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Princess Party Food Ideas

Lil’ C turned 3 last month and knew a few months before that she wanted a princess party. As you’ve seen in previous years {Miss A’s Rainbow Birthday Bash, Lil C’s Bee Party} I like to get crafty and creative when I throw my little girls birthday parties, whether they are at our home or at a party location. One of the aspects of a party where you can get really creative are with food!! Princess Party Food Ideas from MommyBKnowsBest

Since it was a princess themed birthday party I checked out all things girly on Pinterest, Etsy, and of course googled, “Princess Party” to see what I could come up with. I found some great recommendations all over the web and a lot of recurring ideas from several websites. I can’t attribute them to just one website, but here are a couple that gave me inspiration: disney princess inspired, and cute ruffle hombre cake.

Here are the princess inspired food choices:

Princess Party Food MommyB

1. Trader Joe’s Yogurt Star cookies (nut-free) – these were great because the party colors were white, pink, and purple.

2. Chocolate covered Marshmallows – we used pink dipping chocolate that contained nuts, I also used some pink sprinkles to give them a little sparkle.

3. Princessy Fruit Wands – instead of using lots of different fruits like I had seen online I chose to stick with grapes for the handle of the wand and made cantaloup stars using a play-doh cutter we had around the house.

4. Pretty Meringue cookies (processed with nuts) – someone online mentioned Trader Joe’s had colored versions of meringues including pink, I didn’t find the pink ones but this white version was perfect and pretty.

5. Mini Ruffle Cupcakes – I knew I wanted to make ruffles but wasn’t sure about making an entire cake. (I made my own cake because we had an attendee who has a nut allergy). I found a great tutorial of the mini ruffle cupcakes, and scaled mine down from 2 cupcakes they used to just one, I figured that was plenty for each child. I used a strawberry box mix and made my own buttercream frosting. I topped them off with a princess themed Wilton topper and they were relatively easy to make not having much icing experience. I’ll admit it was a lot of icing to cake ratio, but I don’t think the kids minded *LOL*

6. Blue Bunny Ice Cream Castles – Using an ice cream cone, sprinkles, princess decorations, the same dipping chocolate I used on the covered marshmallows, and any flavor Blue Bunny Ice Cream or Frozen YogurtI made these cute “ice cream castles”. I came up with the idea on my own, but I’m sure other people have probably done something similar in the past. Growing up I always had ice cream with my cake so I tried to figure out how I could incorporate it into our princess theme. It was pretty easy to do.

I dipped the cone into our melting chocolate, covered in sprinkles and sugar pearls, let it dry, filled the cones with Blue Bunny All Natural Frozen Yogurt, and topped with a sparkly metallic flag that I found while shopping at Super Target.

Ice Cream Castle Supplies MommyB Ice Cream Castle MommyB

Are you throwing a Princess themed birthday party??? What was your favorite snack idea? {you don’t need to pick just one}. If you do use any of my ideas, especially the ice cream castle idea, feel free to link back here or share by pinning, on Facebook or Twitter!!


Blue Bunny Ice Cream with Cake MommyB

(For the party we cut Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream Sandwiches in half and each child enjoyed them with their cupcakes, they were easy and one of the best flavors for a birthday party (or anytime)).


I received Blue Bunny ice cream products for this party, that in no way reflects the integrity of my post or any opinions I have shared. My family enjoys the products and Lil’ C said, “Best Birthday Ever” so I think that speaks for itself. 

Celebrate Milestones with Build-A-Bear

It seems like when our children are growing up there are so many milestones to be celebrated. When they’re babies we look forward to them holding their head up, sleeping through the night, and rolling over. Then as toddlers we welcome the day they walk, talk, and their personality shines, and the milestones continue.

As my girls grow I find myself in some pretty big milestone times. Lil’ C will be 3 at the end of March and becoming a big girl. We’re working on potty training, getting a big girl bed, but mostly saying, “goodbye” to paci {her pacifier.} Miss A on the other hand is now in Kindergarten, and as of today has lost 2 of her baby teeth. Those are some pretty big milestones if you ask me. And I’m not the only one who has great things to celebrate. As I talk to a lot of my friends and even asked some of you via my Facebook and Twitter accounts, your children are growing and accomplishing some pretty awesome things too.

