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Football Versus the Ads

I have to admit, as much as I enjoy watching football with hubby, especially the Super Bowl, I have always been most interested in the Super Bowl advertisements. As a Communications major in college I whole-heartedly looked forward to the Super Bowl to scope out which ads would be amazing and which ads just didn’t make the mark.

With that being said, this Sunday was no different. Sure, I was excited to watch the football game {and chose the Ravens for no reason in-particular}, and I was definitely excited to see Alicia Keys sing the National Anthem, loved Jennifer Hudson and the choir from Sandy Hook Elementary {which made me tear up, you too?!?}, and who could forget the amazing Beyonce {and the rest of Destiny’s Child}!?!? But I was in it for the ads.

Superbowl Commercials

Here are my feelings regarding the ads I saw in no particular order: weird, really?!, gross!!!, that’s cool, Paul Rudd, go goats!, seniors are cool, babies {and Babylandia}!!!, animals, NOLA = magic, tears, love when daddies dress up, but the wedding dress…not cool dude, not cool.

Of course I amongst others, {mostly 49ers fans} loved the Miracle Stain ad by Tide. It was hilarious to see the fans flock to Montanaland and buy their, “stain on a stick.” But the star of the commercial was the wife, a Raven’s fan. The ending was the total kicker.


If you happened to miss Tide’s Miracle Stain ad or the Super Bowl as a whole, SHAME ON YOU!!! Just kidding. You can watch it on Youtube by clicking on this link: http://youtu.be/YoOfBVraMNw

Miracle Stain

What do you think??? Do you have a favorite part of the game? Was it the football, the performances, or the ads??

Head to Tide’s Facebook and Twitter to see more messes, spots, and stains and vote on whether you would “Save it!” or “Wash it in Tide!”

Tide NFL Blog Ambassador

I am a member of the Tide/NFL “Show Your  Colors” Blog Ambassador Program and am compensated for my work within this program. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own, honest opinions, yes, even about the Dallas Cowboys, who maybe didn’t do so great this season but we still love them. 🙂 

Tide & The NFL Present: Show Us Your Colors Sweepstakes

Tide NFL Blog AmbassadorMuch to my delight I was asked to join the ranks of the Tide/NFL Blogger Ambassador Program.

We are a Tide family, and although I don’t blog about sports often, The B family are Dallas Cowboy fans. I became a Cowboys fan by marriage and my daughters even had a pink Cowboys onesie that’s been handed down. So this job is a perfect fit for me, but moreover I know, after posting on my Facebook page and Twitter page about the NFL and household chores that many of you are BIG NFL fans.

This football season Tide has teamed up with the NFL. Take one part grass stains, a dash of mud, and a pinch of sweat, and you’ve got one messy uniform, but with the help of Tide, each of the 32 NFL teams can keep their colors from staining or fading. It’s the perfect union.

Everyone knows that one BIG way NFL fans show our pride is by wearing our team’s colors, and we don’t want our team’s colors to stain or fade either, so what better product, than family-trusted Tide to tackle those messes?!?

To celebrate this passion for team colors, Tide is asking NFL fans everywhere to participate in the “Show Us Your Colors” sweepstakes. The passion NFL fans have for their team’s colors, and the meaning behind them, began in October, 1920 , when the first NFL game was played and fandom began. More than 90 years later, Tide is celebrating this passion by asking fans to visit the brand’s Facebook page or Tide.com to share a photo documenting a time you were most proud to wear your team’s colors.

Check out some of my team color pics:

MommyB Knows Best NFL Collage

You can upload YOUR photos today through November 30th on http://www.facebook.com/Tide/app_174226236047730 for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, LA. In addition, the team with the most photo uploads will receive a $15,000 donation to their charity from Tide.

Make sure you check on Tide’s Facebook page and Tide.com regularly see how your team stacks up against the competition in real-time, and rally fans of your team for even more support. Show those colors!!!

What are your NFL team colors???


I am a member of the Tide/NFL “Show Your  Colors” Blog Ambassador Program and am compensated for my work within this program. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own, honest opinions, yes, even about the awesome Dallas Cowboys. 🙂