling bin and told my husband it was time to leave Sports Illustrated behind.

  • About a month ago I was at CVS Pharmacy with my 3 kids, ages 4, 9, and 10. I was in line to pay and my 9 year old son asked “why is there a curse word on the cover of that magazine?”. I was flabbergasted. It was a woman’s magazine and it was placed right in front of the cash register for everyone to see. I wrote a letter to CVS corporate complaining about it and they said they’d take care of it, but I haven’t returned to the store to find out.

    Right after this incident, I decided to look on the web to see if this is a common problem and I found this article–http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/02/books/womens-magazine-editors-allow-more-printed-vulgarities.html?_r=0
    Magazine editors are so desperate for attention that they are using expletives on covers. It really sickens me.

    In case you’re wondering about the magazine cover my 9 year old son saw, it was the January issue of Cosmo and the cover read “52 holy sh*t sex moves”. Appalling.

    • Outrageous and sad. I wish magazines would tone it down and retailers would either put magazines in their own aisle away from little eyes. I know some do.

  • Jenn – I cannot believe I am just now seeing this! I love that you wrote your own opinions on this in response to my post and you know I wholeheartedly agree with you! This topic is something I’m still steamed up about and I know we just want something so much more for our daughters.

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