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Back to School – School Supplies Round-up

I was provided some samples of the following and others are included because I liked the products and companies.


Cool Back to School Supplies MommyBKnowsBestWhether your child is about to start school after the Labor Day holiday or has already started, here are a few cool school supplies that I found that are not essential to have on the first day and may even be on discount after school starts {wink, wink}.

Because Miss A’s school provides a great shopping list for school supplies for the school year we didn’t have to buy many items that weren’t on the list. Of course as a curious mom, I’m always scouring the web for really cool school products, if not for Miss A then for kiddos we know. In my search I found some really fun, helpful items that I wanted to share with you. Take a look, and be sure to share with friends!!


Back to School Supplies MommyBKnowsBest


1. Every child needs a backpack right? These cool, non-character backpacks are great for school. The owl backpack from Skip Hop ($20) is the perfect size for preschoolers and Kindergartners and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hard Shell Neoprene 16″ Backpack is soft and comes with a really cool mask {different colored masks available}.

2. Going Old School with Mead Trapper Keeper 3 Ring Binder ($15.99) Not only is this truly a nostalgia piece {I definitely considered buying myself one when we were school shopping}, but they’re truly a nostalgia piece. Seriously though, I love Mead products, and why mess with a classic right? These binders come in several colors and they’ve also updated the look if your child doesn’t want to go “old school”.

3. Every time I pack Miss A’s lunch I put a note in with it, whether it’s silly or sentimental, this is just something I wanted to do to make her school day special. There are a million lunch notes out there, but I love Oriental Trading Company, and found this Pack of 60 Lunch Box Notes – Colorful Inspirational and Motivational Cards for Kids, 2 x 3.5 Inches , they’re colorful, fun, and they’re really affordable too!

4. PersonalCreations.com is another one of my favorite websites to buy from. As I was looking for fun lunchboxes, I stumbled on these adorable personalized lunch boxes ($19.99) (that come in several styles for both boys and girls). Unlike some other personalized lunch boxes, I like that these are fabric aka washable, and that you can read the name on the product {so many are too patterned where the name is not legible}.

5. Want to be the cool parent? Featured in the image above are keycals from kidecal.com, not only does kidecal.com carry these cool decal stickers {designed to customize your keyboard}, but they have labels for your children’s belongings, mustache stickers, allergy alerts. Really this is a great place to shop for dishwasher safe, washing machine safe, no-residue-left-behind, decal/stickers. Prices vary depending on the product, but beware, if you go to the website you may just find something for yourself too…

6. If you want to “spice” up your child’s lunch, make it squeezable {phew that really is a word}. I love BooginHead Squeez’Ems Reusable Food Pouches (2 Pouches) because you can make your own creations and pack them for your kiddo, or send them to school filled with your child’s favorite applesauce, yogurt, smoothie. They’re really easy to open and freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe.


What cool back-to-school item did you purchase or do you have your “eyes on”?


I received review samples from Squeez’Ems and Kidecals for this review. All opinions and thoughts in this post are my own honest words. Your opinions may vary, and I would love to hear them if you want to leave a comment. Please note as with any item for sale online prices are subject to change {since I have no control over that}.

Back to School with Samsung Chromebook

I received the Samsung Chromebook from Staples in order to give a comprehensive review.

Let me introduce you to the Samsung Chromebook, a different kind of laptop that runs Google’s Chrome operating system. This means that it doesn’t have the same Windows or Apple-based layout that many of us are used to. It’s lighter in both weight and features, but that’s a very good thing. The Chromebook is meant to be your ultra-light and convenient laptop for getting online while on the go, perfect for high-school and college students.

Samsung Chromebook Review MommyB

The Chromebook is the Small, but Not Mini

The Samsung Chromebook is noticeably lighter than any laptop I’ve ever encountered. It’s like a next generation netbook. It’s screen is larger and it’s keyboard is wider than the ASUS netbook I bought a few years ago and yet it’s still considerably lighter. Typing on the Chromebook is a breeze and I don’t feel as cramped as I did on my old netbook. Sure, with an 11.6” screen it’ll look small next to your standard laptop, but it doesn’t feel tiny by any means. I think it’s a great size for portability (carrying in a backpack) and usefulness.

