Tommee Tippee’s Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor

Tommee TippeeWhen I was pregnant with Miss A I registered for a lot of baby items. Of course, being our first we had nothing, so our bigger items were the crib, rocking chair, stroller, and a travel crib. I secretly wanted a video monitor for her but with all of the other larger ticketed items I couldn’t see asking for the monitor as well. So I dealt with having a basic monitor for the time being.

When I got pregnant with Baby C we didn’t have much to register for since we kept almost everything from Miss A, including clothes. Again, since sometimes people don’t even have a shower for their second child I didn’t want to come off as greedy and coveted, but didn’t register or ask for the video monitor.

Although with each baby I think a video monitor would have saved me from a lot of stress, running up the stairs 5,000,000,000 times, and constantly checking on the girls. Even though Baby C was almost 2 years old at the time that Tommee Tippee contacted me I was ecstatic to try out their new Closer to Nature, Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor. While we didn’t quite need the sensor pad, I was happy to be able to see on the monitor when Baby C really needed us and when she didn’t.

Here are some features from this Digital Video Monitor and my thoughts on them.


  • Clarity in Picture – I could see Baby C whether it was day or night with the night vision capabilities of the monitor
  • Zoom Setting – I love being able to zoom in and see details a little better
  • “Talkback” Feature – I have always wanted to be able to do this with a monitor to help soothe my child without being physically in the room and this monitor provides that, just make sure you check the volume settings before you use it.
  • I love the option of the sensor, and would definitely use it if I had a newborn or small baby because I am such a worrier.
  • The monitor has a great temperature reading and tells us the temperature of the room, very helpful in figuring out why Baby C may be staying up or is fussy.



  • The sound from the receiver seems to have some high pitched feedback, but this may just be a defect with the one we received. For that reason we typically keep the volume down. Keep your receipt just in case.
  • The camera is only able to zoom in, not move side to side so we have to make sure the camera doesn’t get bumped or moved otherwise we can’t see Baby C.
  • The battery power of the monitor is very little. We weren’t able to unplug through the night, so we couldn’t watch downstairs and transfer upstairs when we went to bed. Possible solutions, place somewhere you can leave plugged in, or purchase another AC adapter for different locations.


I did notice a few bad reviews for the sensor pad on a couple of baby store websites, but again, keep your receipt because as you know often the people who don’t like a product are more inclined to leave comments than those who are satisfied.

Tommee Tippee Monitor

The monitor system comes with one parent unit, one video component to go in the nursery, one sensor pad, and instructions. It retails anywhere from $250.00 USD to $299.99 depending on where you purchase it. Check out Tommee Tippee’s website (select your country) for more information on this and other monitors and baby products here:

Also find Tommee Tippee on Facebook:

What kind of monitor do you use? Do you have a basic monitor but really want a video monitor to check on your children??

I received the Tommee Tippee monitor so I could perform a complete review of this product. The opinions expressed in the post above are my own honest opinions, however yours may vary.


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  • i had a super basic (aka cheap) monitor for my little moose for the same reasons you listed. this resulted in many trips across the house because i was picking up a neighbor’s phone or monitor or had a, “bad feeling”. for baby #2 we (ok, I, daddy hasn’t agreed yet) have decided on a video monitor and sensor pad. i wish i had gotten one with the moose but you live and learn 😉 thanks for the review, i saw this for the first time at my local bru and wondered how it was.

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