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Fun Summer Activity for Indoors and Outdoors

Our Summer break has begun and we are in full-force entertainment mode. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about. The, “Mommy, I’m bored” can start as early as half a second after the last moment of school and I like to be prepared.

We have lots of lists for the Summer, I keep them put away until Summer break comes and then voila! they magically appear in our family command center (aka the place we keep our monthly calendar, chore charts, etc).

You may have already seen my post on Summer Schedule – Summer Rules but if not click the link HERE to get some ideas to a semi-relaxed semi-scheduled Summer that will help your household run more smoothly.

Another way we combat Summer boredom is by playing creatively. We always try to mix some old games/toys/activities with some new ones and this Summer we had the opportunity to check out the All-New Laser X – Laser Tag set

My girls usually opt out of playing laser tag at amusement venues because they aren’t sure what to expect and being highly sensitive, it can be intimidating with the loud noises and dark unfamiliar place. So when it comes to being able to play laser tag in the comfort of our own home and/or backyard, they were super excited.

Laser X features sophisticated electronics and optics that give players pinpoint blasting accuracy up to 200 feet. You can purchase sets of 1 or 2 and play with friends. Players can
choose to be on teams or select “rogue” mode where it’s every player for his or herself.

All Laser X sets work together, so games can have as few as two players – or the whole neighborhood can play. Advanced sensors in the Laser X blaster know when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding. An interactive “coach” uses this information to give players tips and tricks throughout the game. Players can even plug headphones (not included) into their chest receiver and play music.

We tried out the Micro Blasters, but you can also purchase Original Blasters, Gaming Tower, and Long Range Blaster depending on the kind of play experience you are looking for. We highly recommend these as a fun summer or year-round toy for hours of fun (and a definite way to get rid of summer boredom!)

Sets range from around $29.99 to $49.99 and are sold online and at retailers nationwide. Get yours at GetLaserX.com before they are sold out for the summer!!

Thanks to Element Associates for sending a sample for review.

Concord Mills Announces New Play Area

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Concord Mills Mall. I only work with brands that I myself would use or think worthy of promoting to others.


After several renovations both inside and out to Simon Mall’s North Carolina location, Concord Mills, upgrades are here and beautiful.

While there are new stores and restaurants in and surrounding the mall, some of the biggest changes come from within.

Among the changes, Concord Mills boasts updated bathrooms and new flooring that now make the mall much more attractive and pleasant to shop in, and for families one of the biggest attractions is the brand new mall play area.

Sponsored by Sea Life Aquariums located inside the mall, this new play area caters to a wider range of ages. The previous play area was mainly focused on crawlers through young children, but the new area has three distinct places for toddlers through young teens to play and learn.


  • Toddler Pod: Features sprout designs where little ones can climb and spin.


  • Elementary Pod: Features elements including climbing blocks and an electronic piano with touch sensitive pads featuring eight different musical notes.


  • Tween/Teen Pod: Features the light tower challenge and the interactive electronic game, which uses light and sound. Parents can get in on the fun here, too!


This new addition allows shoppers with different age children to play in the same general area at the same time.

As a busy blogging mom, one of my favorite features is the new soft seating area complete with charging stations that allows parents the opportunity to recharge as their children play. I also love the bold color choices for the play area and how open and inviting it is.



If you haven’t had a chance to check out the play area your kiddos will thank me. Whether you’re shopping for back-to-school supplies, or updating your closet for Fall, this fun area will keep your kids busy and give mom and dad a little break.

Check out Concord Mills website simon.com/mall/concord-mills for your favorite stores and don’t forget to stop by the new play area.


Comment: What would be your family’s favorite feature of the new play area??



Bouncing Around with Sky High Sports Charlotte

Before school started the B girls and I were invited to bounce our hearts out at Sky High Sports in Charlotte. I must admit this was our first time ever at a trampoline park and… we LOVED it. The girls had so much fun with the many activities within the building I secretly wish they had a location close to our house.

We not only had a great time but we think you should check it out too. Sky High Sports features a freestyle jump court, a foam pit with rope swings, laser tag, ropes course and more. The girls loved the freestyle court and foam pit and Miss A even got a chance to play some laser tag.




As a mom I love the diversity of a place like Sky High Sports. It’s great for taking the kids for a day of play, perfect for bouncing away some energy on a rainy day, fun for a playdate with a group of friends, and they also offer birthday/event packages not to mention field trips and fundraising nights for your school or homeschool group.

Overall the staff at Sky High Sports was very well trained and attentive watching for safety among the kids who were bouncing and playing. I wasn’t worried about the girls playing in different areas of the facility in fact, Sky High offers an open lounge area with televisions to check in on your children if you’re chasing more than one around.

This local venue caters to families with children of all ages and even has Airobics classes for adults. We love that we can have friends of all ages come play with us and know that everyone will have a good time.

We can’t wait to go bounce at Sky High Sports again, maybe you can join us!!!




Check out Sky High Sports’ Website –  clt.skyhighsports.com for hours and details.


This is a brand review, we received admission to check out Sky High Sports in order to give our opinion about their services. This post features honest thoughts and opinions about this venue.

MommyB and Me: Attending Play Date Tips

Play Date TipsWhether you are a pro or a newbie at play dates each one can be a challenge. From meeting new people, figuring out what to wear, and even play date etiquette, yeah, that’s right, there are definitely some do’s and don’t in the play date world, but don’t worry I’m here to help as much as I can.

General play date tips include dressing according to what type of play date you’re having, if you’ll be on the ground playing with your child wear something comfortable, or if you’re having a fancy brunch (yeah right!!) wear your cutest (stain proof) dress.

Aside from the obvious, making sure the time and location are good with you and your child, there are a number of things that come into consideration for a successful play date.

Attending Play Dates at Someone’s Home:

– Check to see what the age range of children will be to be sure that your child will be able to connect. Most of the time 4 year olds don’t want to play with just babies and vise versa.

– Get a feel if the toys will be age appropriate and what kind of child proofing is done within the home. With older children come small toy parts and perhaps not as much child proofing, of course I ALWAYS think parents should watch their children at play dates, but going to events that are age appropriate will save you some of the stresses of checking baby’s hands and mouth every 5 seconds.

– Make sure your child is healthy, no one likes when their children are sick and even worse if you’re the one who caused it you may not be invited to another play date in the future.

– Offer to bring a snack, even if the play date is only for an hour snacks may come in handy for calming children down before the trip home.

Always offer to help clean up, even if you don’t end up cleaning it’s still nice to extend the offer.


Attending Play Dates at a Public Location

Print directions or type in the address on your GPS before you leave so your familiar with the area

– If this is your first get together be sure to tell a friend or spouse where you’ll be

– Be sure to sunblock, bug repellent, hydrate, potty your child up accordingly before heading out.

– Ask what other attendees will be wearing/what color their stroller is or some identifying item so you won’t have to ask everyone at the location if they are in your play group.

– Wash your and your child(ren)s hands or sanitize before and after play and be sure to follow the sick rule for both in-home and public play dates.

Play dates are supposed to be fun so following these few simple steps will make your job less stressful and able to enjoy playing with your child and meeting new parents and their children.

What play date tips do you have?? Have you ever been to a “crazy” play date, tell us more!!