Netbook vs Chromebook MommyB

Aside from Chromebook’s surprisingly spacious keyboard, the mouse pad was easy to use and allows for scrolling, clicking and tapping. Lastly, the built-in webcam could come in handy in the future. It includes some neat out-of-the box effects to apply to your videos.

Most of the things I do on my laptop are done online. I’m a blogger and I run a few different websites. So I spend the majority of my time writing articles, checking email, editing images, and listening to music. I was able to do all of these easily with the Chromebook. The only thing I kind of missed was my photo editor (Paint.Net). I’m sure once I find a really good online image editor, I’ll be good to go.

As far as user-ability with students, this has the perfect combination of settings to be able to email, research for papers, and work on homework.

The Best Features of the Samsung Chromebook

Google Drive (Formerly Google Docs)
Google’s Drive is a near perfect alternative to having Microsoft Office or the Mac equivalent software. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been nice to have spreadsheets and documents saved somewhere that I can access anytime, anywhere. You can create documents (like Word), spreadsheets (like Excel), presentations (like Powerpoint), and more. The applications look and work very similar to the Microsoft Office applications they’re based on and they even open Office documents. This isn’t technically a feature of the Chromebook, but Drive’s existence makes a laptop like this viable since you won’t need a large operating system and software to download, just a browser!

Documents Are Saved Automatically In the Cloud
As you use Google Drive, like I am while writing this review, your documents are automatically saved as you work on them. Then, they’re available via any computer (or even Android smartphone) through Google Drive. So, if something were to happen to the Chromebook, my files would be safely stored in the cloud.

Using Chromebook Offline
Having a computer that’s mostly cloud-based with very little installed on its hardware sounds great until you remember that you’re not always online. Well, Chromebook can be used offline as well. I tested it out and I was able to use Chrome apps like Read Later Fast (which saves a copy of web pages so you can view them when you’re offline), an offline version of Gmail, and even games like an offline version of Angry Birds. In fact, there’s a whole category of offline apps in the Chrome Store.

Great Battery Life
With a 6.5 hours of battery life it greatly exceeds any other computer I’ve owned. For students, that feature will definitely come in handy as there aren’t always power outlets around when you need them.

Lightning Fast Boot Up & Shut Down
The Chromebook boots up fast. As soon as you open it, the screen turns on and the quick boot up process begins. You sign in with your Google account password and you’re on your way. Shutting down is also fast, great for quick transitions between classes.

Considerations: What the Samsung Chromebook’s Not Good For
I’d probably stop just short of making the Chromebook my only computer. It’s slim size means that it doesn’t have a disc drive. I seldom use the disc drive on my old laptop, but when I need to it’s nice to have. Mainly, I use it to rip tracks from my CDs.

There’s just a bit of a learning curve. It all depends on what you frequently do on your laptops, but you’ll have to be willing to research things just a bit. For example, I had to look up how to take a screenshot with my Chromebook (CTRL + Page Flipper Key) and also how to delete text (ALT + Backspace) as there’s no dedicated Delete key.

If you’re tied to some of your usual Windows or Apple applications, again, you’ll have to research alternatives. These days there are numerous free substitutions via the Chrome store. So, you shouldn’t have a problem, but it is a consideration. To me, these are only minor considerations, but I know that there are different types of computers users out there.

Chromebook vs Laptop MommyB

Chromebook is an Impressive Compact Laptop

In closing, the Samsung Chromebook has really impressed me. It’s the perfect computer for a student who wants a lightweight, compact (but not too small) laptop for doing things online like checking email, social networking, listening to music, and even document editing and creation with the Google Drive suite of office products. There’s very little that you can’t do on a Chromebook and the $250 price tag makes even more attractive.

For more details or to purchase one for your high-schooler or college student head to Staple’s website HERE.

Staples.com provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Chromebooks and laptops online.

Back to School with Peelstar

This post is brought to you by Peelstar.com

School is almost in session and that means sports sign ups and tryouts are in the works too. If you’re a parent who loves finding ways to support the athletes in your home, you’ll want to keep reading about Peelstar products.

Using Peelstar.com you can create removable stickers and magnets that look just like your child’s sports jersey. Peelstar gives several options when it comes to designing your look-alike jersey, from which sport they participate in, the color of the shirt and lettering, your child’s name, sports number and more.


