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Mammogram Awarness in Charlotte

Charlotte Radiology Mammogram Pink tires are “rolling” across Charlotte and surrounding areas! Why??? Charlotte Radiology, in an effort to increase mammogram awareness, are placing pink tires in local spots just waiting for us to find them. Did I mention that the tires are pink?

Here are two simple steps to follow if you’re driving/walking/biking/flying/buzzing around Charlotte, this week and you spot a bright pink tire:

1. Take a photo of the PINK TIRE (there are 30 in the Charlotte area, so you can make it a game to discover all of them, or just try to scope out those in your neck-of-the-woods) with whatever you have handy, cell phone or camera.

2. Post the photo on the Charlotte Radiology Facebook page (be sure you like their page first, and feel free to tell them @MommyBKnowsBest sent you), also tell them where you found the tire, ( give landmarks or street address please.)

The tires will look like this:

Charlotte Radiology Pink Tires

For every picture posted Charlotte Radiology will donate $1 to Ann’s Fund, which raises money to fund mammograms for underprivileged women in the Charlotte area. Isn’t that great? So be sure to get your friends to join in this great cause and their friends too. Let’s raise lots of money for those who are at risk but can’t afford a mammogram! As an added bonus your name will be entered to win a $100 gift card to Laura James Jewelry.

Please don’t forget, if you are 40 years old +, or may be high risk be sure to schedule your mammogram today:  http://www.charlotteradiology.com/appointments-mammogram-screening.cfm.

(Also stay tuned for an even bigger, related announcement on January 21st.)

If you’re in the Charlotte area and would like to go on a “MommyB Knows Best Pink Party” comment on this post. We’ll round everyone up, wear pink, search Charlotte for pink tires, and make money to fund mammograms for the underprivileged women in our “backyard”! Everyone’s invited, men, women, kids, let’s get out there and show our support.

FocusForward Spotlight and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Focus Forward LogoI have recently become acquainted with Just Focus Massage and Wellness, a Charlotte area wellness center who is offering a seminar called, FocusForward. Sounds pretty cool right? Let me tell you a little more about them and what they are doing with their FocusForward program.

Basically, FocusForward is a six-week seminar focused on wellness geared towards women. “At the foundation of FocusForward are the seven primary elements of wellness.” With the guidance of wellness experts each interactive session focuses not only on the physical aspect of wellness but your mental wellness. Their goal is to challenge you and recreate your way of thinking about health and wellness and empowering you to be able to make the changes to have a happy, healthy, successful life. I think that’s pretty great.

I always think about the changes I make each year, goals towards being a better me and think about the world around me. Often times we see people on The Biggest Loser or other television shows losing massive amounts of weight and it seems like it wasn’t until just recently that some weight loss centers, shows, and programs, (not even all are on this level yet) are finally realizing that being healthy is more than focusing on nutrition and exercise, it’s a mental process as well. Read More

MommyB’s Fecipes

I would consider myself a pretty decent cook and I am great at following recipes and making them my own. Most of the time with two little girls, one, soon to be two websites (that’s another post in itself), housework, errands, Miss A’s activities and being always on the go, I don’t always have time to make something spectacular. So I decided to write a post about MommyB Knows Best’s Fake Recipes or Fecipes. Recipes that aren’t quite recipes, rather just a couple of things thrown together to make something decent to munch on. Check out my first Fecipe:


Granogurt Read More

Isabella Water Bottle Spotlight

Isabella Water I love finding out about products with a cause behind them these days. I just feel like if I’m already buying something why not contribute to charity at the same time, and if I’m not already planning on the purchase then I may be persuaded depending on the cause too 🙂

As many of you know I try to get lots of water into my days, it especially helps with nursing Baby C. I have a few water bottles that I keep with me at most times. As I sit here thinking about my water and what I want to write for this post I realize that I don’t even think about the gulps of fresh, cool water I take in throughout the day. Perhaps many of you are the same way, I mean most of us have constant access to it. And here I am some days hating that I have to drink more and more when there are so many people in this world that wish they could have just one drop. Read More

Perfect Portions Scale Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Perfect Portions LogoAre you one of the many people who are dreading the holidays because you don’t want to gain weight? I know I am trying not to think of the turkey that is going to go to my thighs, the pie that will stick to my booty, and the fixin’s that are going to weigh me down, but luckily I found this amazing, portable, handy food scale made by Perfect Portions.

