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HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Reviewed by an Audiophile {Guest Post}

So, DaddyB has been bugging me to get his hands on my Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC smartphone ever since it arrived in the mail. He’s a huge data user, loves music and streaming audio on his own phone and I thought who better to let test it out than someone who could do that in the comfort of our own home.

Here are DaddyB’s thoughts for all of you data lovers, dads, and audiophiles!

I was excited to get a chance to review the Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC. It’s is a solid smartphone all around. I had the chance the to put it to the test during a typical day of work. I stream Internet radio and podcasts most of the day and I was curious to see how this phone would handle it; in terms of battery life, connection, and sound quality.

image-Beats-Audio-logoDroid Incredible with Beats Audio – Sound Quality

I’ve noticed Beats audio and that “B” logo popping up everywhere these days, but I hadn’t tried it out until now. I figured that it was all just a cool trend thanks to the company’s creator Dr.Dre and all of the high profile endorsers like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. But, after listening to music with the Beats mode enabled, I have to say that I can see why it’s so popular. There was so much more depth and layers to the quality of my music with the Beats mode. Even the podcasts, that just consisted of voices, sounded a good bit clearer. So, the HTC passed this test. Not only did audio sound good, it sounded great!

Droid Incredible by HTC – Connection & Data SpeedI’m not sure how much I can attribute to the phone versus the network itself, but thanks to the HTC Droid Incredible and Verizon’s 4G LTE, I had a strong connection indoor or outside through out the day. Browsing the Web and downloading podcasts were both a breeze. I was impressed in the past with the Stratosphere, but I’d have to put this phone just a bit above it

Droid Incredible by HTC – Battery Life
Compared to my previous smartphones (LG Ally, Samsung Stratosphere), the HTC Droid Incredible had impressive battery life. As usual, I streamed music while I worked nearly the entire day and it still had plenty of life left when I went to bed. Usually, my Stratosphere was on its last legs or needed to be plugged in by the end of the day.

verizon-4g-lteThe HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE is a mid-range smartphone, so I’m not sure how it’d compare with the most expensive phones on the block, but I definitely enjoyed using it. I’d recommend it for it’s speed, sound quality and battery life. It performed seamlessly and met or exceeded my expectations.


Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Surprises with Balancing Act Road Tour

Balancing Act Tour

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with some amazing blogger friends, connecting with great businesses and brands, and also getting to meet one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s stars, Teresa Giudice, all under the guise of work.


Thanks to The Balancing Act’s, “Balance Your Life Road Tour“, I got to spend a fun day at the Southern Women’s Show here in Charlotte. A few other bloggers and I were toured around the pink carpet and met with great vendors like the PTA, Big Fish Games, Cardraising, Verizon, Envirosax and more. I made some great connections and can’t wait to write about some new things I learned that will benefit parents and kids alike.

Balancing Act Tour

I was surprised to learn the most about the National PTA, and found out more about their support for Common Core State Standard. In an effort to make sure that children receive the same education state-to-state. I loved learning about their position on education and their role for parents, children, and schools.

That was not my only surprise of the day, I was surprised with great goodies from several vendors, including our hosts The Balancing Act, and I also got to spin the wheel of brands, which, I must admit, for a moment, made me feel like I was on The Price is Right.

cardstockI also got to meet the people from Cardraising.com who have set up, the easiest fundraising system I have seen. {This comes from the top seller in girl scout cookie sales years in a row, and a mom of a Kindergartner.} I loved their system because:

  • It makes it easy to find the school/cause you are looking for and know you are on the right page
  • Their products are high quality
  • Their cards are reasonably priced because they’re not marked up, but schools still receive 30% profit
  • Their items are personalized, which rarely happens with fundraising programs

The last surprise was meeting Teresa Giudice. In case you don’t already know I am a Bravo TV fan, and watch The Real Housewives seasons. I don’t write about it much, but New Jersey is my favorite full cast, (Bethenny Frankel is my favorite former Houswife though.) Today, I knew I would have the opportunity to meet Teresa, and while you can’t judge anyone from TV, she has had a pretty bad rap this past season. Going into the meeting I had no preconceived notions, but was delightfully surprised when she started talking to us about life, the cute personalities of her girls, and her upcoming projects. {Although if you watch the show you may have other opinions…}

Teresa Giudice Group BART 2012

MommyBKnowsBest Teresa Giudice

Thanks BART for lots of surprises today, and for inviting me to this event.

