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Summer Schedule for Kids – Free Printable

Summer is all about fun and relaxation, I get it. However, a loose schedule is definitely something that our family needs to avoid meltdowns and still feel like we’ve accomplished a few things during the day.

After school let out we had about a week and a half where we just had down time and that was great, but I could clearly see a need for a little bit of structure to combat the, “I’m bored” or “what can I do now?” moments.

Browsing through Pinterest I saw a great Summer Rules Printable that I liked and wanted to create something similar that fit our family needs a little better.

I created a large poster and thought a watermelon theme would be cute for the summer. {Your artistic skills may be better than mine.}



Then we realized an individual list for each child would be helpful so they could check off items daily. Here is the printable that I created. Please feel free to use for your own family as well. I know task will vary by child and household so I’ve also included a blank printable that you can use and fill in yourself below.


Click the link to print: Summer Rules List MommyBKnowsBest




We placed the printouts in a plastic dry erase pocket so the girls could write and erase easily, each child has a different color pocket and I’ve really seen them take personal responsibility in completing these tasks without being asked.



Are your summers more scheduled? Are they less scheduled?

Do you create any summer lists??

Leave a comment below!!





Out with the Old and In with the New

As an ambassador for Rayovac I have been compensated for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions on the products are my own.

The new year is upon us and it’s a well-known time of year for change. People make resolutions, what not to eat, what to do more of or less of, and also changes on how they are going to organize or manage their household.

Out with the Old and In with the New MommyB

Here are some resolutions to help you manage your household while making small changes that will improve the organization and tidiness of your home:

1. Replace your batteries in items like remote controls, smoke detectors, and nightlights to avoid last minute (especially night-time) battery changes. Also using batteries that last longer and cost less help to stretch out the need for battery changes, which is why we stick with Rayovac batteries.

Improving Home with Rayovac Batteries

2. Buy furniture that doubles as organizers. We have several pieces of furniture that act as organizers, our ottoman for example has a great storage area for games and blankets, which makes for easy cleanup when friends pop in. We love anything that has bins too.

3. Use ordinary items for organizing. I love using clear shoe organizers for all kinds of things like cleaning products, and craft supplies, but mostly we use ours for our pantry door to hold grab-n-go snacks or store treats (out of kiddos reach).

Pantry Organizer MommyB

4. Line your fridge. Do you love cleaning your refrigerator?? No, no one that I know does either. To set yourself up for easy, stressless cleaning, consider lining your refrigerator with contact paper, wax/parchment paper. Move your items, lift and dispose of the paper and then replace with a fresh piece and move your items back. You’ll be saving paper towels and electricity too.

Whether your New Year’s Resolutions are different or you don’t have any, these are still some great, easy, tips to get you going in the direction of a happier, tidier home.

What changes, if any are you making for 2015??

Happy New Year!!!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of my partnership with Rayovac. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own, yours may vary.

PodKeeper’s New and Improved Website and Twitter Party

As a proactive mom I’ve always felt that being scheduled and organized, while allowing for some flexibility has really helped me manage the busy-ness of parenting. As my girls get older, they have more responsibilities and activities that I need to handle and without a way to track it all, I’m often found missing out on an event or forgetting items.


Of course I have several Facebook groups, email threads, group text messages, newsletters, {and the list goes on} for each activity and event, but to be honest, that in itself can be a little overwhelming. I find myself wondering, did I post the thread? did I write that down in my calendar? and racking my brain just as much as if I had no system in place.

When I heard about PodKeeper I was super excited about a website that could handle my groups, events, forums, calendar all in one central location. My excitement drove me to offering social media services to PodKeeper and I currently work with a great brand, that helps me as a parent, and one that’s product I use and love.

Because I heart PodKeeper, I want you to try this free, online website, not for me, but so you can see how the site can revolutionize your definition of organizing your family.

To learn more about PodKeeper, and some great NEW features, I encourage you to join me for our upcoming Twitter Party. Susan from 5minutesformom.com will be joining us as well!


PodKeeper Twitter Invitation


Have any questions or comments? Feel free to comment here.

Hope to see you at the party!


PodKeeper is a client that I love and hope that you will too. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

Saving Time and Money with Shelf Scouter – Digital Pantry Review

This is a compensated post in partnership with Shelf Scouter.

I’m a list maker. Are you a list maker? I make lists for all sorts of things, to-do for work, projects I’m working on at home, groceries, and the lists go on… and if I forget my list… back in the BC era {Before Children}, I used to be able to memorize everything on my lists at any given time, these days I’m lucky to remember one thing on my grocery list.

