What Happened to The Fresh Beat’s Marina?

Nick Jr.'s The Fresh Beat BandMiss A loves The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr. and secretly so does Daddy B. {Shhh don’t tell him I told you.} Nick Jr. first shared this fun show with American families in August of 2009. Since then, the musical fun that Kiki, Twist, Shout and Marina bring have taught and continue to teach valuable lessons to preschool viewers, like getting along, not giving up, and solving problems as a team.

The Fresh Beat Band, was originally planned to be called, “The JumpArounds,” however before the show officially aired the name was changed. Following suit, in this past season, season two, some of The Junior Beats {the mini Fresh Beat kids} and the actor who played Reed, the owner of the Good Note Music Store were replaced. Is it me or does it seem like Nick Jr. is mixing things up with The Fresh Beat Band from season to season? Now that the third season of Fresh Beat band is upon us, things are no different.

Tara Perry The Fresh Beat Band MarinaRecent clips for the show’s next “new” season have sprung up on Nick Jr. touting lots of new things for the show, while also showing off a new cast member, Tara Perry. Perry will take on the role of Marina, who was originally played by Shayna Rose.

Allegidly, Shayna Rose is getting married and perusing other career options that are taking her away from The Fresh Beat Band. I know Miss A and maybe Daddy B too, will miss her dearly.

What do we know about the “new” Marina, Tara Perry though? Perry, age 25, has directed and stared in quite a few youtube videos, and had a tv appearance here and there, but her “claim to fame” is that she is The Movie Maven on Sci-Fi’s Mania.com. For more on Perry, check out her IMDB page she doesn’t have a wikipedia page yet, but now that she’s on Nick Jr. I assume that will be coming soon.

Although the “new” Marina still has red hair {noticeably darker}, and a turquoise and purple outfit, you can’t pull one over my kiddo. I’m not sure if it’s an effort to help Marina blend in or some new duds for season three, but all four of the Fresh Beats have new outfits, and on a side note hubby thinks that Shout has gained some muscle {that’s debatable, I think it was just covered by the collegiate sweater}.

While I’m not a huge fan of change, especially when it comes to television characters, she is a fellow Sagittarius so maybe I’ll cut her a little slack. Honestly though, I’m not really sure how a different Marina will affect the show, personally, I don’t think that it will, especially when it comes to the kids. I think they’ll be confused for a minute, get over it, and be dancing all over the room like with any other episode.

For NEW Season 3 Fresh Beat Band Episode Synopsis and to weigh in with your thoughts, check out http://www.mommybknowsbest.com/fresh-beat-band-season-3-episodes/.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the topic. What are your thoughts on the new Marina? Do you like the changes that are coming to Nick Jr.’s Fresh Beat Band? Is your child {or someone else in your household} excited for season three?

Who is your favorite Marina?

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  • I think both of the girls playing the role of Marina should not be judged on their talent or one isn’t as pretty, or one dances better, etc. They are two different people so of course they are not going to please everyone the same way. I think the problem was that the show should have just addressed it and said that the Marina character was moving or something like that and that she knew a friend who would love to take her place and that she would still be watching them or something like that. Kids would understand that for the most part and it would give parents a chance to help them understand as well.

    I don’t think comparing these girls against the other is fair at all. The character change should have been handled and addressed so that no one child, or parent felt like the fool when the character’s actress was simply replaced without mention.

  • I remember seeing the original on days of our lives and I didn’t like her then either! I’m so excited they changed to the new one!

  • My daughter is a huge fan of The Fresh Beat Band and I have to admit the show has grown on me. I have to say though that I’m not feeling the new marina, just feels like she is trying too hard. The original marina was spunky and real. But my daughter enjoys the show either way 🙂

  • I and my kids seen the change right away.we really enjoy the old Marina.we miss ya lassie.Congradulations on gettin Married.