PeelStar Magnet


The process of designing your Peelstar products is made simple by their user-friendly computer program that leads you every step of the way, and if you need to make changes during the design process, it’s easy to go back to any setting to do so.

Not only can you design Peelstar jerseys for your children, but you can also design an entire team’s worth of products using the “roster feature”, great if you are a coach or parent helper and a unique, personal gift for the each team member.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to recreate your child’s sports jersey and turn it into a removable sticker or magnet to show your school spirit.



Like what you see??? Get 25% off any order now through September 15, 2013 using the code “MommyBKnowsBest”

Show off your team spirit, commitment, and pride by creating one-of-a-kind jerseys with Peelstar.



This product post is brought to you by Peelstar. I believe it’s a great product for back to school and any thoughts or opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

Camp Food Sprouts {Guest Post}

If you are like most parents, you are probably excited that school is out and that summer is almost here! No more car lines, packing lunches, homework or time sensitive projects. Summer is a time for fun and most of all it’s a time for your child to relax and make wonderful memories.

If your kids are like most American children their summer activities may consist of hanging out with friends, swimming, playing in the sprinklers, reading books, watching movies/TV, playing video games, and depending on their age, spending time on electronic devices.

If you’re like me, you don’t want your kids sitting in the house, watching tv or playing video games all day. You want them outside, playing and running and being an active kid. Let’s face it, our culture is an online culture and is becoming even more so every day.

We all want our children to be well rounded individuals, to have more than we had as children, to know more and of course to be greater. We strive for our children to be both tech savvy and earth savvy. We would love for our children to build a website and to build a garden. The question is: how do we get that balance in this fast paced, media-centered world that we are in? How do we show our children how the basics when that’s not the space we live in?

What if your child had the opportunity to go to a summer camp to learn real life skills while having a blast with other kids and making memories? Personally, it would be so fulfilling for me to see my little S walk into a room sporting a tie die shirt she made from veggies. I am giddy thinking of the look on her face when she sees the first sprouts from her egg carton garden. Can you imagine your child enjoying this wholesome experience??

These are just some of the many invaluable experiences that Camp Food Sprouts will facilitate for your child.

Camp Food Sprouts in Charlotte is a two week, summer day-camp, dedicated to teaching your child real-life skills and ensuring that your child has fun while doing it. At this unique camp, your child will engage in themed sessions that include art projects, cooking, gardening, water play, yoga and more. The camp also has chefs, farmers and nutritional experts throughout the camp to teach your child and give them a hands-on learning experience.


Camp Food Sprouts offers invaluable life skills and arts that your child may not experience at home or at another camp. This is truly a one of a kind, unique experience that your child will learn from and take with them throughout their life.

If your child is between 6 and 12 years old and interested in cooking, baking, gardening and having FUN this is the camp for them.

Check out more details on Camp Food Sprouts on their website: www.knowyourfarms.com and tell them you heard about their camp on MommyBKnowsBest.com!!

Do your children love nature? Cooking? Gardening?? What’s their favorite outdoor activity??

Lisa is a Florida Native who currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two children. B.C. {Before Children} Lisa was an R.N. Currently Lisa has a love for hairdressing, finding fun play spots around North Carolina and giving great parenting advice.

Interview with Jerome “Bus” Bettis and My Experience with Severe Allergy and Anaphylaxis

Growing up I knew about severe allergies and anaphylaxis right away, although I only suffered from environmental allergies and a mild egg intolerance or “pseudoallergy”, my mother and brother both had severe allergies to medicine and bee-stings and both had injectible medications in case of an emergency.

Another experience with severe allergies was when I nannied for a great family. Their sweet boy dealt with eczema, a mild milk allergy and a severe peanut allergy, life threatening in fact. While I nannied for the family, I was taught how to very careful to check labels, keeping especially anything made from peanuts, or made with machinery or in a factory that may have nut particles, out of reach and mostly out of the home in general.

Finally, after those experiences, not realizing or knowing that I was at risk, I experienced anaphylaxis first hand.

