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ME to WE School Supply Collection that Gives Back

School is underway, and while you’ve probably already shopped for Back-to-School supplies you may be like me where you’re finding your students need or want a few more things for school.

When I’m looking for school supplies I want to find items that fit three criteria:

1. They should be something my student needs

2. Items should not be too pricey, especially since most are used for only one school-year.

3. I try to look for items that my student will like the style of, why not make school as fun as possible when it’s small things like school supplies?

For us, we rarely think about what impact our school supply purchase might have on others, since so few go beyond simple supply and demand. But when there’s a chance we can find all three of the above criteria AND do something socially-conscious, now that’s an incredible bonus.

ME to WE has partnered with Walgreens to launch a back-to-school collection that not only looks great, is reasonably priced but also gives back to those in need. Each purchase will help fund the education of a child in a developing community. When you make a purchase you are able to see the difference you are helping to make through the Track Your Impact code. How cool is that?!?!


Walgreens believes that Every One Counts—every person and every purchase can have a life changing impact on children in the U.S. and around the world. Making an impact is as easy as shopping for everyday purchases. Since May 2018, Walgreens customers have provided more than 11 million impacts, including access to healthcare, education, water, and more, through purchases of Walgreens ME to WE products and accessories. ME to WE products come with a Track Your Impact code that customers can enter at Walgreens.com/TrackYourImpact to see how their purchases are making a difference.

“ME to WE empowers people to change the world with their everyday purchases,” said Roxanne Joyal, CEO, ME to WE. “Thanks to our partnership with Walgreens, back to school shoppers can load up on stylish supplies while also creating positive change. Each purchase helps fund a child’s education in a developing community—helping to provide the tools to succeed in school and create a brighter future for themselves, their family and their community.”

In addition, Walgreens will sponsor WE Schools for the fourth year through the development of its “WE Give Health” lesson plan, which promotes health and wellbeing. WE Schools are a free, yearlong service-learning program that provides educators and students with curriculum and educational resources that help them gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing social issues, and provides the tools necessary to take action and make an impact on those issues.

Supplies in the ME to WE line are quality items that are super trendy with geometric shapes, galaxy designs and holograph inspired. They have some really cute lined backpacks and totes, trendy 18-month planners and notebooks, graphic pencils and more. The back to school collection really has everything your student will need throughout the entire school year at great prices. The collection prices range from $1.99 to $24.99. Check it out in stores near you and online: ME to WE Collection

Your purchase makes all the difference!

What is your favorite item from the ME to WE collection??



This is not a paid or sponsored post. I received some of the above items to check out quality and share this information with you. I love sharing good products with great causes behind them.

What is a University Model® School?

Disclaimer – I do not work for Naums nor have we started schooling at Naums, all information is from the Naums website or information shared from people who have been schooling and my general but limited knowledge of the University Model® school setting.

Lately I’ve had quite a few people ask me what school Miss A will be attending in the Fall and to explain more about how her school works.

Let’s rewind to school last year when Miss A was attending 5-day, traditional private school. DaddyB and I felt that, for a lot of reasons, the school Miss A was attending and a traditional 5-day school weren’t a great fit for Miss A so with the fact that we were open to moving (since we sold our home and re-rented it back ((a story for another day)), that we could really explore all schooling options.

The public school for our neighborhood at that time was not an option for several undesirable reasons, but we looked into other private schools in different areas and counties, did our research on charters and after reviewing all of our options we decided, through much prayer and thought, that the University Model® school seemed to be the best fit for Miss A and our family.


What is a University Model® School Answers and information on MommyBKnowsBest


What is a University-Model® school?

The University-Model® school (UMS) model is an option for education that is not the traditional 5-day setting. According to NAUMS (National Association of University Model Schools) “the UMS model of education takes the best attributes of home schooling and combines them with the best attributes of traditional, Christian education.” For our family we felt like it would be the best of both worlds, we would have more time to spend with Miss A (and Lil C once she starts Kindergarten), and give more hands-on learning, while focusing on a university style program.