  • My little 7 year old recently watched FBB after watching the second episode two years ago. My girl really hates the change. I really thought that the change was a dumb idea and I really think they could’ve just made a new character for Perry to be in the picture instead. I have a 5 year son who hates the new change. Don’t be stupid enough to thin that juat because you change the character doesn’t meanno child would notice it or even enjoy watching it >:O

  • The old Marina has a sense of innocence, purity, charm, and sparkle, appropriate for children. The new one is too edgey and sometimes dances too sexy for a little kids show.

  • I enjoy the new Marina more. My niece never really waatched the show very much until the new Marina came on. Whenever we watched the ‘Fresh Beat Band’ with the original it felt like Marina got to do a lot more than the other characters. Even my 5 year old niece noticed it, she wanted Kiki to do more. With the new one she has a cute attitude and all the characters are doing more and not only has my niece enjoyed it more, so have I.

  • The old marina was terrible, cant act and always a dance step behind. i love the new marina she fits in perfectly with shout and kiki…. now if they could just get a new twist :/

  • I agree with Samantha, I didn’t enjoy the old Marina’s acting or dancing, I’m not a fan of change with characters either, but it doesn’t really matter, my son loves the show either way 🙂

  • We love the new Marina! The original one was a horrible dancer, which is why we’re glad they replaced her. She had a nice singing voice, but the other Fresh Beats were way above her dance skills level. The wardrobe change was a nice bonus too, along with the new intro song.

  • I miss the old Marina no matter what anyone says personally before i knew who the new Marina was I thought she looked like a retarded dolphin. Anyways some people need to keep their hate to themselves. Also don’t you think some kids(such as myself)aren’t happy. I know I wasn’t. I was crying and throwing stuff everywhere. Yep a 13 year olds reputation was ruined from nice kid to retard just from change. So just think abou others belfore ya just go ‘Oh blah and blah. I thought she was blah and this and that.’ Keep that to yourself and le the rest of us morn or whatever we kids do these days. Like eat ice cream and act like retards like we wish to.

  • The children I babysit haven’t noticed, and yes the are excited they watch on YouTube on my laptop when I’m busy cleaning and they get bored of Dora or or Diego they love to dance and song it’s too cute and funny lol

  • I absolutely hate the change. Her facial experessions and actions are NOT even close to the old Marina. The old Marina was real, this new one is trying to fill the shoes of someone she will never be able to. Might as well take her off and put her back on the Si-fi channel.

  • My kids and I miss the old Marina. The original is always better. Wish she never left. We still like the orignal group. Hope she returns back…

  • I have 4 children aging from the range of 4 to 10 and they use to watch FFB all the time and would have me tape it and wanted to go to concert but, with the new Marina, they all stopped watching it and are not interested anymore, they watched 2 episodes and they hated her, she is not as good of an actress or as good of a singer as the old Marina. The old Marina seemed to fit in and it seemed her and kiki were best friends and they all played the perfect , even rules but, the new Marina, it seems that they want to push her so much that it seems like she is taking control of the show and like they want her to be the center. The old Marina would take the background but, the new will not. My children will not watch it again unless, they bring the old Marina back.

  • My daughter keeps asking me when is “reena” coming back. Shout looks as though hes been hitting the gym. Kiki is great as usual. Twist’s age is starting to show but hes still my fave

  • My son absolutely LOVES fresh beats and as far as concerned as long as Twist and Kiki are there he is good. I did notice the change and when I asked my dad, he is pawpaw day care, he didn’t notice it

  • My 3 year old grandson loved the FBB when the new Marina came out he lost interest and does not want to watch the show anymore.
    Kids are not stupid. He always’ wants to know when she is going to be on, so please let the real Marina know she had lots of fans

  • The old Marina ups the new one by two things. Drum Technique and Singing. She is trained in both. Maybe the old Marina wasn’t as good at dancing as her fellow beats, but the new Marina is behind on beat with the pre-recorded music. The new marina’s singing voice doesn’t fit well with kiki’s trained voice. She just sounds like any typical girl would with an okay voice. Shayna Rose (old marina) has her own cd with her singing. She is clearly a professional. So what if she wasn’t a good dancer all the time. She is the original Marina, and the original is most of the time better. I’m sad to her go, but she is talented enough to be on bigger, better things.