I love celebrations, big or small, and enjoy making my girls feel special during those moments, in hopes that they’ll be excited at their progress and be able to hold those memories dear too. As I thought more about celebrating milestones my thoughts kept returning to one of our favorite places to celebrate, Build-A-Bear Workshop®. In the past we have taken our girls for different occasions, but never experienced a true Build-A-Bear® party.

Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop® we were able to invite some friends who were also celebrating milestones to experience and rejoice in their accomplishments. Let me introduce you to our friends and tell you a little more about their milestones.

Lil’ C, who you may recognize as the youngest representative of the B Family, celebrated giving up, or saying, “goodbye” to her pacifier. We brought one of her pacis and she chose whether to put it in her bear’s hand, foot, or tummy. She chose Rainbow Bear’s {the name she gave her bear}, foot, so she could feel it whenever she wanted to. In celebrating this milestone it made the transition a little easier for her and is a big step towards “big girlhood”.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Paci

Miss A, is Lil’ C’s big sister, and obviously my daughter. When I approached Build-A-Bear Miss A had lost her first tooth, in the process of waiting for the date of our party she lost another! Losing a tooth for us, was a huge deal because it is one of the biggest physical changes of a Kindergartner. If you are celebrating a lost tooth you could purchase a pouch for the tooth, or put the tooth inside the bear if you choose.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Tooth

Miss P, actually had two pretty big milestones. She’s a potty-trained girl, which for some of us parents, getting through potty-training is quite the challenge and either way, it’s a great accomplishment and totally worth celebrating. P also recently started preschool, what a big girl!!

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Potty Train

Miss T is growing by the minute, just like most Kindergartners she’s diving into academics. When a child learns to read and starts to enjoy it and want to read to their parents that’s a huge success. Miss T celebrated her accomplishment with a pink Build-A-Bear® Hello Kitty® she had been eyeing for a while.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Reading

Becoming a sibling is pretty cool, in fact, when both my girls arrived my mom went to Build-A-Bear® and made them their very first teddy bears. Miss A got to help make a bear for Lil’ C when I was in the hospital after her delivery, a special milestone indeed. Now it’s Miss L’s turn to be a big sister, her mom is expecting her little brother this summer and she’s elated for him to join her family. It’s always nice to celebrate both the baby, but also the new big sister or big brother too!

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Big Sister Brother

Last but not least, some milestones can be a little bit scary or cause children to be a little nervous, especially when it involves some pretty big changes. When your child experiences life changes sometimes they’ll need a little extra comforting that a stuffed friend from Build-A-Bear® can provide, or some may deserve a reward for being such a big kid. Miss S recently moved to North Carolina, and her transition has been great. Miss S has been making new friends and enjoying discovering Charlotte, now she has a new friend to accompany her.

Build-A-Bear Milestone Party Moving

As I mentioned above, we had never enjoyed the experience of a Build-A-Bear® party.Moms and Dad (namely DaddyB – big props) helped the girls choose the animal of their choice, which they then named, stuffed, washed, and dressed. Not surprisingly, each girl chose an outfit and shoes from Build-A-Bear’s® Disney Princess line to make their special friend look as fancy as ever.

BAB Milestone Collage

I was specifically impressed with the way that our Build-A-Bear® party associate, Michael, was professional, but moreover fun {which wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but enjoyed by all}. He kept the girls engaged and giggling the entire time, and even got the parents involved and dancing too! As a mom who’s thrown a bunch of parties, I know first-hand that it’s a challenge to make sure all of the kids are entertained. Michael made sure he gave the girls who were not building their stuffed animal games to play, and activities to participate in which kept them in one area of the store and gave us the perfect party experience. See for yourself:


All of the parents commented on how much fun they and their child had during our party and it was one of the best, {if not best ever} ways to celebrate our children’s milestones. If your child is about to celebrate a milestone, or accomplished something awesome, consider taking them to Build-A-Bear® to pick out a new friend, or chat with your friends and have a Build-A-Bear® Milestone party of your own, the cost is no more than what you would pay for the items on your own, and you can make it an even bigger event for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Head to Build-A-Bear®’s website www.buildabear.com for more information or shop around and make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Twitter for fun updates, contests, and the newest friends in stores and online.



