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Jib Jab Personalized Bedtime Book App {Guest Post}

Jib Jab Story Screen Shot

I try to be a good mother. I teach my kids to wash their hands, be polite and not act like bullies. I also teach them a very important lesson that many kids seem to have never been taught: The world doesn’t revolve around you, buddy.

But let’s face it — sometimes it’s nice to feel like, even for one brief, shining moment, that it is all about us. And kids love it when they have something personalized just for them. It gives them a feeling of ownership, and it captures their attention.

Knowing this, I was really excited to try out a new line of kids’ books from JibJab. You know JibJab, right? That’s the hilarious company that makes those electronic greeting cards, the ones where you can add your face to the dancing characters and send it to all your friends so they can laugh at you. Don’t act like you’ve never Elfed Yourself — you know you have.

Well now JibJab has created JibJab Jr. This is a fantastic ebook concept for the iPad. Instead of plugging your boss’ face into a turkey, you plug your child’s face into the main character of a book. And suddenly, your kid becomes the star of his very own personalized story!

This app is super easy to use. It comes with one free book — a cute story about a kid who makes a ginormous pizza. Once you select this story, you’re prompted to create either a boy or girl character.

 Jib Jab Boy or Girl

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Birthday Bash – Charlotte Bounce Party

Charlotte Bounce Party LogoWhat do Tigger, hydraulic cars, and basketballs all have in common? They all like to bounce, and they’re not alone. Most every child that I know is a huge fan of bouncing, whether it be off the walls, on a trampoline, or better yet inside a fun, inflatable bounce house.

Bring the fun of your local bounce house location to your own party venue with Charlotte Bounce Party. Charlotte Bounce Party features The Magic Castle 15 that is a 15′ Wide x 20.25′ Deep x 11.4′ High Inflatable Bounce house and holds 10 bouncers.

They are insured and keep their equipment clean because they are parents just like us and they care about the safety and well being of other children.

Their services are available from 3 hours to 8 hours and have pretty reasonable pricing packages as well.

If you are within 30 miles of the Davidson area there are no delivery charges, however for an additional fee they will deliver to further locations.

Check out Charlotte Bounce Party at their website: http://www.charlottebounceparty.com/ and be sure to tell them you’re a MommyB Knows Best reader!

Mega Bloks Domino Build Game

Mega Bloks LogoWe have loved Mega Bloks since Little Miss A was a year old and received her first, pink, block set from Mega Bloks. Daddy and Miss A have spent countless hours building their robot named, “Boxie” and love making pens for all of her zoo animals. It’s great to see them play together and it’s one of their times together, mommy rarely gets in on the Mega Blok action, until now!!

Mega Brands, creator of Mega Bloks has made a Mega Blocks Domino Build Game. Mega Bloks Domino Build Game is made for kids ages 3-6, and the purpose of the game is for children to learn about colors, numbers, matching and motor skills. This game comes in a super cute box with lovable animals on it. The giraffe, elephant, polar bear and lion playing Bloks make this game even more fun.

The point of the game is a lot like dominoes, you take turns trying to make domino matches pairing different animals or colors. Once you get a match you record your score with your animal’s Blok pieces. Once you put all of your animal Blok pieces together you win. Read More

Little Gym of Huntersville/Lake Norman Spotlight

The Little Gym of Lake Norman/Huntersville A few weeks ago I wrote a fun story on why Miss A and I love The Little Gym of Huntersville and Lake Norman. If you haven’t read it, shame on you! If you want to make it up to me check it out here: http://www.mommybknowsbest.com/little-gym-of-huntersville-lake-norman/

As you may have noticed The Little Gym is a big part of our lives and many of our friends attend classes as well so I’d love to tell those of you who I don’t chat with on the phone all the time a little more about one of our favorite places in North Carolina. Read More

Hooked on Phonics Master Reader Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Hooked on Phonics Review GiveawayIn case you haven’t heard I love Hooked on Phonics. Just in time for school to start, I was able to do a review for their Learn To Read Program where Miss A quickly learned her ABCs, she is now spelling out words and beginning reading thanks to Hooked on Phonics. Check out my full review here.

This time I was sent their Master Reader program for children ages 7 and up that is so packed full of learning goodness that I could barely lift the box when it arrived on my doorstep. I was hoping they didn’t just fill it with bricks and much to my delight there were several great Hooked on Phonics Master Reader materials. Read More

Calico Critters Card Game Review

Who's Missing Calico CrittersInternational Playthings sent Little Miss A the fun card game, Who’s Missing; A Calico Critters Card Game. Before we received this item I had never heard of Calico Critters, but boy are these characters cute.

International Playthings encourages educational indoor play and the “Who’s Missing?” Calico Card Game does just that. Miss A loved the cute critters and immediately was matching the cards by the number of Calico Critters, stacking them in piles. There are so many other ways to play with this fun set. Read More

My Busy Kit Review

How is My Busy Kit going Green?
My Busy Kit looks proactively for ways to be environmentally friendly. We recycle our toy packaging and use recyclable materials wherever possible. The My Busy Kit bags are reusable, so families do not throw away bags when they purchase our kits, but use them for multiple trips and even refill them with their own toys. My Busy Kit also repurposes extra bags into activity kits for needy families. Soon we will add another dimension to our green efforts – an educational Eco Busy Kit with earth-friendly items and activities for kids.

My Busy Kit ReviewWith another child on the way I thought it would be a good idea to get a few things together for Little Miss A to play with while I am nursing or just have my hands full in general. Typically Miss A is easy to entertain, but I do notice that she focuses longer if she’s playing with something new. As I looked for new toys for her I stumbled across My Busy Kit.

My Busy Kit isn’t just 1 new toy or activity for Miss A, it’s a cute lunch box sized bag full of great goodies. As soon as we got the clear plastic bag Miss A could see all of the great things that were in store for her and couldn’t wait to get into it right away. Read More