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Britax Pinnacle 90 Giveaway

Hi readers. It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a giveaway and in the spirit of my recent posts and volunteering in my community, A’s school, and church I’m in the giving mood and Britax has so graciously given me one of the Pinnacle 90 car seats to give to a lucky MommyB Knows Best reader.

If you missed my review with images and car seat details check it out here – (Britax Pinnacle 90 and cool features), there are some amazing features, great for holiday travel!!

Britax Logo

Now go win one! Good luck!!!

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Rayovac Mobile Battery Power Pack Review

As an ambassador for Rayovac I have been compensated for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions on the products are my own.

As a busy on-the-go mom with a million things on my to-do list there are often things I forget like picking up bread at the grocery store or charging my cell phone.

Having an uncharged cell phone at home is okay, easy fix, however having an uncharged cell phone when I’m out of the house and not able to charge for various reasons can be a problem.


Flat Tire MommyB


Some of you know from my Facebook thread that last week one of my tires was flat. {Thanks to those of you who gave support and advice.} When I went inside to call my insurance company for roadside assistance I realized my phone was completely dead and I had to charge it before I could even make the call.

The thing that kept running through my head was how thankful I was that we were not stranded on the side of the road, with no cell phone.

That’s where Rayovac‘s newly released Mobile Battery Power Pack comes in handy. I could have easily charged my phone not needing to worry about being at home, near a charging station, or worrying about if I brought my car charger and in some instances {thankfully not mine} whether or not your car battery is working.

Rayovac Mobile Battery Power Pack Review #rayovacpowerblogger

Power Packs feature:

  • Availability for Apple and Android smart phones.
  • Small size for portability.
  • Reasonably priced at under $30
  • Holds enough power to recharge your mobile phone for 150 minutes of talk time
  • Ability to recharge the Phone Boost power pack 500+ times by using a USB charger
  • Holds charge for up to 6 months
  • Has 4 LED battery gauge indicators show charge and discharge status
  • Provices instant power once your device is plugged in
  • Has push button switch turns charger on – if the device inactive for 30 seconds, charger will automatically turn off to save battery power
  • Comes with a limited product warranty

You can see why this product is a must have, and potentially a life saver depending on the situation.

In my video you can see how easy to attach, charge, and detach to your own phone:


What are your favorite features of this Rayovac product??

I know for me, I won’t ever leave home without my Mobile Battery Power Pack because I’d rather be prepared and proactive.

For more information on Mobile Battery Power Packs visit Rayovac’s website: Rayovac.com



This is a sponsored post on behalf of my partnership with Rayovac. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own, yours may vary.

From First Bell to Recess – Back to School Must Haves 2014 – Giveaway

School’s in session {at least for most of the country}. Some are getting into the groove of their schedules and others have just started. Whether or not you’ve had kiddos in school this school year for weeks or minutes my comprehensive list from First Bell to Recess – Back to School Must Haves will have at least one amazing thing you’ll want/need/love/like.

From First Bell to Recess Back to School Must Haves MommyB


Don’t miss the first bell!

1st Period: Technology

Kidecals will make any technology or computer class come to life. If your child has a school laptop or computer at home, these fun “sticker” designs go on fast and come off easy. Kids will love the cool styles and parents will love the functionality.

Back to School Must Haves KideCals MommyB


Kidecals has keycals, address/phone stickers, labels for food allergies, and more! Order yours from their website: kidecals.com


Fill your child’s water bottle with confidence this school year. With Nalgene’s leak-proof design your kiddos can choose from lots of designs or customize their own. Nalgene bottles come in so many great styles, sizes, and shapes and best of all no spills, no ruined textbooks, and no tears!


Back to School Must Haves Nalgene MommyB


Take your pick of great bpafree drink cups by heading over to Nalgene.com or your local retailers.

Want your kiddos to munch on something that’s good for them and they’ll have fun crunching? Lil’ C loves Harvest Snaps and so does her mom {that’s me!}.

Back to School Must Haves Harvest Snaps MommyB


Harvest Snaps have a full line of flavors and products that your family may just fall in love with. Harvest Snaps offers a healthier snacking option, without sacrificing taste. We love that they are baked – not fried, high fiber and protein, and are low in sodium and fat.