The program at the school we chose (which keep in mind each University-Model® school has the same foundational roots, but can be very different), is strongly grounded in faith and both character and academically driven.

Our school is a private school, not a co-op for homeschoolers or a public/charter school. I believe this is similar to most University-Model® schools, but am not 100% sure if this includes all of the schools.

“The ultimate goal is that of producing wholesome, competent men and women of character who make a positive difference for Christ in the next generation.” Naums.net


How is University-Model® school different from traditional public, charter, magnet, or private schooling?

This school system is unique in that it is not a 5-day program. This model gives students a portion of professional full day classroom instruction and a portion of home study days with curriculum provided by the classroom teacher.

For our specific school Miss A will have 3 classroom instruction days and 2 days of home study. For our family it was amazing to think that we will have more days with Miss A than she will be in school (counting weekends Miss A will have 4 days at home and 3 days in school). Curriculum is based on several factors and highly supported with communication between teacher and parent.

Some things we loved specifically about this school and the University Model® are that they are founded on faith, character and academically driven, in our program subjects can be integrated, the school Miss A will be attending has an amazing support system for both mother and father.

Here are a few quotes from parents who have been using the University Model® with their children about what UMS is:

My short short explanation that usually is followed by a conversation is “picture university/college. You don’t go into class every day, but you have work to do every day. My kids go into class three days a week with their professional teacher and then we do work assigned by that teacher at home two days a week: projects, reports, review work, etc…” A Mom Who Tried Homeschooling for a Year and Realized it Wasn’t a Good Fit for Her Family

A combination of professional classroom time with two – 3 days at home using school developed lesson plans. Family and Christianity are also a common tie for all UMS’s.” Susan S.


What is a University Model® School Answer on MommyBKnowsBest


The biggest reason we chose a University-Model® school

While academics are important to our family we felt that we could have more time with our children and play an even larger role, while cultivating their relationship with God and enriching their character. To us, having healthy and happy children who have the tools to happy and healthy adulthood, were invaluable.

If you are interested in learning more about NAUMS and University-Model® schools please feel free to reach out to me via my contact form or head to NAUMS website Naums.net for more information.


Please keep in mind we have not started University-Model® school as of this post publish date and that each school within the model are very different and others may have different opinions or experiences. The above message is to both educate on the University-Model® school and give you one mom’s opinion.  I will update any information in this post as it comes available to me.


Back to School with Samsung Chromebook

I received the Samsung Chromebook from Staples in order to give a comprehensive review.

Let me introduce you to the Samsung Chromebook, a different kind of laptop that runs Google’s Chrome operating system. This means that it doesn’t have the same Windows or Apple-based layout that many of us are used to. It’s lighter in both weight and features, but that’s a very good thing. The Chromebook is meant to be your ultra-light and convenient laptop for getting online while on the go, perfect for high-school and college students.

Samsung Chromebook Review MommyB

The Chromebook is the Small, but Not Mini

The Samsung Chromebook is noticeably lighter than any laptop I’ve ever encountered. It’s like a next generation netbook. It’s screen is larger and it’s keyboard is wider than the ASUS netbook I bought a few years ago and yet it’s still considerably lighter. Typing on the Chromebook is a breeze and I don’t feel as cramped as I did on my old netbook. Sure, with an 11.6” screen it’ll look small next to your standard laptop, but it doesn’t feel tiny by any means. I think it’s a great size for portability (carrying in a backpack) and usefulness.

Netbook vs Chromebook MommyB

Aside from Chromebook’s surprisingly spacious keyboard, the mouse pad was easy to use and allows for scrolling, clicking and tapping. Lastly, the built-in webcam could come in handy in the future. It includes some neat out-of-the box effects to apply to your videos.

Most of the things I do on my laptop are done online. I’m a blogger and I run a few different websites. So I spend the majority of my time writing articles, checking email, editing images, and listening to music. I was able to do all of these easily with the Chromebook. The only thing I kind of missed was my photo editor (Paint.Net). I’m sure once I find a really good online image editor, I’ll be good to go.

