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Daddies and Daughters

Growing up not having a father figure in my life I always wondered what it would be like to have a dad. I’m blessed to now have a relationship with my dad, but definitely missed out on all the fun things dads do with their little girls. Maybe that’s why I’ve been blessed with two beautiful little girls and a husband who adores them.

I love watching DaddyB with the girls, seeing how they talk and play and how he makes them feel special. In our house the girls have Daddy-Daughter adventures where they get to spend the day with DaddyB doing some fun things mixed in with errands, it’s quality time that they treasure.

Another annual event that all three of my favorite people love is the Daddy Daughter dance that our school hosts. I love seeing DaddyB and the girls dress up and enjoy hearing all about their night. Last week they were able to participate in this years’ dance.

{Aren’t they awesome!!!}



They had a great time getting ready. US Angels sent the girls dresses and both of them felt like princesses. The quality of the dresses are outstanding. You can see the details in the stitching and feel it in the material.


As Lil’ C twirled around the room, {feeling like a princess}, she made sure to let us know her skirt had 6 layers.




And Miss A, looked grown up in the best way possible. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she is and how she’s turning into a young lady.




If you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion, like formal dances, holiday pictures, fancy parties, weddings, or confirmations, I would highly recommend checking out US Angels, they have great selections for little ones all the way through teenagers. usangels.com


At the event DaddyB and a photographer took lots of pictures and I can’t wait to see them all once they’re posted. The best thing is how the girls won’t need pictures to remember these special moments with their daddy.


For those of you who have lost your fathers in one way or another, take heart. I pray that you will find someone who will fill that role for you, be able to witness it in your own home as you make your own family, or be able to help others who might be missing out.


I received free product from US Angels, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

What are Invisalign Attachments?


Invisalign_logoIn my last post,  Healthier Me with Invisalign, I told you all about the process of my Invisalign treatment for the first couple of months. After heading back to the orthodontist on week 4 of my aligners, {I have 51 upper and lower,} I now have attachments on my teeth. Now you may be wondering, “What are attachments?”, “What do attachments do?” and “What is the Invisalign attachment process?” I’ll be going over all this in depth in my post, are you ready……here we go……the following words and opinions are my own, non-technical explanations of  Invisalign attachments.

Invisalign attachments or sometimes referred to by people as, “buttons” are semi-permanent and (they are removed after your treatment) used to rotate individual teeth in a way that traditional braces and even the aligners themselves cannot, although they have a similar concept to traditional braces brackets.

The attachment composite is created by your dentist or orthodontist or hygienist/tech. That person does their best to match the color of the composite to the color of your teeth to make them appear as “invisible” as possible. {My tech did an AMAZING job with matching the color.} They then place the composite in an Invisalign aligner, specially made for your attachment process. This aligner is a mold of the attachments and is placed on your teeth once all the attachment holes are filled with composite. After a few minutes and some UV lighting on your teeth to adhere the attachments onto your teeth, {which reminded me of the smell of a nail salon} the tech removes the attachment mold.

For me, the tech had an extremely hard time trying to remove the aligner/attachment mold, she pulled for a while and then I tried as well and finally after a little while we were able to get the aligner apart from my attachments. {Everyone has a different experience.} After we removed the attachment aligner molds, the orthodontist checked my teeth and recommended that I leave the aligners off to let the attachments adhere even more throughout the day. I was able to put my new set of aligners, with room for attachments on that evening.

Here are my teeth after attachments {without the aligners}:

Invisalign Attachments

and attachments {with my aligners}:

Invisalign Attachments Aligners

In my next Invisalign post I’ll talk about my thoughts on Invisalign with the attachments and answer any questions you may have.

What questions about Invisalign attachments do you have?

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I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board, I receive complimentary Invisalign treatment, but am posting my own, personal opinions.

Invisalign Mom Advisory Board – My Induction

Invisalign Mom Advisory Board Collage

Invisalign_logoSo there you have it, the title says it all. Through my life there have been times where I’ve had to, “seal my lips”; working at a doctor’s office, getting a treat when my brother didn’t, after friends confided in me, and when I found out I was pregnant, with both girls.  Even though I’m great at keeping those things inside, that doesn’t mean that I’m not eager for the moment I can speak about every little detail.

Well, maybe not every single little detail, but the important ones like who I met, why I was in San Jose, and of course what the flavor of my martini was. 😉

Let’s start from the beginning-ish….

I first met with the amazing PR company for Invisalign at Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta. Although I had heard of them well before. I signed up to attend their Invisalign Teen Mom breakfast for more information on their program and was excited at everything I was hearing, I immediately thought, ” I need to be a part of this program.” And to be candid I do not feel that way about every opportunity that is presented to me.

After touching base a couple more times throughout the conference and through emails after the conference I was given the opportunity to write this sponsored post: Invisalign – The Real Tooth Fairy. Which, mind you, was a really fun post to create and I loved the little Tooth Fairy I produced as well. From that post I was hoping it would not only showcase my fun writing skills and passion for what I do, but also let Invisalign and their PR reps know that I was interested in their Mom Advisory Board program.

Well, I guess it worked. A few months later I was contacted by email to visit Invisalign headquarters in San Jose to learn more about the process, discuss more details, and best of all, meet my co-horts in the program.

Here are a few pictures of my visit to Invisalign :

 Invisalign Mom Advisory Board Collage

Joining me on this new round of bloggers are (in order from the photo above): Ciaran from Momfluential, {me}, Carmen from Mom To The Screaming Masses and Trisha from 24/7 Moms. I had a great time getting to know these ladies, the founder and one of her great PR staffers, and some welcoming folks at the Invisalign Headquarters. I look forward to working with everyone I met this weekend and hope you’re just as excited as I am!

Since I’m on the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board I’ve been educated on Invisalign and know quite a bit about everything from how the aligners are made to who make good candidates and more. In order to help parents and teens even more, I’m going through the process myself so I’ll have first-hand experience to speak on. How cool is that?!?!

Occasionally you’ll see some posts, tweets, videos, and maybe even giveaways from me for Invisalign, I hope that you feel free to ask me questions in my comments or if you’re shy like me {yeah right!}, you can email me any questions you may have as well. If I don’t know I have access to the amazing people at Invisalign who do.

Thank you for always supporting me with my projects. I’m very excited to see how I can help you find out more information to make the best, most educated choices for family. I’ll be posting information from my consultation in the next post so subscribe to my feed if you want to be alerted when it posts on my site.

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I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board, I receive complimentary Invisalign treatment, but am posting my own, personal opinions.