Head to HarvestSnaps.com to check out flavors and add to your student’s snack.

Looking for a great reusable snack bag?? We heart BooginHead Pack’Ems snack bags. Their designs are fun and they reduce waste.Packemsjpeg


These packs features include: BPA, PVC & phthalate free, top-rack dishwasher safe, are environmentally friendly and cost conscious, and come in two sizes in each package.

To find out how you can add Pack’Ems to your child’s snack or lunch head to their website: booginhead.com

2nd Period: Study Hall

Master Lock has been known for years of keeping all your students belongings safe whether they’re in lockers or on a bike chain. Today is no different, only Master Lock’s variety and technology has improved. Check out their digital locks, laptop locks, and other safe spaces.


Back to School Must Haves Master Lock MommyB


Master Lock is dialing up back-to-school shopping fun for students and parents with a new interactive game, “Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge.” participants can go to www.MasterLockPhotoHunt.com through September 7 for a chance to win back-to-school security items and create a Master Lock shopping wish list.

Players can add any of the Master Lock products they see while playing the game to their wish list and email it to mom or dad for easy back-to-school shopping. In addition, by sharing the Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge on Twitter, entrants are able to earn an additional entry per day. One lucky grand prize winner will win a Samsung Smart Media Center Package that includes a 60″ HD 1080p Smart LED HDTV. There are 65 total chances to win, which includes 1 grand prize, 8 weekly prizes, and 56 daily instant win prizes.

3rd Period: Art

Have an art lover in your family, or a student who loves to express themselves through color and fashion? We love the stylish hair accessories and fashion scarves that Urban Halo offers.


Back to School Must Haves Urban Halo Fashion MommyB

Urban Halo has choices for little girls to teenagers {and even us moms!}. Whether your child’s style is simple and pretty or fun and funky, there are lots of designs to choose from. Let your child take ownership of their style in a fun way. Take a peek at what Urban Halo has to offer: urbanhalo.com


Parents, make sure you pack your child’s lunch with great food and quality lunchbox products. The Skip * Hop Zoo Lunchies from PishPosh Baby are adorable, insulated lunch boxes that are the perfect size for your little one’s lunch needs.

Back to School Must Haves Skip Hop Lunchbox MommyB


Lil’ C adores her kitty cat lunchbox because it’s, “so cute” and I love that there is enough room for her small meal, and a mesh pocket for her utensils and napkin. These awesome lunch boxes come in several character styles, check them out here: PishPoshBaby.com   Your kiddos will love you this school year when they find Crofter’s Organic spreads on their sandwiches.


Back to School Must Haves Crofter's MommyB


Our school, {like many } is a nut-free zone and though Miss A loves peanut butter and jelly we want to keep other children safe we forgo the pb but with 1/3 less sugar and non-gmo verified we love the benefits and taste of Crofter’s Organic products. Miss A is most fond of the Strawberry spread, but we also love the Wild Blueberry too. For other flavors and where to buy check out CroftersOrganic.com

4th period: PE

The cutest shoes of the season from Rack Room Shoes

Back to School Must Haves Rack Room Shoes MommyB

Rack Room Shoes has amazingly cute shoes for students in all grades, and best of all they have amazing prices, a great rewards program, free Ship2Home program, and great return policy. Check out Rack Room Shoes’ latest styles and promotions here: RackRoomShoes.com


We are lucky enough to work closely with several of these great brands and have a giveaway for one lucky MommyB Knows Best reader. Here’s your chance to enjoy your recess, enter the giveaway to win:

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Any thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I received no compensation for this post and all giveaway prizes are donated and fulfilled by the brand or company representing them.

Win the Wrestling Match with your CarSeat

Sweat dripping down your brow, crushed and pinched fingers, and indistinguishable shouts of frustration are pretty much the three ways I would typically describe the process of installing a car seat. That is before our family got the Britax Pinnacle 90.

(Images are for review purposes only, the seat was not fully installed and we did not drive the vehicle in the pictured modes.)





I have been praying for a car seat like this. One that I don’t turn down carpooling so I don’t have to take the car seat out or leave a little dirtier than I like because of the hassle that installation is, not to mention the worry that when we reinstall the seat it may not be as tight or secure as it was before we took it out of the minivan.

