What My Kid is Packin’ Today – Kidz ZonePerfect Bars

Yellow Cupcake, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Carmel Crunch, don’t these flavors sound delicious? These are the flavors of Kidz Zone Perfect bars from the makers of Zone Perfect nutrition bars. They definitely make my mouth water, but my kids won’t let me have any!!

Kidz_GroupshotWhen I went to a blogger conference  a few years ago I was introduced to Zone Perfect and loved the flavor bars I was able to sample. {I even won a cool t-shirt that I actually just wore to bed last night, no kidding!} But when I asked if I could give the bars to my little one {Miss A at the time was about 3 years old}, they said the nutrients and vitamins would probably not be a good fit for her little body. Little did I know they would come out with a Kids version, and I’m super excited, but my girls are even more excited.

Conveniently when we got our surprise package from ZonePerfect, it was snack time in the B household. I checked out the three flavors, I gave the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip to Miss A because she loves peanut butter, and the Carmel Crunch to Lil’ C thinking that would be her favorite. Then, we played musical Kidz Zone bars. Lil’ C ended up with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip {and loved it even though she doesn’t care for peanut butter}, and Miss A ended up with the Yellow Cupcake, which smells divine, and is healthier for her than the real thing.

Kidz ZonePerfect Bars

{Yes they are in their jammies, we were on Spring Break and cozy!!}


Kidz ZonePerfect bars feature 23 vitamins and minerals, five grams of protein and three grams of fiber, making them perfect for a snack or even as a lunch side item. These nutrition bars were carefully developed by Abbott dietitians with an appropriate protein to carbohydrate ratio plus vitamins for active kids. {They contain 16-19 grams of carbohydrate per bar, which is similar to the amount in about 5-6 oz. orange juice or 1-1.5 slices of bread.}

Now that’s something to be excited for whether you’re a kid or a parent….or a teacher!

At Miss A’s school staff prefers that the children have healthy and wholesome lunches, no candy, no sodas, and we as a family are right on board. Miss A occasionally has a hot lunch offered at her school, but the majority of the time I pack her lunch. Here’s what my kid’s packin’ {in her lunchbox}:

 Miss As lunch

Kidz ZonePerfect is available in Target stores nationwide and in the nutrition aisle nationwide in grocery stores, drug stores and mass merchandisers and are sold in packs of five. They can also be ordered online at www.AbbottStore.com .


I received Kidz ZonePerfect goodies, but I wouldn’t write good things about them if I didn’t like the product, and I definitely wouldn’t make my girls eat them if I didn’t feel they were a good fit for my family. These are my family’s honest opinion on these products and your opinion may vary. 

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  • Oooo, I wonder if they are all processed with nuts! I really have a hard time finding healthy snack choices for my girls that aren’t processed with nuts. Do you know of any?

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