  • Man the fresh beats are not the same bring back the original marina… Im not feelin the new one …i dont even watch them no more

  • We LOVE The Fresh Beat Band. We watch everyday and listen to the CD in the car. However, Noah keeps asking me when is the “real” Marina coming back. We don’t like the change and its not easy to explain to a 4 year old that she is the “new” Marina. I believe they should’ve made the switch like they did on Blue’s Clues. Have the old Marina leave for college or something and intorduce this new girl as her cousin or sister with a new name. Just my thoughts from a mommy of a disappointed 4 year old who wants the “old” Marina back. :o(
    We’ll still watch and we’re looking forward to the concert in September. Just wish they would’ve handled the change better.

    Noah’s Mommy :o)

  • I like the old marina better she have a lot more expresion an it shows she love doing what she do an pluse my daughter loved her.

  • Why would they do this, and the way it was done was all wrong? My 5 year old loves the FBB and would sing all the songs now that they have the new girl she doesn’t watch it as much but still sings the old songs. I’m so saddened and disappointed to see the original Mirena go:( The new girl reminds me of a ROBOT

  • The different actors are noticeable. You get used to the originals but my daughter never made a mention on the new Marina.ooking at the clips my daughter still gets up and dance. If we are watching in our room she will get up on the bed and dance when the comer owl comes on. I am sure she will enjoy the new Marina just as much as the old one.

  • My son and I used to sit and watch this show. We both loved it but just doesnt feel the same now with this new Marina. We dont watch it anymore unless its a rerun.

  • Are you guys really complaining about a kid show? The new Marina is way better. She can dance, her voice is awesome and my son could care less. He has a crush on Kiki. He would rather have the fresh beat band with the new marina than no show at all.

  • I agree that the show itself wont change just because they replaced an actress, but I think that they could have easily created a new character for Perry, maybe as a relative of Rose (similar to what they did with Steve and Joe on Blues Clues :P) Or even just made her into a totally new character. Its hard to replace a character on a kids show because kids get kinda attatched.

  • I HATE THE NEW MARINA. She tries way too hard to get the fans of the old Marina to like her. I think that the change was really stupid, and they should have just cut Marina and made a new character. A good idea would have been that Marina would have gone to explore music at a camp or another school. And then the new student would come in and eventually replace her? But that’s just my opinion on these kind of things.

  • You all need to get over yourselves. FULL GROWN MOTHERS acting like two yr olds because some woman decided take a chance to further her career. STOP. ‘ i hate the new marina shes ugly.SHAYNAAA WAH’ OMG . And I dont like her or Kiki. Jesus.

  • what happend to shayna rose in the fresh beat band and why they put tara perry in the show in sted of shayna rose is tara perry jellus of shayna rose

    • what? did you not read the blog above? why waste our time posting a comment when you dont even know what your talking about! 

  • i have a young little brother but i come to this website to help him have fun…….i DO NOT at all, like the new Marina but if its going to help her…. i guess its okay. 🙁

  • i love the old marina she is a good dancer shes shanna rose im a big fan of the fresh beat band.ilove them love u fresh beat band and shanna rose and twist your really funny.

  • I remember the original Marina on Days and I didnt like her as Stephanie, if you remember all the other Stephanie were brunettes. However I did like her as Marina on the Fresh Beats, I think that they replaced her because they knew they were becoming apart of familys households and going on tour and the original Marina(as much as I liked her) her dancing wasnt up to par like the other 3 cast members. If you notice the new Marina(Perry) is a much better dancer the the old one(Rose). I am sad to see Melody gona as well.. Think back and notice that in alot of dance scenes Rose is just standing back doing a little jig while the other 3 were doing all the moves and when the dancing became simple again she would join back in with her cast mates.. Just my opinion.

  • I dont care what mich sais i loooooooove TFBB they are better than some other band i agree with tasha ilove the old & new marina. Oh and im still delling with my boyfriend i whrather wait. Taik to u later fbb love u sooooooooo much.

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