See, Pinnacle 90 car seat has a cool feature called the ClickTight Installation System. Basically, no matter what “mode” the car seat is in, you can easily install and uninstall the car seat without having to deal with the difficulty of threading the seatbelt or figuring out how to use the Latch System.

When it comes to safety the ClickTight Installation System does one better. Before we would try our hardest to get the tightest fit for the car seats with as little wiggle room as possible, (according to safety standards), but never quite knowing if we had the seat quite right. Britax has taken out all the guesswork with this system so each time you install your car seat, no matter what vehicle you put your child in, you know the installation is safe and exact each time.

Installation in three easy steps:

Step 1
Simply squeeze using thumb and finger, where indicated, to reveal the ClickTight Technology. What makes BRITAX ClickTight Technology so unique is that the belt path has been exposed and is right in front of you. This eliminates the “blind reach” around the seat into a potentially small belt path. It also means that you don’t have to figure out how to route your vehicle seat belt through the seat (i.e. long belt paths versus short belt paths, etc.).

Step 2

Thread the seatbelt over the armrest and under the seat opening. Connect the seat belt and remove slack.

Step 3

Then push it closed. The click tells you you’ve installed the seat securely.

See it in action:


What are three ways you would describe installing your child’s car seat?

Find out more about the Britax Pinnacle 90 and how Britax’s advanced technology makes parents fall in love with their products rather than end up a sweaty, frustrated mess: BritaxUSA.com, Facebook, & Twitter



I am a huge fan of Britax as a company and have been even before I began working with them on reviews and projects. My family used Britax products for several years and believe Britax is a quality brand.

I received a sample product for review purposes for this post . All opinions and thoughts in this post are my own honest words. Your opinions may vary.

Mitsubishi Motors’ “First Ride” Event Video

This is a sponsored post in an effort to showcase car seat safety initiatives highlighted in the video below.

Three New York City newborns will be making their first ride home in one of America’s safest cars as part of Mitsubishi Motors’ “First Ride” event. The program focuses on creating awareness and educating parents on child safety.

Instead of making the journey home through the streets of New York City in a taxi – an experience that does not legally require a car seat – the parents participating in Mitsubishi Motors’ “First Ride” event opted for a ride home from the hospital with their new bundles of joy in a fully-equipped 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander – an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) highest-rated “Top Safety Pick+” vehicle piloted by professional drivers. Their touching personal stories have become a series of short web films that contrast the craziness of the streets of the big city, with the calm, precious moments shared between three newborns and their parents.

Check out the video:

This is a sponsored post in partnership with car seat safety initiative.

Tips for Families – Battery Safety

Thank you to The Motherhood for sponsoring this post.

Tips for Families Battery Safety #batterycontrolledAs parents we worry about, let’s face it, everything. We wonder if the decisions we make on behalf of our children will be beneficial or harmful. In an effort to protect one of our most precious gifts we go to parenting lengths of changing our lifestyles, creating a more educational environment, and usually child-proofing our home.

While we often think we have all of our bases covered there are always going to be those small details that we miss. Sometimes, however, those small details really aren’t that small.

Please watch Emmett’s story and continue reading this post through, it could not only make you more informed but save a child’s life in the process.


In 2011, Energizer and Safe Kids joined together to create The Battery Controlled, a partnership to share life-saving information with parents and caregivers about the potential risks of swallowing coin lithium batteries.

The program shines a light on a growing issue and provides simple steps that parents and caregivers can take to prevent injuries to children.

Battery Safety for Families

There are so many hazardous things in this world that our children can and may come into contact, and yes we can shield them from a large portion of it, but putting them in a bubble is not the solution to keeping them safe {I couldn’t find one large enough for the both of them anyway}.

The Battery Controlled has come up with these 4 easy tips to help you remember how to keep your children safe when it comes to batteries:

The 4 S’s of battery safety:

  • STORE devices that use coin lithium batteries out of reach of children
  • SELECT battery packaging that complies with the child-resistant packaging standards
  • SECURE the battery compartments of devices and look for devices that contain a child
  • SHARE this information with your friends and family. A recent survey revealed that and recommendations made by the staff at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, such as Energizer coin lithium battery packaging safety feature for their battery doors, such as a screw or child-resistant mechanism. 62 percent of parents are not aware of the dangers of coin lithium battery ingestions; Energizer and the National Safety Council hope to change that.

