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Type-A or Bust??? Maybe Bust?!

Type-A Mom LogoWhat the heck am I talking about??? That’s a good question. I’m actually a little confused myself. Being in the mom blog world of course I’m interested in getting to know other mom bloggers, (most of my mommy friends have no clue about mom blogs other than mine,) and of course learn more about how I can do a better job to satisfy my readers.

Along those lines, I’ve been looking at Mom Blogger Conferences, I checked out Blog-Her and would have loved to have gone but Baby C was too little (in my opinon) so I scrapped that and looked around a bit. After checking out several different options, keeping in mind that Baby C is still exclusively nursing…not wanting to take a bottle, I thought Type-A Mom Conference may be a good option for me. It’s about 2 hours from home and near Biltmore, which the family and I have been interested in visiting anyway.

So now….I’m in a quandary, I’d really like to go to the Type-A mom Conference but me being the worrywart that I am so many, “what if’s” are popping in my head. I’m actually not going to type them all out because I think that would just perpetuate my worrying which is not productive for anyone. Hubby would be going with me and watching the girls while I’m at sessions and in between sessions and during breaks I’ll be with them either nursing Baby C or hanging out. He’s such a great hubby! He actually was one of the people encouraging me to attend.

Wonka NerdsSo we’ll see what I end up doing, but I’m more than likely attending. I’ll be the nerdy newbie in the corner. I’m actually pretty outgoing but just the thought of being in a room of accomplished mom bloggers for some reason freaks me out a little. The hotel block is gone, but I’m hoping to work something out so I can still stay in the same hotel at a reasonable rate and hopefully get my business cards printed up and shipped to me in time too. Did I mention I have still not “officially” registered…again my nerdy apprehension overtakes me.

If you are attending Type-A Mom Conference I’d love to hear from you, feel free to leave me a comment, I’d love to hook up with some great mommas!

MommyB Knows Best Blog Redesign


Tah-Dah!! Welcome to my “new” blog. Here it is! Make sure you check out all the pages and feel free to leave me some feedback, now that you can post to your heart’s content, and if you want send me a private message here. You can also follow me on social media! (Look for the follow buttons.)

Like I mentioned before I could not have done even a smidge of this new redesign without the help from my amazing husband! Thanks DaddyB!!

I’m proud to have my blog looking more put together since I’m a crazy organizer lady.

I’m excited to add my outlook on reviews and hopefully giveaways in the future too. I’ve noticed while reading lots of mom blogs that there aren’t many “real” reviews, you know where they say how they feel about the products rather, “just the facts ma’am.” Well this is not going to be one of those blogs, you’ll hear what I loved and hated about a product depending on the way I felt. I feel like I have a great opportunity to really test these products and services out and don’t want to do my readers a disservice by sugar coating my reviews.

I also look forward to bringing you some fun, new posts and tips and tricks that anyone can use, and hope to hear some of yours too!

Lastly, check back in the next couple of days for an amazing Celebrity, yes that’s right Celebrity, you know her from reality TV, review!

Now what are you still doing here?!? Go check out the rest of my blog, and I’d be ever so grateful if you’d spread the word.



How a Cleaning Schedule is Important for My Sanity

So you would think that after 2.5 years of doing this whole mommy thing that I would be a pro at all things domestic. Well do I ever have you fooled! Now don’t get me wrong I do know some pretty awesome tricks and tips to save time and avoid meltdowns, but there are a few sections of the domestic goddessness that I haven’t mastered that I would love to improve upon.

I’m so envious of the moms who have everything planned out, perhaps because before I became a mom myself I used to be so much more organized. Although there are a lot of things that have changed A.C. (after child); my body, (which sometimes I’d rather deny that it’s mine), becoming that late person that I always hated, and memorizing every little thing there’s one thing that I didn’t want to change and it’s being super duper organized.

Perhaps I gave up being so particular for my sanity, considering I had a newborn, packed up a whole townhouse, moved to a new state into an apartment and THEN a new house in only 3 months. So I’m not super mom and realized that it’s okay to put some things off if I can spend more time with my daughter. Oh how things have changed. These days, since Little Miss “A” is a little more self-sufficient I’m able to get more housework done and she even likes to help. (Must record that here in the blog so I can show her when she is a teen.) Instead I think that now it would give me more time to spend with “A” if I were more organized.

I clip coupons, keep a daily calendar of events (sometimes even with 3 calendars I still forget the time of play dates and nights out,) but what’s missing is a little more detailed organization.

Here are my list of things to work on to help improve, let’s say quality of life:

  • Start planning weekly meals (and if I’m good enough even coordinate sales/coupons to meals)
  • Create a “schedule” for “A” so she and I can get more out of her day and bring a little more structure in
  • Start throwing/donating things that are junking up my closets in hopes that my $2 sweater will sell after 5 months on craigslist.
  • Select certain days to clean certain things, oooh this one may be fun, I could do theming: Toilet Tuesdays, Washer Wednesdays, now if there was only a day of the week that started with “N” then I could have a nap day 🙂

Those are a few of my current goals, I’d love to start before baby #2 makes her debut. I would love any tips or websites devoted to a decent but not quite there organized momma. I think my Domestic Goddess Award is getting dusty…I may even have it revoked if I don’t do something STAT!