As far as user-ability with students, this has the perfect combination of settings to be able to email, research for papers, and work on homework.

The Best Features of the Samsung Chromebook

Google Drive (Formerly Google Docs)
Google’s Drive is a near perfect alternative to having Microsoft Office or the Mac equivalent software. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been nice to have spreadsheets and documents saved somewhere that I can access anytime, anywhere. You can create documents (like Word), spreadsheets (like Excel), presentations (like Powerpoint), and more. The applications look and work very similar to the Microsoft Office applications they’re based on and they even open Office documents. This isn’t technically a feature of the Chromebook, but Drive’s existence makes a laptop like this viable since you won’t need a large operating system and software to download, just a browser!

Documents Are Saved Automatically In the Cloud
As you use Google Drive, like I am while writing this review, your documents are automatically saved as you work on them. Then, they’re available via any computer (or even Android smartphone) through Google Drive. So, if something were to happen to the Chromebook, my files would be safely stored in the cloud.

Using Chromebook Offline
Having a computer that’s mostly cloud-based with very little installed on its hardware sounds great until you remember that you’re not always online. Well, Chromebook can be used offline as well. I tested it out and I was able to use Chrome apps like Read Later Fast (which saves a copy of web pages so you can view them when you’re offline), an offline version of Gmail, and even games like an offline version of Angry Birds. In fact, there’s a whole category of offline apps in the Chrome Store.

Great Battery Life
With a 6.5 hours of battery life it greatly exceeds any other computer I’ve owned. For students, that feature will definitely come in handy as there aren’t always power outlets around when you need them.

Lightning Fast Boot Up & Shut Down
The Chromebook boots up fast. As soon as you open it, the screen turns on and the quick boot up process begins. You sign in with your Google account password and you’re on your way. Shutting down is also fast, great for quick transitions between classes.

Considerations: What the Samsung Chromebook’s Not Good For
I’d probably stop just short of making the Chromebook my only computer. It’s slim size means that it doesn’t have a disc drive. I seldom use the disc drive on my old laptop, but when I need to it’s nice to have. Mainly, I use it to rip tracks from my CDs.

There’s just a bit of a learning curve. It all depends on what you frequently do on your laptops, but you’ll have to be willing to research things just a bit. For example, I had to look up how to take a screenshot with my Chromebook (CTRL + Page Flipper Key) and also how to delete text (ALT + Backspace) as there’s no dedicated Delete key.

If you’re tied to some of your usual Windows or Apple applications, again, you’ll have to research alternatives. These days there are numerous free substitutions via the Chrome store. So, you shouldn’t have a problem, but it is a consideration. To me, these are only minor considerations, but I know that there are different types of computers users out there.

Chromebook vs Laptop MommyB

Chromebook is an Impressive Compact Laptop

In closing, the Samsung Chromebook has really impressed me. It’s the perfect computer for a student who wants a lightweight, compact (but not too small) laptop for doing things online like checking email, social networking, listening to music, and even document editing and creation with the Google Drive suite of office products. There’s very little that you can’t do on a Chromebook and the $250 price tag makes even more attractive.

For more details or to purchase one for your high-schooler or college student head to Staple’s website HERE.

Staples.com provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of Chromebooks and laptops online.

MommyB presents: Graduate Advice – #Vlogmom


#vlogmomMiss A turned 6 years old on Saturday and will celebrate the last day of her Kindergarten year this Friday! As she graduates from Kindergarten I flash forward to her high school graduation day in 2025…what?!?! That sounds really far away, but I know it’ll be here before we know it.

I’m sure when she graduates I’ll have tons of advice for her and be praying non-stop for her guidance and direction for going out into the “real world”. In the meantime, I thought I would give some advice to those who are graduating now, nothing profound, and I’m sure just as when I was graduating, I waived away most tips, but hopefully some of this resonates if not now then maybe later.

Here’s my most recent vlog with #vlogmom (about a week later due to birthday party madness):

Tell me, what advice do you have for graduates??

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