Read more about the 4 S’s of battery safety and some shocking statistics HERE.

You may not guess it, but some of the more common items in your home contain coin-sized batteries like flameless candles, small remotes {like sound system remotes}, calculators, musical greeting cards, booklights, car key fobs, and electronic thermometers. How many of us let our children hang on to our keys, or play with the musical greeting cards at home?? It only takes a moment for them to figure out or accidentally find the coin-sized batteries located inside these items and because of their size and shape think they may be food or candy.

For more information for you and your family visit www.TheBatteryControlled.com or www.energizer.com/coinbatterysafety for more information, facts and tips and follow them on Facebook too.

Please don’t let this conversation stop here, share with friends and family by sharing this post or word of mouth. However you share, please consider sharing with at least 5 families, you may help save a life.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood and The Battery Controlled. In an effort to bring awareness to families across America I am proud to be a part of this initiative. Your opinions on this message may vary, but personally, I couldn’t keep this information to myself.

Teaching Kids What to Do in An Emergency to Keep Your Family Safe {Free Printable}

Charlotte, N.C. had some pretty high winds last week, up to 60mph to be completely honest, it was a little nerve wracking for me and even more-so for Miss A and Lil’ C. I know for some of you who live in the mid-west or others that have been dealing with high winds and storms this may not be a big deal, but is somewhat relatable.

While 60mph may not sound super crazy, minutes after bringing the kiddie pools in from outside {so they didn’t blow away}, our outdoor canopy, which is staked into the ground, flew up in the air crashing into the girls play house, knocking down the garbage and recycling bins, mangling our rain drain pipe, and came down with a crash landing half over our fence.

Storm MommyB

Luckily, no one was hurt, although Lil’ C was crying and screaming because she saw the canopy do it’s air acrobatics, thinking everything else would take flight. Thankfully, I had stepped inside the door just about a minute before the canopy flew away, praise God. But the situation made me think about what my girls would do if I was knocked out by the canopy or in case of an emergency where they had to be in charge.

Teaching Kids What to do In An Emergency to Keep your Family Safe - MommyBKnowsBest.com

Here are some tips for your family and ways to teach your children what to do in case of an emergency.

1. Talk to them. And keep talking, and talking, and talking.

  • What qualifies as an emergency
  • What to do when a stranger is around
  • What to do if they are lost
  • Rules of play at public areas

2. Teach them. It’s never too early to start teaching your children about safety (keep their age and maturity in mind).

  • Mom & Dad’s full name (or their caregiver)
  • One phone number (especially if they are younger, it’s easier to memorize and add a contact number when they fully memorize the first and are older.)
  • How to use your home phone and cell phone. (Show them speed dials or special buttons on your phone, but remind them it is only to be used in an emergency.)

3. Write it Down.

  • Keep a list of Police, Fire, Poison Control, and other emergency numbers in the house.
  • Have an emergency plan based on various emergency situations and print a copy for each family member. (Great for older children.)
  • Print this basic  Family Emergency Sheet {by clicking on the image) and list important numbers and your address and keep in handy. (Good spots are next to your home phone or on the refrigerator. Make sure everyone knows where the list is including babysitters.)

Family Emergency List


4. Make it Fun. While it is important to let your children know how important safety in an emergency is, try to make learning safety procedures fun, especially for the little ones, this will encourage learning and listening.

  • Make a bracelet with your phone number on it.
  • Role Play emergency situations, and swap roles between parents and children.
  • Promote fire drills, or storm drills and have a mini party for a successful drill.
  • Use your phone number or address in a song.

There are several ways you can encourage safety and have fun learning about what do to in an emergency.

Do you have any additional tips? How do you promote safety with your family??


** Thanks to Annie over at MamaDweeb.com for helping me figure out the printable

Keeping Your Family Safe with The Lassy Project

As the saying goes, “Safety first,” and when it comes to my girls, I’ll admit I’m a little bit of a helicopter parent, but that’s my parenting style. While I have loosened up a bit as they’ve gotten older and shown maturity and responsibility {as much as a 3 and 6 year old can that is,} I will always be concerned about their welfare, but am working on not being a worrier and trusting that God is in ultimate control.

