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In the B Family between the 4 of us we are reading all throughout the day. When I was growing up I was quite the bookworm and really got into the Ramona books, Babysitter’s Club, and so many more!!

I wanted to share some cool books that each member of the B family is reading right now. Be sure to leave a comment on what books you are reading at the end of this post too.

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Lil C {age 3} has really started loving words lately, she wants to know what letters spell, what sound letters make and reading to herself. I love that she’s in this word mode and am running with it! Miss A was very similar with learning about words too.

We were sent some pretty cool, age appropriate books featuring a cute stuffed monkey named Rufus and a sweet redheaded boy named Ryan. The Rufus and Ryan books by Kathleen Long Bostrom, are great for teaching children about life and faith. In Rufus and Ryan Go to Church they teach children about church and encourage them to ask us questions too. We also love reading Rufus and Ryan Say Their Prayers especially at bedtime.

These books are awesome because they’re board books and are great for children ages 2-5.

Miss A {age 6} is really into the Magic School Bus and Cam Jansen books these days. She also loves books about science which surprises me, but is totally awesome! She loves learning and I love helping feed her desire to learn.

Bea is for Business CoverWe received the book Bea is for Business and not only is it written by two awesome, local ladies, Jamie A. Brown & Meg Seitz, but it’s really cool. If I was a little girl this would definitely be my favorite book for a lot of reasons. Not only are the illustrations really well done, but the content of the book isn’t something you’ll find in other books for this age group.

Obviously, you can tell by the name that the book’s objective is to put a fun spin on teaching children about business. The book does a great job of explaining business-y words, teaching kids to think outside the box and it also empowers them to learn that they can take action on their ideas too.

As for ME, I’m taking an amazing class and our study book is Dancing with the One You Love, by Cindy Easley. The book is an amazing look at marriage and how God has intended for us to partner with our spouse. I’m learning so much about lifting my husband up, supporting him, and feel that this book and class are helping me become a better wife.

Right now I’m on chapter 5, and I definitely want to write a post in general on some things I’m learning, but if you are wanting more in your marriage, I highly recommend checking out this book. I have the Kindle version on my iPad and it’s great.

Let Hope In Book CoverI’m also reading Let Hope In: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life, by Pete Wilson, which so far is a great book that makes you take a look at how you think about yourself, letting things that have happened to you not define how you are, and remembering God always has something bigger and better for us through trials and life’s twists and turns.

I’ve been hearing a lot through the Women of Faith conference, church, and through this book about taking a look at guilt versus shame, and realize we put a lot of unnecessary shame on ourselves and how much that really affects how we live.

As I get older, not necessarily wiser, but I’m always trying to learn more about the way I think, behave and live and wanting to improve myself for a better quality of life and the people around me, most importantly my husband and children.

I’m excited to see where this book will lead especially in conjunction with other books I am reading.

DaddyB has been enjoying the War of Art lately as he has lots of cool ideas swarming in his head. He loves that the author personifies resistance to starting something and taking the next step. He was excited to hear so many great people recommend it including Seth Godin. He thought it was interesting that the author mentioned he “prays to the muse”, but other than that enjoying some of the suggestions to reach his future goals.

I wanna know, what are you and your family reading right now??


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  • Always looking for suggestions! Thanks! I am reading a silly tween novel. I can’t even think of the name now. My youngest is reading Room on the Broom and other Halloween inspired stuff. My oldest has a book about Monster Myths. He loves it and reads it daily. (He’s 7)

  • Oh SWEET! We liked some of the same books growing up! I was also hooked on Sweet Valley High! Remember those?

    Right now, I’m reading Revenge Wears Prada and Sister Citizen.
    My Littlest Gal (3) has me reading “What Moms Can’t Do” approximately 50 times a day, while my Littlest Boy (9) is reading Middle School: Get Me Out of Here by James Patterson.
    Definitely going to look into what your family is reading!

  • We definitely have a diverse reading collection next to the bed right now!:) I’ve been trying to finish reading Bossypants by Tina Fey (so good!), but my oldest is starting to read The Giver for school. I loved the Giver. I’m really into our reading time together right now!

  • I actually just renewed my library card (the old one was straight out of 1993, lol) because our library now rents kindles with new releases included, puppets and preschool kits for the kids and a place we are now saving money is no more buying DVDs and redbox rentals so I wanted to take advantage of the mo ie rentals there! I started in the banned books section and really enjoyed Toni Morrison’s Bluest Eye and planning to check out 1984 and Animal Farm next. I was amazed at all the “banned” books and grateful for all my liberal teachers and professors as most on display were required reading at one point or another.

  • I love reading. My mom taught me to love books and I will do my best to pass on the love for books to my little baby boy.

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