The Fresh Beat Band Season 3 – New September Episodes

Whether you love them or hate them since the replacement of the original Marina, Shayna Rose, fans have been wondering where the new episodes of The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr. are. Some have asked, wondering if the changes in cast had anything to do with the lack of air time for the three newest season 3 episodes, “Did they cancel the show because people didn’t agree with the changes?” or “Did they get lower ratings than expected with replacement Tara Rose?”.

No one knows {to my knowledge and research}, why the older seasons have been, what seems like stuck on repeat, and the newer episodes barely shown. However, there are a few new episodes slated to air at the end of this month. Nick Jr.’s website touts, “Fresh New Episodes, 9/26-9/29 @ 1PM.” And according to Wikipedia’s The Fresh Beat Band page, there are about 16 more episodes lined up for this season, including one of which is a collaboration with another Nick Jr. show, Yo Gabba Gabba. has been a great tool at finding out which episodes are airing, put your information in and check your local listings.

I am interested to find out which episodes will be airing and hearing the new music and seeing if Tara Perry, the new Marina can win those of you still watching over or if this will be The Fresh Beat Band’s last season.

Weigh in: Are you going to watch the upcoming NEW Season 3 episodes?? Why or why not.

Will you and your children watch the upcoming new Fresh Beat Band episodes this month?

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Lastly, looks like Shayna Rose did indeed get married from a photo on her Facebook page: and has been working on a few songs:

Check out my interview with Shayna and Elizabeth Shea and find out what they’re up to: Interview with 2Carats – Shayna Rose & Elizabeth Shea Part 1

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  • i was wondering why the replacement doesnt have her own name i think when you replace someone they should have there own name and i think you should have made a Goodbye Marina episode i dont think its fair for the replacement cast member to not have her own name and to have to live up the original Marina

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