It’s my job to take care of these kiddos, so I feel that it’s important to teach them things like looking both ways before they cross the street, what to do in an emergency {Miss A knows my phone number and Lil C is only 1 extra number off}, and of course, potential danger when it comes to strangers.

My girls are still pretty young, but being that we are a very online family we are very on top of learning age-appropriate safety rules for the internet when it comes to strangers, and real-life is no different. We talk to them often about what to do in different situations whether it’s being separated from mom and dad or if someone tries to cause them harm or God forbid take them. Though we can’t always be with our children, and know that God is looking over them, we’re always looking for ways we can best be prepared for different circumstances.


When I heard about The Lassy Project, I knew that this was something I wanted to tell my readers about the work they are doing. Check out this video:


If you want to find out more about how The Lassy Project works, head to their website here: www.thelassyproject.com. There you can watch videos, read more statistics, and of course join the village, the most important step in the process of helping lost children.

Even if you are not interested in other aspects of The Lassy Project or you have children who are still too young, I encourage you to sign up: www.thelassyproject.com/signup to join the village and be an active part of your community and helping children in need.

This is not a paid post, and I received no compenastion. I thought this project was too great of an idea not to share with you. Your opinions may vary, but check it out first before you decide.

Announcing: Britax G3 Convertible Car Seat Line {Giveaway – CLOSED}

When other parents ask me my advice on car seats, I always tell them how much I love the Britax brand the best. To me, Britax is the number one brand for it’s safety, comfortability and durability.

Britax Logo


There are many different factors parents have to keep in mind as they purchase a new car seat for their child:

  • Safety – hopefully being number one
  • Size – this is very important if you have a smaller vehicle especially
  • Design – may be gender based, style based, or to match your own vehicle
  • Price – as a parent having a price range in mind as you shop can hel

Safety – Recently Britax launched a new car seat line, their G3 Convertible Car Seat series. All five Britax G3 Convertible car seat models provide safety features that are visible and clearly labeled. and offer 360 degrees of protection.

Look for the new BRITAX HUGS™ with SafeCell Technology®, side impact protection, base with SafeCell Technology®, energy absorbing Versa-Tether®, and integrated steel bars. The ADVOCATE® 70- G3, PAVILION® 70-G3 and BOULEVARD® 70-G3 feature new BRITAX HUGS™ Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology®. These chest pads are affixed to the back of the car seat shell to ensure that they are properly positioned on the buckled child. SafeCell padding on the chest pads, identified by a honeycomb design, is engineered to compress to manage energy and create best-in-class resistance to the forward movement of a child.

All of the newly updated BRITAX convertible car seats continue to offer revolutionary safety features that are easy to see. For instance, all seats have a rigid shell with deep side walls that are lined with energy-absorbing foam to provide side impact protection. The ADVOCATE 70-G3, PAVILION 70-G3 and BOULEVARD 70-G3 offer a second layer of protection with energy-absorbing foam in the True Side Impact Protection head restraint that keeps the head, neck and spine aligned. Finally, the ADVOCATE 70-G3 includes Side Impact Cushion Technology®, a third layer of protection, with black energy-absorbing cushions on the child seat’s exterior to reduce side impact energy by diverting 45 percent of the crash forces away from the seated child.

Britax Advocate 70 G3

These cushions also provide extra protection for the adjacent passenger. Additional visible features can be found on all updated BRITAX convertible car seats. Check inside the open-style base for honeycomb-shaped SafeCell Technology®, designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat. Look on the outside of the seat for integrated steel bars that strengthen the seat’s connection to the vehicle and

Also, all the enhanced models have new labeling to identify BRITAX’s Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether. The patented 2-point top tether with staged-release webbing anchors the top of the car seat to the vehicle and slows forward movement, reducing crash forces. These features, along with the side impact technologies, provide 360-degree protection for the child occupant.

In addition to the innovative safety features, BRITAX has designed a new convenience feature. The EZ-Buckle System keeps the buckle in a convenient, easy-to- reach forward position, making boarding a child faster and simpler. It can be found on the ADVOCATE 70-G3, PAVILION 70-G3 and BOULEVARD 70-G3 as well as the BRITAX ADVOCATE 70-G3, PAVILION 70-G3, BOULEVARD 70-G3 and MARATHON 70-G3 convertible car seats can be used rear facing up to 40 pounds and forward facing up to 70 pounds.

