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Miffy Product Line – Walmart Exclusive

As a brand ambassador for Miffy I am excited to bring you news and exciting updates on all things related to the brand. I am not paid for my opinions.


Friends, today is a great day, not only because it’s another day to celebrate life, but also because Miffy’s exclusive product line with Walmart has launched.


If you’ve been watching Miffy on Nick Jr. or have checked out her books you’ll know just how adorable and delightful she and her friends and family are.

If you’re not familiar with Miffy, she was “born” on June 21, 1955. Why are you just now hearing about her? Well she grew up in the Netherlands and recently came to the United States via Nick Jr. “Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small,” debuted on Nick Jr. in 2016 and you can watch the show Monday through Friday {check your local listings}.

Miffy stories are now translated into more than 50 languages and the TV show currently airs in several countries across the world, so not only is she sweet and wholesome for our kiddos, but she’s universally age-appropriate.

My girls, though a little bit older, thought the Miffy toys were super cute.



Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small plush Miffy includes a super soft miffy. Press her hand for several phrases and a special Miffy song. Ages 18 months and up.


Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small figurines include Daddy, Snuffy, Miffy, and Mummy, and is appropriate for ages 2 years and up.

These and more items can be found both in stores and online. Head here: walmart.com to find out more information and make your purchase.


For even more Miffy fun check out Miffy at miffy.com and on social channels:

Facebook – @MiffyandFriendsUS 

Instagram – @Miffy_Official_USA 

Twitter – @MiffyOfficialUS

No More Moose and Zee – Nick Jr. Changes

No to Nick Jr.?

Lately Nick Jr. has been making a lot of changes, and not everyone is happy about them. First, a new Marina appeared on The Fresh Beat Band with no warning or transition, then Nick Jr. lied about when new episodes of Fresh Beat Band would appear, new show Mike the Knight aired on February 6th in the US, and now a slurry of changes have hit the channel and parents are not happy. Here are just a couple of comments from Nick Jr.’s Facebook wall this morning:

Nick Jr Facebook PagePersonally, I think that Nick Jr. should have learned it’s lesson from The Fresh Beat Band and the uproar from parents being upset about such an abrupt change with no transition or warning. Some parents hate change and will be upset regardless, however I think there are parents/viewers who would have been more receptive to the changes had Nick been more up front with things going on behind the scenes.

Sprout does a great job of introducing new characters, like one of their Sunny Side Up Show co-hosts Liz. Weeks before they broadcast Liz they showed her on breaks in-between the show, they also let children know who the host of the next week’s show will be. Disney Junior too is among children’s programming that understands that children transition better when change is slow rather than overnight. Disney Junior has been showing off commercials for one of their upcoming shows, Doc McStuffins throughout their normal programming and even recently announced that they will be airing programming for the younger crowd all day. {Which I personally am very excited for since we’ll have an alternative to other channels that we watch solely because Disney Junior changes to cater to older kids at a certain time of day.}

So it’s not that Nick Jr. couldn’t transition, however we may never know why they didn’t choose to transition more slowly or keep Moose and Zee around. No more recycling Gnomes on Ice cups, silly songs about candy canes and candy corn, and fun learning games about the hidden letters Big R and little r.

What are your thoughts? Are you bothered like so many other parents, do you want to Boycott Nick Jr., or could you and your children care less?

What programming will you and your children continue to watch?

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No to Nick Jr.?

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American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze’s Slumberland Review

Lee DeWyze - SlumberlandWho says a sophomore album has to be a bad one? Listening to the 2010 winner of American Idol, Lee DeWyze’s second album, Slumberland, is a great musical experience from the first song to the last.

DeWyze’s debut album, So I’m Told, was originally released in 2007, and now he’s come out with Slumberland, which was released in January 2010. Since his first album there has come a good bit of refining and richness in the instrumentals and vocals of his music.

DeWyze wrote and performed all of the songs featured on this album, but had some outside help from Ryan McGuire with production, drums. and percussion lines, and Louis Svitek on guitars and sitar. Both men are well known for their musical work and, from the sound of the album, DeWyze made a great choice bringing them onto this project. Read More

Lee DeWyze: So I’m Told Review

Lee DeWyzeEveryone who watches American Idol knows Lee DeWyze. Former paint store employee, struggling musician, Chicagoan, possibly the next American Idol (I’m pretty sure he’s gonna win). Well, some people may not know that before his appearance on American Idol he worked with a small Chicago label called Wuli Records, where he recorded this debut album, So I’m Told. I got a chance to check this album out and overall I liked it, although I think I may like his post-Idol album better, but of course that’s still to be seen.

So I’m Told highlights the mellow, raspy notes in Lee’s voice that have been brought to light on American Idol. In this 11 track album, Lee showcases a more laid back vibe with a John Mayer/Dave Matthews Band feel. In some songs I feel like Lee may be trying to emulate both a little too much, but perhaps that’s because his voice lends towards their style. Read More