Big thanks again to Build-A-Bear® Workshop for the great hospitality and for helping us celebrate milestones. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions expressed by myself, parents, or children involved in this party are honest, real opinions

10 Things You Can and Should Do With Blue Bunny Ice Cream {Giveaway}

10 Things You Can Do with Ice Cream

I have to admit, in case you couldn’t already tell, I love ice cream. It has been one of my favorite treats since I was a little kid, and honestly one of the few ways I get my dairy in. Although I know it’s, as Sesame Street would now say, “a sometimes food”, I do enjoy a good ice cream occasionally.

Blue Bunny has totally spoiled me with their awesome flavors, but moreover their quality ingredients. Whenever I tell anyone about Blue Bunny I am always gloating about the products that they use in their ice creams. You can just tell the quality is different from a number of their chilly competitors.

Here are a few things you can and should do with Blue Bunny Ice Cream:

10 Things You Can Do with Ice Cream

1. Host an ice cream party. Whether it’s a children’s ice cream social, having a mom’s night in with yummy treats, a party celebrating ice cream itself, holiday soirees, or any occasion really, there’s always room for Blue Bunny ice cream.

2. Drink your ice cream. You can make a milkshake, rootbeer {or any kind of} float, or just wait until your ice cream has melted into a milky puddle and slurp away. Yum!

3. Hide some in the freezer. Here’s one for your bucket list. Buy a pint of your favorite ice cream flavor, and hide it underneath the frozen veggies or other food that you know won’t be touched much by your spouse or children and enjoy it all by yourself savoring each bite.

4. Make an ice cream creation. Using ice cream as the main ingredient, check out recipe websites and Pinterest for ways to enhance your ice cream treat. A few of my personal favorites are ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pie, and of course ice cream cake. I have yet to try fried ice cream though, have you??

Blue Bunny Adult Ice Cream

5. Try a new flavor of ice cream. Be brave and be bold. If you’re the type of person who always gets the exact same scoop of chocolate ice cream every time you’re in an ice cream shop, mix things up! Add a new flavor to your current favorite or if you’re not quite ready for the full flavor switch consider adding toppings to dress up your go-to.

6. Make your own ice cream. Now I have yet to do this on my own, although Miss A told me the other day she knows exactly how to make it because Max & Ruby give instructions on their show. {Max and Ruby are two cartoon character bunnies.} I really do want to try this and see how it goes, plus I know my girls would LOVE to help.

7. Pose with ice cream. Whether you’re enjoying some delicious cones with your family, or maybe even doing a maternity photo shoot, why not!??!

MommyB Blue Bunny Ice Cream Maternity

8. Gift ice cream. If you have a friend who’s having a tough day, a gallon of their favorite ice cream, two bowls and two spoons can make a world of difference. Consider also bringing it as a housewarming gift or dinner party gift to serve for dessert.

9. Eat it!!! No matter if you are a cone or dish ice cream eater, whether it’s blended, fried, or just straight out of the carton, the best thing to do with your Blue Bunny Ice Cream is to eat it. YUM!!! The second best, however may be to…

10. WIN IT! I am giving one lucky MommyB Knows Best reader the chance to win 5 Blue Bunny Bucks, good for any 5 Blue Bunny products of your choosing. Good luck!!

Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received Blue Bunny products in order to write this post. All opinions and thoughts expressed above are my own, however yours may vary, but if you don’t get your maternity pictures taken with a carton of ice cream, you really may wish you had. Just sayin’.

Disney’s Sofia the First Party Tips

Sofia the First Party Cupcakes

Sofia the First

Wow!! If you didn’t get a chance to catch Disney’s premier episode of Sofia the First you missed out, but never fear, the movie will be showing again TODAY on  WATCH Disney Junior, Disney Junior On Demand and DisneyJunior.com and on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 22 (9:00-10:00 a.m., ET/PT).

We were able to invite some of our princess-y friends over tonight for a royal party. Here are a few small things that made our Sofia the First princess party a success. {Mind you this was a small party because it was a school night so we didn’t go “all-out” with decorations.}

Dress Up!! We asked each of the attendees to dress up in their favorite princess wear, whether it was a Disney princess costume or a fancy dress with costume jewelry. You can also provide a dress up trunk for the kids to choose outfits and accessories from too.

Look at these adorable princesses posing in front of the Sofia the First poster with their cute crowns and beautiful gowns:

Sofia the First Party Collage

Serve Royally Yummy Snacks. We had magic wands {fruit kabobs}, towns people, {gingerbread men cookies}, Princess Sofia the First cupcakes topped off with an adorable Princess Sofia cupcake topper, and of course no movie premier would be complete without magical popping corn, popped by the fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather themselves!!