To Do List

My shopping trips turn into a game that looks something like me going down every.single.aisle in the store looking at all the products trying to remember if we have them in our pantry or not, only to get home, unload, and find that I have “multiples” of what I already had at home and missed out on the staples I really needed. Not to mention it’s a chore to grocery shop in the first place. Unfortunately we’re not as close to the grocery as we used to be in our old house, but there are ways to save some stress when I “miss my list”. Engineer turned mom-trepreneur, Lindsay Fairman and her team of women recently launched Shelf Scouter, a free website/app to assist busy families in shopping for everything – a digital pantry of sorts. I love checking out sites like Shelf Scouter, anything that can save me time and brainpower – count me in!


Shelf Scouter - Digital Pantry



Shelf Scouter offers streamlined shopping, shared lists across multiple mobile devices and the ability to conveniently order products online in addition to purchasing locally. Quite simply, Shelf Scouter adds up to being the smarter way to shop.

How to Shelf Scouter Works


ShelfScouter Getting Started

  1. Sign up {for free} at ShelfScouter.com by entering standard information.
  2. Check out their informational tutorial to help you get started.
  3. Choose items by searching through Suggested Products, or use Shelf Scouter’s search tool to find specific items on your list.
  • Start adding in all your grocery needs whether it’s stuff that you’ll put in your fridge, pantry, cupboards, or really anything items you can buy in stores or online that your family needs.
  • Shelf Scouter’s product pantry has a growing list of items that you can put in one of your customizable shopping categories named “shelves“. If you want to make shopping even easier, check out Shelf Scouter’s weekly emails for “bins” or preloaded groupings of similar products. How cool is that?!


ShelfScouter Shelves


Shelf Scouter also makes it easy to add items that they don’t have in their product pantry by using:

  • your smartphone. Shelf Scouter’s mobile app features a product scanner to look up items. If the product is not currently in Shelf Scouter’s system you can save the product’s information by adding it in. Next time you use the website or app you can easily access it for your next shopping list.


ShelfScouter Scan


  • MommyB email exclusive. If you mention MommyB Knows Best you can send Shelf Scouter a photo of your grocery receipt and their support team will fill your pantry for you. (Offer valid now through September 24th, 2014.) Sign up now.


Best part of Shelf Scouter? 

While Shelf Scouter alleviates the hassle of writing paper lists, they also have another time saver that may also help save money – online shopping. Purchase your pantry items through online services from the comfort of your home or on the go. You can currently purchase your items through Amazon.com or Walmart.com while Shelf Scouter continues expanding to other retailers. You get to select your items, compare prices, and use your own accounts for security and savings. Looooove it!!!


ShelfScouter Shopping List



The website/app even recommends similar products {which is so helpful}:


ShelfScouter Similar Products


Shelf Scouter boasts additional features in the future that will make this website/app even more handy for busy list-making people.

If we’re anything alike you’ll like the functions of Shelf Scouter and enjoy watching the features grow as you use it. Ready to start filling up your digital pantry shelves?!? Head to ShelfScouter.com to set up your free account, watch the helpful tutorial, and start making the most of your precious time. Also, don’t forget to like Shelf Scouter on Facebook and follow on Twitter for more updates.

What features of Shelf Scouter could you use for your family’s shopping needs??


This is a sponsored post, however all opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own, honest words. Your opinions may vary.

Win a Trip to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl with Public Storage®

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Public Storage® announces their participation in this year’s 125th Rose Parade by hosting a grand giveaway!

Public Storage Rose Bowl Giveaway

This is Public Storage’s first year entering a float in the famous Rose Parade and they are excited to share this experience with you and your family!

Public Storage Rose Bowl 2014 PinWith the Public Storage® Score Sweet Seats Sweepstakes, each week, 100 Public Storage® fans have the chance to win a 2014 limited edition, commemorative Public Storage® Rose Parade Pin {remember this is the 125th Rose Parade and Public Storage’s first year, so this will definitely be a collectors item!} But there’s more!!! One lucky fan could win the Grand Prize of an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Pasadena, California to see the Rose Parade, attend the Rose Bowl pre-game VIP Tailgating Party and the Rose Bowl Game.

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If you’ve ever watched a Rose Parade you know it’s a great way to ring in the New Year and is fun and appropriate for all ages. Whether you watch from home, or attend the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl be sure to look for Public Storage’s “Adventures in Space” themed float and stay tuned to find out how it fits into the Rose Parade’s, “Dreams  Come True” theme this year!


Since 1972 Public Storage® has been treating your stuff like it’s their stuff. Whether you’re packing up for a family move, or just want to store your extra baby gear, Public Storage® has affordable prices and services that your family can appreciate.

Make sure you check out Public Storage online: PublicStorage.com and on their Facebook page: facebook.com/publicstorage


This is a sponsored post, however any opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest thoughts. Your opinions may vary.