Can’t wait to share even more about the great products and services I discovered at The Balancing Act Road Tour with you, my awesome readers!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

What is Verizon 4G LTE Really??? #VZWA


You may have heard the term 4G LTE thrown around when it comes to cellular service, on Verizon commercials or from your favorite techy person, but if you’re like me, you don’t really know what 4G LTE really is.


This post is to help you understand 4G LTE, why it’s important, and how you can get it. Seriously, if you don’t have it, you should get it, in my humble opinion.

Okay, so let’s start from the beginning 4G LTE is Verizon’s unique brand of wireless network. Different companies have different names for theirs, and honestly they run differently too. That’s the biggest difference. But really, 4G and LTE are pretty much the same thing, the only problem is that you have a lot of 3G providers saying they offer, “4G like” service.

Basically what it boils down to is speed. Being the crazy Americans that we are, I’ll admit it, it’s the whole reason cellular phones and data plans and even more technologies were made. The faster we can get things, often, the better.

Verizon 4G LTE

Where does Verizon’s 4G LTE effect you? Well, it’s faster than it’s competition so if you are struggling with a competitor’s wireless network, or even a network on Verizon that’s lower than 4G LTE you may consider switching if any of the below apply:

  • You’re a serial App loader
  • You watch video on your tablet
  • You need access to important documents and quick loading time
  • You play games using your smartphone
  • You stream anything (radio, television, etc.)
  • You video chat with friends, family, business colleagues

Really, if you have a smartphone, you’re probably doing at least one of the above actions if not more, and if you’re not satisfied with load times or how fast your receiving your data, it may be time to check out Verizon’s 4G LTE. Using the Droid Incredible by HTC, vs my previous 3G phone I can really tell the difference even on Verizon’s same network. If nothing else I encourage you to check it out.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

I’m a Verizon Wireless Ambassador


Yep, that’s right. In case you didn’t notice the cool, new badge on my right side bar, I’m one of the newest Verizon Wireless Ambassadors, and I’m really excited to share this news with you. No, I’m not rubbing it in, not one bit, the reason I’m excited is because this means that I get to share with you.

As a member of this ambassadorship I am testing out the DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE by HTC so that means that you get to learn a little more about a cool Verizon product AND if you’re not already familiar with their 4G LTE service (which I wasn’t until I was in this program) you can learn more about that as well.

MommyB Knows Best Droid Incredible HTC Verizon

Not only will I be posting topics around my new phone, but I’ll be posting some general deals, tips for any Android phone, updates on what’s new at Verizon (as a Verizon Wireless Ambassador I’m privy to some cool perks), and answering any questions you may have through my own learning process.

A few things that I recently learned during my initial HTC Droid Incredible tutorial, or what I like to call Verizon School are that there are some great features to this phone.


1. This phone can be used as a mobile hot spot – so wherever I need internet service I can pretty much get it, on my laptop, on my iPod, it’s pretty handy if you ask me. I’ve been in some conference situations where the internet was spotty at best and I really could have used this feature.

2. It’s super easy to personalize and make your own. The home screen doesn’t just show you a weather app, it actually shows you the weather. You can also have several home screens depending on your needs and your use of this phone. I love having options.

3. While I do love my current phone, I can definitely see myself falling in love with this phone because of the specs I care about. 4″ screen, great camera and video quality, super light weight (compared to my current phone), and user friendly.

I encourage you, if you’re looking for a new phone, or even if not, to check out my posts in case the Droid Incredible 4g LTE by HTC may be something you are interested in, and also remember, it’s not just about the phone either. 🙂

Any questions??

 I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program. In receive complimentary services and technology provided by Verizon in return for my honest opinions. You can count on my posts to be my own thoughts and opinions throughout my ambassadorship, just as in any of my other opinion based posts.