I went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant for the first time to celebrate a special occasion with some friends. All was going well, but as I continued to eat our first courses I started to feel a little warm and a lot “off”. Internally, I started to panic as I felt my mouth begin to tingle and itch and my throat followed suit. I though to myself, “maybe you are just overreacting.” I didn’t want to say anything or spoil the night, but I feared that if I didn’t there might be an emergency at foot.

I explained my situation to friends, who, one of which was by the Grace of God a volunteer EMT. We immediately left the restaurant to sit on the curb and he raced over to a nearby pharmacy only to bring back, and make me chug a bottle of over-the-counter allergy medicine. Luckily, after a few minutes I was feeling better, my throat stopped itching, but I was left pretty shaken up as I had never expected to have a severe reaction to food.

We tried to figure out what all I had eaten and concluded (without testing) that it was probably the ginger in the soup since that was the only food item I couldn’t remember eating before in my life.

I know you’ll probably be surprised when I tell you that was not my last visit to a Japanese hiachi grill, but since we thought I could just skip the soup, we figured it was safe. Little did we know that I would have another severe reaction, causing beginning stages of anaphylaxis requiring more over-the-counter allergy medicine.

After the reaction (my husband and I semi-discretely took care of the situation at hand), we thought we could go sit and celebrate our friend’s birthday, but I couldn’t even sit at the table or restaurant due to the vapors in the air. To this day I am still trying to determine whether I am allergic to the shrimp that I ate (I rarely eat seafood, but have a small reaction when cleaning it to cook for my husband) or the safflower oil they used at the hibachi grill, but I am sure to steer clear of both.

Other than that HUGE, almost life-changing experience I recognize how important it is to teach and learn about severe allergies and anaphylaxis. We have several friends who’s children suffer from severe food allergies, and our own daughters have environmental allergies, not to mention that we recently had an allergy blood test performed on Lil’ C that came back very borderline for peanut/milk allergy (which she has food aversions to anyway) and we know that certain bug bites/stings are severe reactions for Miss A, swelling to the size of baseballs or bigger and have medicine for her reactions.

Jerome Bettis Severe Allergy Anaphylaxis PlaybookIn my humble opinion, if you aren’t familiar with the causes, symptoms, likelihood, treatment of severe allergies and anaphylaxis you need to be, ESPECIALLY as a parent or caregiver.

Recently, I was able to submit some questions to football legend Jerome Bettis, aka The Bus, who lives with a severe allergy that puts him at risk for anaphylaxis. Joining forces with Auvi-Q™, he has created, The Severe Allergy & Anaphylaxis Playbook – a guide of valuable “plays” or tips to help people living with severe allergies, and their caregivers, avoid allergens and plan effectively in case of an emergency.

Check out this video for his answers to my questions, our experiences sound somewhat similar:

Make sure you check out and download your playbook here:  www.Auvi-Q.com/Playbook and PLEASE tell a friend or share this post, it could save a life.

This post is not compensated in any way, rather an information post that I hope helps my readers and families who might see this post and video.

Busy B Family #goodnesstogo

Bee Family

I cannot believe this week is more than half over already. Do you feel the same way? Just like most families ours is challenged with balancing enjoying each other and making sure we are involved in activities, volunteer programs, our church, and of course spending time with friends too.

Our typical week consists of school drop offs, the girls classes at the Little Gym, attending Miss A’s school chapel, my bible study, grocery shopping, usually a mom’s night out, hubby’s trip to the gym a couple times a week, household chores, work events, and of course now that Miss A is in Kindergarten there’s usually a special school function or two. Whew!! Some days there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything.

#goodnesstogo Collage

I’ll be honest, some nights I wave my white flag in the air and want to retreat from making a dinner from scratch. Okay let’s be honest, most nights. In fact, there have been a few nights where we’ve been short for time or on the road where we’ve needed to grab a quick bite.

Instead of heading to a fast food drive-thru, we opt for a warm Tyson Mini Stuffed Bread Bowls, a sandwich baggie of fruit and some carrot sticks. It may not be a, “Julia Childs” meal, but it gives my family the option of being involved and not having to settle for fast food all the time. I’d say that’s a good compromise.

From soccer practice to PTA meetings, feeding an active and busy family can be hard. Tyson®  Mini Bread Bowls help you get a little goodness on the go.