Sofia Snacks

Sofia the First Party Cupcakes

Make time for Enchanted Games and activities too. Whether you teach your little princesses and princes the right way to curtsey or bow or how to dance the waltz, there are a number of games and activities that are going to please every attendee. House Party sent me this wonderful book:

Sofia the First Book

Which was a fun read and also introduced the children to Sofia and the characters in the movie. My only wish was that it didn’t tell the same story as the movie so there were more surprises as we watched, but the illustrations were adorable and the children loved the suspense and the happy ending, and I even heard a lot of, “awwwww”s from the moms, er, queens who were in attendance too.

Reading Sofia the First Book







Overall, we had an amazing fun-filled time with friends, enjoyed the entire 1-hour movie with a few appearances from our favorite classic Disney Princess movies, and even learned some lessons about giving people second chances, and working together.

If you have the chance to throw a Sofia the First party, whether it’s for a special occasion, {or not} it’s bound to be a good one.

Signed, The Royal Queen MommyB and her two beautiful princesses!!

Queen MommyB and Princesses

Did you watch Sofia the First? Do you have any party tips to add??

If you liked this post make sure to share on Facebook, Twitter and feel free to pin too!!

Sofia the First Pinterest

I did not receive compensation for this post or for hosting the party. My guests and I did get some very cool Sofia the First goodies but as usual all opinions or thoughts expressed in this post are my own, honest opinions of Sofia the First the movie and book.

Back to School Ice Cream Social Tips {CLOSED}

Ice Cream Party

For those of you with school-aged children, some of your kiddos have already had their first day back to school, and some of you have another few weeks before your child starts classes. Miss A starts her first day of Kindergarten next Monday {wowzers!} and so we thought what better way to get excited about heading to school than a party!

It’s been pretty warm here in Charlotte, North Carolina this summer and we love Blue Bunny products, so we figured what better way to celebrate with our friends than a Back to School Ice Cream Social!

Ice Cream Party

Here are some tips to make your Back to School {or anytime} Ice Cream Social a success:

1. Purchase a few different flavors of ice cream. This allows variety for your guests to choose from. I recommend sticking with classics, or adding a little twist. {We enjoyed Blue Bunny’s Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl, Double Strawberry, and their Sweet & Salty Pretzel.}

2. Mix between processed and fresh toppings. When it comes to what my girls are eating I try to be mindful of giving them a good mix between healthy foods and treats.  I traded strawberry spread topping for fresh strawberries, and also cut up some banana slices, but of course kept the rainbow sprinkles and chocolate/carmel sauces as well {for mommy’s sweet tooth, er good measure}

3. Wait to set the ice cream out until the very last moment. Wait as long as you can to put the ice cream out onto the tables to keep them as cool as possible. On extremely hot days consider putting them in a bucket of ice and displaying them while keeping them chilled.

4. Water play equals clean kids. On a hot day it’s always a good idea to have something besides ice cream to cool the kids down, plus the water acts as an added cleaning agent after you’ve washed hands and faces. We chose a water table, kiddie pool and water slide and the kids were loving it!

Back to School Ice Cream Social Water Play

5. Don’t forget to ask about food allergies. Some ice creams and toppings are processed in a plant with nuts, contain egg, wheat, soy, etc that some of your guests may be allergic to. It’s always nice to check before you buy the supplies.

6. Have fun!!! Enjoy the last few days of summer with great people in your life and celebrate!!

Back to School Ice Cream Social

Fun right?!?!?! Head over to Blue Bunny’s website and check out some of their awesome new flavors, or pick out your favorites for an upcoming party at http://www.bluebunny.com/

Also enter for a chance to win some ice cream for your very own Ice Cream Social, whatever the occasion may be. One lucky MommyBKnowsBest.com reader will win 5 Blue Bunny Bucks, to spend on whichever (5) Blue Bunny Treats your heart desires. 

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Blue Bunny for the treats in order to host this soiree. I am not an official spokesperson for Blue Bunny, however if I could wear a bunny suit I would sign up immediately. I write about Blue Bunny because I like their products, and hopefully my posts reflect that sentiment. Please know that the above words and images are my own honest thoughts, yours may vary, but it’s doubtful.