Now the Perfect Portions food scale isn’t just for people who want to lose weight, it’s amazing for those who need to track daily values, sugars, fat grams for dietary needs, athletes who measure every gram of what’s going into their bodies, and even people like me who, in order to lose weight, need to count calories otherwise I just go overboard without even thinking about it. Read More

Mommy Bloggers Vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup

No High Fructose Corn SyrupI’m not one to press people on issues that I believe in and I don’t really consider myself as a controversial writer. And while I am opinionated, I don’t throw it down your throat. However, when something someone does is just wrong and it effects my family and friends – that’s when I feel I have to get involved.

Recently, I had a guest post on MommyBKnowsBest about the dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup and the awful things that it can and does do to our bodies. Last month at the Type-A-Mom blogger’s conference the Corn Refiners Association launched their new name, “Corn Sugar”….. along with some blogger gifts, er bribes. Which I promptly threw out.

It’s great that the CRA (Corn Refiners Association) are giving HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) another chance and changing the name so people won’t associate it with the bad rap that it’s gotten…or is it??? Read More

No Fizz Charlotte: An Interview with Kate Kincaid

Kate Kincaid No Fizz CharlotteRecently, I had the opportunity to interview Kate Kincaid from No Fizz Charlotte about her role in the 60 Days of Hydration Challenge, and the importance of the program in her personal life as well. I learned a lot more about the program, the thought processes behind it, and personal goals that Kate has set for herself, and the people she cares about.

So whether you live in Charlotte, North Carolina or not please check out this great interview for more information on the 60 Days of Hydration Challenge, it’s never to late to start hydrating! Read More

Body by Bethenny Review

Body By Bethenny

Chef, author, reality TV star, entrepreneur, mommy, and now workout buddy, Bethenny Frankel shows that no matter how busy you are you still have time to work out with her Body By Bethenny workout DVD.

Bethenny is joined by celebrity instructor Kristin McGee for this 40-minute yoga program. The purpose of the DVD is to stretch and strengthen your entire body following up with a 10-minute strength-training segment.

My thoughts on the introduction are that it is a sweet personal message from Bethenny; it’s a little scripted, but seems like her personality and own thoughts are behind it. She talks about how the workout is for everyone at every fitness stage, and that being a “Skinnygirl” isn’t about what size you are, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Read More

RADIUS Intelligent Toothbrush Review

radiusI’m so into oral hygiene, so when I got the chance to review the RADIUS Intelligent Toothbrush I was super excited. Immediately I thought this was a really cool looking toothbrush, unlike anything I’d really seen, not that I’ve scoured the internet or stores for awesome looking toothbrushes, but still.

I noticed the large brush head that has about three times the amount of bristles than an ordinary toothbrush. I didn’t really know how much toothpaste to put on, but continued to just put what I would normally put on my brush on the RADIUS. I could see people using too much toothpaste though after a while. Read More

MyClyns Review and Giveaway{CLOSED}

my clynsEven though cold and flu season is almost over, that doesn’t change the fact that I am a total germ-phobe! Lucky for me there the Clyns company has made something to squelch my sneezing, coughing, germy worries. MyClyns is a new, alcohol-free, germ protection spray that you can immediately use on your face when exposed to harmful pathogens. The non-toxic, non-burning spray contains a fast-acting solution that has shown to reduce more than 60 potentially dangerous germs, including MRSA, staph and E-coli.

This is one of the coolest things I have heard of. You can spray it even if you have cuts or scrapes, if you wear contacts, is safe for children, great for parents and caregivers to have on hand, so really a great product for all.

I love that MyClyns is so slim that it doesn’t take up anymore space in my diaper bag and purse than a large pen. Not only do moms like me love them, but families and hospitals are also using MyClyns as a means to staying healthy. Read More