Reply below to let me know what activities keep you and your family eating on the go and you could win $500 cash from Tyson Foods!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules.

Back to School – Send Parenting Advice with your Kids


Ever wish you could be with your children when they are at school? I know many of us parents say, “If I could be a fly on the wall of their classroom…” While it would be kind of silly to see one of us sitting in an elementary school desk or hiding under our college student’s dorm room bed, there are plenty of ways that our kids can “take us with them” to school, or at least the most important advice we can give them.

Sometimes when we’re put on the spot it’s hard to think of what we really want to say to our children, but we know we want it to come from the heart. This is where Papersalt comes in. Papersalt is a company that provides, “simple tools for families”. Their books cover a variety of parenting topics including some great products for back to school.

Papersalt Logo

Papersalt’s, “Being a Boy”, “Being a Girl”, and “Being a Teenager” books would be a perfect backpack addition. Just slip one into your child’s backpack for them to read during quiet times throughout the day or trips to their locker to give them the boost or reminder they need through their day of classes. {You can also add your own words of inspiration!}

Me JournalWhen your child gets home and needs to decompress and express themselves I love the “Me” Journal. We hear it time and time again that writing down our feelings is one of the most therapeutic activities available, and if we enable our kids to reflect on their school days and emotions we are equipping them for an even fuller life.

Lastly, for the high-school and college students out there {and maybe even for you parents too}, the “How to Ditch Your Parents” book comes with loads of great advice for living on your own, preparing your child for the working world, and advice that you as a parent may think is common knowledge.

Those are my favorite back to school items from Papersalt.  I encourage you to check out other books on their website that fit your family, give advice when situations that arise, prepare fo life changes, and more www.papersalt.com Their site allows you to “browse” through the books, learn more about the company, and of course purchase their products. If you like Papersalt, follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

What words of advice do you give your child to keep with them at school?

This is a sponsored post, that being said, all words and opinions are my own. If I didn’t think this was a great product to showcase I would not put it on my site. Please note your opinions may vary.

Back To School Trend – Gutzy Gear

Looking for a great way to personalize your child’s school gear now that it’s Back To School Time? I know my daughter and many of her friends attend schools where they don’t allow characters on their backpack, clothing, lunch boxes or drink cups. While I completely understand their reasoning for that specific rule I definitely want to find ways for Miss A to express herself in a positive, fun way. She can do exactly that with Gutzy Gear.

Gutzy Gear are basically detachable velcro straps that attach to your child’s backpack. The great thing about the straps is that they are the perfect foundation for Gutzy Gear Gutzies {aka velcro patches}. Gutzies come in so many different styles, for girls and boys, and cater to each child’s personality. We had a variety of children at our Gutzy Gear party #GettinGutzy, and every child left happy.

MommyBKnowsBest Gutzy Gear Party

I really like the fact that Gutzy Gear is interchangeable, easy to remove AND clean, and fun for my kids. My only worry is the wear-and-tear of the product which I can only find out after a few months of use, I’ll keep you posted on that front.

Gutzy Gear Backpack Straps are $9.99 retail and Gutzies come in a pack of 2 and range in price from $4.99 to $5.99. Gutzy Gear products can be purchased at Kmart, Office Depot, Shop Rite, Target, Toys ‘R Us, Wal-Mart and online.

Do you want to Get Your Gutzy On?!?! Check out Gutzy Gear’s website: http://www.gutzygear.com/, also between now and September 7th, your kids can win 1 of 100 Toys ‘R Us gift cards, worth more than $5000 by showing how you “go gutzy”! Head over to www.facebook.com/gutzygear to participate and upload your photos.

What Gutzy Gear products would be your kiddo’s favorites??

As a member of MomSelect I was given the opportunity to host a Gutzy Gear party and invite all my friends to try Gutzy Gear products. 

Is Kindergarten the Beginning of the End?


Here I sit, not able to sleep, feelings of butterflies in my stomach. Feels just like the night before my first day of school, only it’s not my first day of school, it’s Miss A’s. Tomorrow Miss A starts her very first day of Kindergarten, and I am the one, losing sleep, having mixed emotions.


