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I had the opportunity to try out a few Tommee Tippee products through one of the online networks I’m a part of, Mom Bloggers Club. If you are a mom blogger this is a great resource for family blogging, giveaways, followers, and tons of advice, plus it’s a great way to connect with other mom bloggers.

Back to Tommee Tippee, it’s hard to believe that we’ll be going through Baby C starting solids in just a few weeks. She doesn’t seem as interested in food like Miss A was, but I’m not worried, she’ll do everything in her time. I did get a chance to test out a few products though, I like to try things out and watch things before the kiddos do, just to find out all the quirks and whatnot. When I first got the Tommee Tippee products I noticed how bright and vibrant the colors were. I received an Explora Water-Bottle, in stage 4, the 2 Explora Weaning Bowls with Lid and Weaning Spoon, and an Explora Easy Mat.

Miss A loved fun, pink, Explora Spill-Proof Sippy and so do I! Lately every single sippy we own has been leaking in my diaper bag or all over the car, I’m so over it. This Tommee Tippee cup is a breath of fresh air. It is completely Leak Proof, and has arrived just in time to give me some sanity. The spout of this sippy is rubbery, which I really like because Miss A hated the hard feeling of other sippy’s and would not drink from them when she was younger.

The cup is designed for children 18 months and up, which I agree with, I don’t think a smaller child would be ready to go from breast or bottle to a sippy designed more like a sport squirt bottle,  and even though Miss A is 3, it’s a great alternative to carrying around a regular cup when we’re on the road or somewhere I don’t want the drink to leak out. I also like the ridges on the side of the sippy that give little kids more grip. Tommee Tippy Explora cups come in several stages so check to see what is best for your child.

I was also very impressed with the Easi-mat and Weaning Bowls. The Explora mat covers a good surface, without being too large for standard high chair or booster chair trays. It sticks to all flat surfaces and I even saw on another great mommy blog that it stuck to her wall, unfortunately in our house we have textured walls, so I can’t try that one out for you, but I did try something even cooler for an awesome testimonial on how great the Easi Mat works try holding up a Step 2 table using Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-mat and Weaning Bowl, I did it and it totally worked.  That’s pretty cool if you ask me! *Make sure you wipe all surfaces (and even the bottom of the Easi-mat if you want) with a damp cloth for maximum stickage.

Even though Miss A is 3 these are still great products for older children. I slapped the Easi-mat on her table and pressed the weaning bowl into place and I don’t have to worry about the endless bowls of cereal that fling to the floor. And although A is pretty good with her bowls it definitely helps me feel better about not having to clean up more than I already do.

I never tried Tommee Tippee products before today and have to say that I honestly fell in love. I enjoy not having to clean up my diaper bag, Miss A’s carseat cup holder, change endless wet or stained outfits, or sweep and mop from all the sippy and food spills.

If you want to try Tommee Tippee now is a great time, both Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us sell Tommee Tippee products and best yet, today and tomorrow (July 23rd) you can buy any Explora item (cups and toddler feeding), get the second 50% off at

Thanks again to Mom Bloggers Club and Tommee Tippee for providing review materials, I can’t wait to go buy more for both Miss A and Baby C.

What kind of spills do you hate cleaning up??


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