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Tips for Beginning Bloggers

In my four years of blogging I have been interviewed a few times about my job by local news, and most recently by Woman’s World Magazine. Often I receive emails asking for tips on how to get started blogging. Here are some Tips for Beginning Bloggers that will help you figure out if blogging is something you may be interested in and be a potential career for you.

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While I know I could never cover everything, here are 7 tips that I feel are extremely important when it comes to the basics of blogging.

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Moms – Work from Home with Juice in the City

Juice In the City Ad

Juice In the City AdWhether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for some extra income, a traditional working mom wanting to transition to at home, or a work-at-home mom who’s a little crazy and wants to add more to your plate a job where you can work from the comfort of your own home is one that is hard to find.

I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve seen the cold calling, dictation, secret shopper jobs available to moms. If you’ve found one that’s an actual job and not just a sketchy ad trying to get you to pay them for jobs you’ll find that some, not all of them are flexible, some require that you have some office time, or they just weren’t what you expected.

If you are looking for something different where you can be the mom you want to be and work too then I HAVE to share Juice in the City with you. I can tell you from first hand experience because I work for Juice in the City Charlotte. If you are a regular reader you’ll see that my posts are honest and my true feelings so you know that in touting Juice in the City I really stand behind the company and what they do, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time, or yours. Read More

How a Cleaning Schedule is Important for My Sanity

So you would think that after 2.5 years of doing this whole mommy thing that I would be a pro at all things domestic. Well do I ever have you fooled! Now don’t get me wrong I do know some pretty awesome tricks and tips to save time and avoid meltdowns, but there are a few sections of the domestic goddessness that I haven’t mastered that I would love to improve upon.

I’m so envious of the moms who have everything planned out, perhaps because before I became a mom myself I used to be so much more organized. Although there are a lot of things that have changed A.C. (after child); my body, (which sometimes I’d rather deny that it’s mine), becoming that late person that I always hated, and memorizing every little thing there’s one thing that I didn’t want to change and it’s being super duper organized.

Perhaps I gave up being so particular for my sanity, considering I had a newborn, packed up a whole townhouse, moved to a new state into an apartment and THEN a new house in only 3 months. So I’m not super mom and realized that it’s okay to put some things off if I can spend more time with my daughter. Oh how things have changed. These days, since Little Miss “A” is a little more self-sufficient I’m able to get more housework done and she even likes to help. (Must record that here in the blog so I can show her when she is a teen.) Instead I think that now it would give me more time to spend with “A” if I were more organized.

I clip coupons, keep a daily calendar of events (sometimes even with 3 calendars I still forget the time of play dates and nights out,) but what’s missing is a little more detailed organization.

Here are my list of things to work on to help improve, let’s say quality of life:

  • Start planning weekly meals (and if I’m good enough even coordinate sales/coupons to meals)
  • Create a “schedule” for “A” so she and I can get more out of her day and bring a little more structure in
  • Start throwing/donating things that are junking up my closets in hopes that my $2 sweater will sell after 5 months on craigslist.
  • Select certain days to clean certain things, oooh this one may be fun, I could do theming: Toilet Tuesdays, Washer Wednesdays, now if there was only a day of the week that started with “N” then I could have a nap day 🙂

Those are a few of my current goals, I’d love to start before baby #2 makes her debut. I would love any tips or websites devoted to a decent but not quite there organized momma. I think my Domestic Goddess Award is getting dusty…I may even have it revoked if I don’t do something STAT!