Size & Design – Britax car seats come in various sizes and weight limits to fit both your child and your vehicle. There are honestly so many styles that browsing through them will be half the fun of the purchase. I also enjoy that Britax, unlike a fair amount of car seat companies, does offer a wide selection of car seat designs. Having two girls I really love the Azalea and Sophia styles.

Britax Advocate 70 G3

Price – Last on our list, price. Typically, Britax car seats are known for being on the higher end of the price scale. I do want you to consider the above features, safety, comfortability for your child’s ride (there really is a big difference between other brands, we’ve experienced this ourselves), and also durability. Seeing how well the Britax brand “wears” I can tell that the materials are high quality and we will get our money’s worth with these seats.

Exciting enough, the newly enhanced G3 line is now available at the same price point as their previous models.


PAVILION 70-G3 (MSRP: $339.99)

BOULEVARD 70-G3 (MSRP: $319.99),

MARATHON 70-G3 (MSRP: $289.99)

ROUNDABOUT 55 (MSRP: $199.99).

For more information about BRITAX Child Safety, Inc., visit www.BRITAXusa.com

Would you like to win a Britax car seat?? MommyB Knows Best in partnership with Britax is giving away one Boulevard 70 G3 in your choice of fabric style. 

Enter here:

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Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’re stopping by after seeing me on CBS-Charlotte this morning welcome!!! Hope you enjoyed my segment. Here’s some additional information on products that were featured. If you’re a regular reader I love you just the same!

As a product reviewer and a blogger who gives parenting tips and tricks I’ve seen a LOT of baby shower gifts, the good, the bad, and the ugly {to remain nameless}. Although I adore cute onesies and giving practical gifts like diapers I really enjoy when I can fit a shower gift to the parents and get them something unique and that I know for certain won’t be a duplicate or most likely even on their registry.

Here are a few baby shower gifts for expecting parents you may know:

For the Organized Parents: Check out the Baby Briefcase, great for storing important documents, photos, medical records and more in one great location. The sturdy plastic case keeps out dust and moisture and fits right into your filing cabinet. It’s carrying handle also makes it easy to transport from your home office to doctor’s appointments too. The Baby Briefcase retails for $29.95 and can be found on their website: http://www.babybriefcase.com/

baby briefcase

For the Outdoorsy Parents: The Peekaroo Ozone is an amazing way to keep baby hidden from extreme elements. This product shields baby from 95% of UVA and UVB rays. Not only is the Peekaroo Ozone adjustable to baby’s size {up to 2 years old}, it also adapts to a baby carrier cover, stroller cover, and attaches onto a baby carseat with ease. To protect baby’s delicate skin and still smell the fresh air, check out the Peekaroo Ozone on their site {it’s currently on sale for $34}: https://www.togetherbe.com/peekaru-ozone-2


For the Traveling Parents:  Baby B’air {pronounced baby bear}, is for you! This product is great for keeping baby close and on your lap while in flight, but most importantly it is the first and only FAA Approved Flight Vest. The Baby B’air comes in infant size and up and is very easy to use. This product allows your child to play, nap, and nurse while in flight which proves for a happier, safer child all-around. At $34.95 it’s a great price for a shower gift. More details here: http://babybair.com/

Baby B'air

For the On-the-Go Parents: This multipurpose GoGo Babyz Sidekick Bliss Diaper Bag offers more than meets the eye! This diaper bag also serves as a baby carrier, has a handy insulated snack bag, and changing pad. Not to mention that the side pockets and interior and exterior pockets are awesome. For a diaper bag this is on the smaller side, but personally I love the fact that it does so many jobs and I don’t have to carry the baby carrier with me in addition to a diaper bag. You can carry a child up to 35lbs safely using the Sidekick Bliss, I think it’s pretty cool. {And Dads won’t mind carrying it either since it’s not girlie at all.} This is definitely a larger ticket item but if you’re up for splurging a little or going in on this gift with a few other friends it’s a steal for $120. Find it and a few other styles on their website: http://www.gogobabyz.com

Sidekick Bliss

Do you have any unique baby shower gift ideas?? I’d love to hear them!!