Bumblebee Birthday – Terra Cotta Pot Cupcake Craft

Bumblebee Dinner

I love going “all out” on birthday’s, at least my version of all out, then again compared to some people I’m probably pretty mild. My mom did a great job making sure we had fun birthday parties growing up and I want to do the same for my girls. Although they may not remember all the little details it means a lot for me to be able to create a fun experience for them and their friends.

While I’m not the craftiest kid on the block I do get into creating some crafts for birthdays. Lil C’s birthday theme this year was bumblebees! Which totally fits our family for several reasons, {see this website for one}. I decided to get some fun bumblebee themed decorations {at a very reasonable price} from Oriental Trading Company and then create a few of my own.

Bumblebee Dinner

One of the crafts I came up with, after looking at inspiration on the web and of course Pinterest was to do a bumblebee terra cotta craft, although I have not seen anything like the craft I made, hopefully it will inspire others.

I bought the following supplies from A.C. Moore:

Bumblebee Pots:

Terra Cotta Pots (we used the 4″ size) – One for each child

Bright Yellow Acrylic Craft Paint

Black Acrylic Craft Paint

1 inch paint brush (really any size brush or sponge brush

*After completing this project I learned a little bit of paint primer would have saved me from so many coats of paint, so you may want to add that to your list as well. {again, I’m only semi-crafty}


Preferably chocolate cupcakes in dark wrappers

Frosting (any kind really since it’ll be covered up anyway)

Oreo Cookie Crumbs (can be made in a food processor with the push of a button)

Bumblebee Antennae:

Tacky Glue – **Purchased for the project but not used**

Standard size black pipe cleaners

Small black poms


Cardboard to create circles for inside your pots to shelve your cupcakes (depending on cupcake to terra cotta pot ratio)


Normally one would start with the paint primer, however since I clearly didn’t use that in my craft I started painting the terra cotta pots with the yellow acrylic craft paint. I let that coat dry and painted another coat, and another and another…{you get the drift}…and looked something like this:

Painting Bumblebee Pots


Yellow Painted Pots

While waiting on those to dry I worked on the Bumblebee antennae using standard size black pipe cleaner that I cut in half with regular scissors prior to the photo following. I intended to use the Tacky Glue to adhere the small black poms onto the pipe cleaners, however found that wrapping the pipe cleaner around the pom was much easier, less messy, and looked great. I wound the pipe cleaner around the pom 1 to 1.5 times and then bent them to more closely resemble bumblebee antennae. Of course while making these cute antennae I had to have a few sips of my favorite drink, I call it “my wine”, Diet Coke. {You may choose the beverage of your choice.}

Tacky Glue Antennae

After checking to make sure the first 500 coats of yellow acrylic paint {yes I am exaggerating a little here}, I painted free-hand, yep, that’s right folks I do have a pretty steady hand, the black lines to look like a bumblebee. Using the bottom rim of the pot I started with my first line and tried to eyeball, of course if you want more perfect lines you could use a painters tape {which I found hard considering the shape of the terra cotta pots} or measure and mark. I wasn’t too picky but think they turned out pretty good, all things considered. Don’t you think???

Bumblebee Pots

I made Lil C’s pot a little different from the others because she’s the birthday girl of course!! Added a little glitter and her initial for her first name. After the pots were dried I cleaned up some of the lines, painted the rims and added a small circle of cardboard to fit right inside the pots since our cupcakes ended up being a little smaller than anticipated.

Cupcake time!!!!

This time I made the cupcakes and frosting from scratch, but you can use whatever works best for you. Miss A helped me roll the frosted cupcakes in the oreo crumbs to created the “dirt” look or look like bumblebee heads {which is what we were going for.} Sorry for the blurry picture:

Crumb Topped Cupcakes

Once these awesome cupcakes were done we put them in the fridge overnight (b/c of the fresh cream frosting) and the next day placed them on top of the cardboard and inserted two pipe cleaner antennae. I assembled them in a diamond formation with the special “C” cupcake at the head of the line, and here’s how they turned out:

Bumblebee Cupcake Terra Cotta Pot Craft

I think the guest of honor was quite pleased.

Happy Bee Day Girl

(and yes I did paint mine and the girls nails in black and yellow for the party!!)

What has been your favorite birthday party theme that you’ve a.) thrown for your children or b.) seen someone else {in person or online} throw?????