Toys, Toys, Everywhere – Toy Organizing {Guest Post}

Ever feel like your home is flooded with toys? Are there toys in every room of your home?? Are your children not sure what to play with first because there are too many options??

If there are 20 toys to play with, then she will play with the ones that appeal to her at that moment, moving on other options as the day or week progresses.

This is a similar mentality when our closets are packed with clothes. We are presented with too many options therefore wearing the items that we like the most. The rest hang for months or even years without seeing the light of day.

Here are some tips to organize your toy catastrophe in your house, or at least tame it a little.


Rotate children’s toys each week or month.

Rotating toys is easier than it sounds. I’m no scrooge when it comes to showering our children with love and presents. But to the point made above, give your child less options on a more regular basis.

Buy a few large storage bins from your local department store. Sort and categorize your child’s toys. Pack up a selection of toys into the tupperware bins. Think variety here. Rotate every week or month, whatever schedule works for you and your family.

As a nice bonus, it will be easy to pick out the toys that your child doesn’t really like. Easily donate those and your child won’t miss them!

Get your child involved with charities and giving early.

Pick a charity that speaks to you and possibly your child. Become invested in the charity by volunteering and making donations in the form of time or toys. Get to know some of the individuals involved.

When your children understand that others in the world don’t have it so well, then they will be more likely to give and help.

We are a society that will always accumulate more. Take the time now to set up a system that will keep your children interested in their toys and teach them to donate for the greater good.

What are some of your toy organization tips?


Burnham-HeadshotJennifer Burnham is the founder and organizer behind Pure & Simple Organizing. She encourages and inspires others to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. We can all get down and out with an overpacked schedule and a cluttered home. She gives her clients permission to let some of the “stuff” and responsibilities go — enjoy your life! You only have one afterall! 🙂

Bag It Up: How to Store & Organize Birthday Gift Wrap {Guest Post}

Children’s birthday parties happen often. Parties are great entertainment and social activities for your kids, but they can be stressful for you. Your children are probably more booked on Saturday afternoon than you are.

I’m often asked by parents, “How do you store your gift wrap?” My answer is “I don’t”. I personally have a no present policy, as in I don’t give presents and I don’t receive presents.

However, I don’t live on planet Mars and understand this is not commonplace for most adults. Especially parents with kids attending birthday parties every weekend.

So how should you store your gift wrap?
Pick One Wrapping Method
First, I would recommend that you pick one wrapping method and stick with it. Wrapping paper OR gift bags. And if you want my perspective, then go with the bags. They are easier to organize and store in a closet.

Second, pick a designated spot for all wrapping supplies and presents. A closet off a spare room or a shelf in the linen closet would work. You could even store the supplies in a chest of drawers. The point is to keep it all together and easy to access.

Corral Supplies & Organize


Third, buy a few organizing containers to make light work of retrieving and wrapping. If in a closet, then open baskets with handles work great.

My last recommendation is to donate those bags that are too big, not attractive, and have seen better days. Just because your child received 30 gift bags at her party, doesn’t mean you have to keep them all. After all, you can purchase bags from the Dollar Tree if you are in a pinch.

Do you give gift cards or toys as presents?


Burnham-HeadshotJennifer Burnham is the founder and organizer behind Pure & Simple Organizing. She encourages and inspires others to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. We can all get down and out with an overpacked schedule and a cluttered home. She gives her clients permission to let some of the “stuff” and responsibilities go — enjoy your life! You only have one afterall! 🙂

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’re stopping by after seeing me on CBS-Charlotte this morning welcome!!! Hope you enjoyed my segment. Here’s some additional information on products that were featured. If you’re a regular reader I love you just the same!

As a product reviewer and a blogger who gives parenting tips and tricks I’ve seen a LOT of baby shower gifts, the good, the bad, and the ugly {to remain nameless}. Although I adore cute onesies and giving practical gifts like diapers I really enjoy when I can fit a shower gift to the parents and get them something unique and that I know for certain won’t be a duplicate or most likely even on their registry.

Here are a few baby shower gifts for expecting parents you may know:

For the Organized Parents: Check out the Baby Briefcase, great for storing important documents, photos, medical records and more in one great location. The sturdy plastic case keeps out dust and moisture and fits right into your filing cabinet. It’s carrying handle also makes it easy to transport from your home office to doctor’s appointments too. The Baby Briefcase retails for $29.95 and can be found on their website: http://www.babybriefcase.com/

baby briefcase

For the Outdoorsy Parents: The Peekaroo Ozone is an amazing way to keep baby hidden from extreme elements. This product shields baby from 95% of UVA and UVB rays. Not only is the Peekaroo Ozone adjustable to baby’s size {up to 2 years old}, it also adapts to a baby carrier cover, stroller cover, and attaches onto a baby carseat with ease. To protect baby’s delicate skin and still smell the fresh air, check out the Peekaroo Ozone on their site {it’s currently on sale for $34}: https://www.togetherbe.com/peekaru-ozone-2