I am thankful that God made me her mommy, and appreciative of all the time we’ve had to spend together, just her and I for several years. {I know I sound like she’s going off to college!} I’m so proud of her for being such a big girl, so smart, funny, and an awesome buddy, and I am truly going to miss her while she’s in school, {at least most of the time}.

I keep telling myself, and I really do believe that elementary school will be good for Miss A and allow her to learn even more, {my little sponge}, be even more independent from mom {and dad}, have a break from arguing over toys with sissy, and be in an awesome atmosphere that will allow her to grow mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. I know these things, but as her mom my mind keeps thinking, “Kindergarten, it’s the beginning to the end.”

What does that mean?? Some part of me feels like her starting school will just perpetuate the years rapidly flipping past me forwarding to when she graduates from high school or even more-so, college. But I try to look at the awesome blessings I’ve had, especially by being able to stay at home. I have had the privilege to be with her for 99.75% of her life, which has been a lot of work every step of the way, but something I wanted to do with all my heart, and God provided a way with my husband’s hard work and job opportunities. I tell everyone I know, being a mom is the hardest, most rewarding job I have EVER had, and it’s so true, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So if being able to be mommy first in my girls lives means that I’m a sobbing mess the night before they start Kindergarten, then I guess so be it. I’ll get over it, continue to enjoy our moments and watch Miss A grow and flourish, my little Kindergartener, but for now pass the tissues please!!

Thanks for letting me vent a little. I would love to hear from you, your experiences with Kindergarten.

How did you deal with your child’s first day of Kindergarten? Does it get better??

Back to School Ice Cream Social Tips {CLOSED}

Ice Cream Party

For those of you with school-aged children, some of your kiddos have already had their first day back to school, and some of you have another few weeks before your child starts classes. Miss A starts her first day of Kindergarten next Monday {wowzers!} and so we thought what better way to get excited about heading to school than a party!

It’s been pretty warm here in Charlotte, North Carolina this summer and we love Blue Bunny products, so we figured what better way to celebrate with our friends than a Back to School Ice Cream Social!

Ice Cream Party

Here are some tips to make your Back to School {or anytime} Ice Cream Social a success:

1. Purchase a few different flavors of ice cream. This allows variety for your guests to choose from. I recommend sticking with classics, or adding a little twist. {We enjoyed Blue Bunny’s Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl, Double Strawberry, and their Sweet & Salty Pretzel.}

2. Mix between processed and fresh toppings. When it comes to what my girls are eating I try to be mindful of giving them a good mix between healthy foods and treats.  I traded strawberry spread topping for fresh strawberries, and also cut up some banana slices, but of course kept the rainbow sprinkles and chocolate/carmel sauces as well {for mommy’s sweet tooth, er good measure}

3. Wait to set the ice cream out until the very last moment. Wait as long as you can to put the ice cream out onto the tables to keep them as cool as possible. On extremely hot days consider putting them in a bucket of ice and displaying them while keeping them chilled.

4. Water play equals clean kids. On a hot day it’s always a good idea to have something besides ice cream to cool the kids down, plus the water acts as an added cleaning agent after you’ve washed hands and faces. We chose a water table, kiddie pool and water slide and the kids were loving it!

Back to School Ice Cream Social Water Play

5. Don’t forget to ask about food allergies. Some ice creams and toppings are processed in a plant with nuts, contain egg, wheat, soy, etc that some of your guests may be allergic to. It’s always nice to check before you buy the supplies.

6. Have fun!!! Enjoy the last few days of summer with great people in your life and celebrate!!

Back to School Ice Cream Social

Fun right?!?!?! Head over to Blue Bunny’s website and check out some of their awesome new flavors, or pick out your favorites for an upcoming party at http://www.bluebunny.com/

Also enter for a chance to win some ice cream for your very own Ice Cream Social, whatever the occasion may be. One lucky MommyBKnowsBest.com reader will win 5 Blue Bunny Bucks, to spend on whichever (5) Blue Bunny Treats your heart desires. 

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Blue Bunny for the treats in order to host this soiree. I am not an official spokesperson for Blue Bunny, however if I could wear a bunny suit I would sign up immediately. I write about Blue Bunny because I like their products, and hopefully my posts reflect that sentiment. Please know that the above words and images are my own honest thoughts, yours may vary, but it’s doubtful.