For the Traveling Parents:  Baby B’air {pronounced baby bear}, is for you! This product is great for keeping baby close and on your lap while in flight, but most importantly it is the first and only FAA Approved Flight Vest. The Baby B’air comes in infant size and up and is very easy to use. This product allows your child to play, nap, and nurse while in flight which proves for a happier, safer child all-around. At $34.95 it’s a great price for a shower gift. More details here: http://babybair.com/

Baby B'air

For the On-the-Go Parents: This multipurpose GoGo Babyz Sidekick Bliss Diaper Bag offers more than meets the eye! This diaper bag also serves as a baby carrier, has a handy insulated snack bag, and changing pad. Not to mention that the side pockets and interior and exterior pockets are awesome. For a diaper bag this is on the smaller side, but personally I love the fact that it does so many jobs and I don’t have to carry the baby carrier with me in addition to a diaper bag. You can carry a child up to 35lbs safely using the Sidekick Bliss, I think it’s pretty cool. {And Dads won’t mind carrying it either since it’s not girlie at all.} This is definitely a larger ticket item but if you’re up for splurging a little or going in on this gift with a few other friends it’s a steal for $120. Find it and a few other styles on their website: http://www.gogobabyz.com

Sidekick Bliss

Do you have any unique baby shower gift ideas?? I’d love to hear them!!

#vlogmom MommyBKnowsBest on: Junk in my Drawers


#vlogmomNow by, “Junk in my Drawers” I don’t mean my pants people!! I mean my actual drawers. This week’s question for #vlogmom comes from my dear, sweet friend Megan who writes at SweetSadieMarie.com. Her question is…..”Share 3 items from your junk drawer or car console.”

Here we go…….

There you have it, my junky junk drawer. What cool or random things do you store in your junk drawer or car console??

Check out these awesome posts:

Rubbermaid’s Handy 2-in-1 Recycler {Giveaway} [CLOSED]

Rubbermaid Logo

Rubbermaid Logo Rubbermaid is up to some great things lately. As you may or may not already know Rubbermaid gives families storage and organization options whether you’re putting leftovers away or storing sweaters away during the summer.

This time, Rubbermaid is headed straight for the recycling and trash, in a good way! Rubbermaid has come out with this handy 2-in-1 Recycler. For a family like ours who recycles a lot {not everything, but a lot} we really love having this recycling system. The Recycler comes in most handy when we have people over.

2in1-silo-new-largeRecently, I had a few friends over for a play date where we had snacks and drinks. Often times when we’ve had parties or friends over the recyclables and trash end up in one big garbage can, {boo}. However, now that we have the 2-in-1 Recycler it’s easy to let friends know where to put their cans and bottles and where to dump their plates of food. We decided to put stickers on our recycler that would signify which bin was which for our guests so we didn’t have to constantly remind or hover over the recycler, it worked perfect! (Not an actual picture of our recycler since the stickers are a little smaller and not as visible, but you get the idea.)

We love that both bins have thick handles, that make it easy to carry the bins straight to our city regulated recycling bin. DaddyB’s favorite feature is the LinerLock™ in the lower bin so the trash bag stays put, hooray for easy clean-ups.

The Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler also features:

  • A Sleek design
  • Removable lid
  • 5.8 gal sorting bin
  • 7.4 gal tilt out bin with Liner Lock™ handles
  • Total capacity = 13.2 gal
  • Perfect for multi-stream or single stream recycling

I like my 2-in-1 Recycler and think it comes in so handy that I figured you would want one too. So I’m giving away a recycler to one lucky reader!!!

How to Win

Mandatory Entry {must be done in order to get additional entries}: Head to Rubbermaid’s Trash and Recycling section of their Website HERE  and tell me: What product would you use the most in your own home.

For additional entries:

1. Leave a comment on another post on my website. (1 comment per post, no limit otherwise.)

2. Follow Rubbermaid on Twitter

2. Follow MommyBKnowsBest on Twitter

3. Tweet– using @mommybknowsbest and @rubbermaid linking back to this giveaway. (up to 5 tweets a day)

Not an entry because MommyB Knows Best follows Facebook TOS, but we’d love it if you want to follow MommyB Knows Best and Rubbermaid (again not an entry but I’d love you forever if you did) click here: MommyB Knows Best Facebook and here: Rubbermaid

RulesGiveaway ends May 16 @12:00 am. The winner will be chosen at random, verified, emailed, and announced in a Winner’s post. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the email from MommyB to claim the prize, if the prize is not claimed within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen at random. You must be a US or Canada resident and 18 years or older to enter.

I received product from Rubbermaid in order to complete this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest opinions, yours may vary.