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Dora’s Christmas CD

Dora The Explorer is ringing in the Holidays with her fun CD, Dora’s Christmas. This holly, jolly CD features Christmas Classics like “Deck the Halls”, “Jingle Bells”, and “Feliz Navidad”. Also included on this snowy sensation are Bonus Tracks from Dora’s Holiday Movie Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure. You’ll want to make sure Swiper doesn’t swipe this CD!
Along with fun tunes on this Sony Label album, kids will enjoy the great bonus content also on this disk. Bring fun wall papers, lyrics, and a Dora’s Christmas Carol mini video to life using a computer CD drive.
This CD’s insert features the usual song information, but also includes a festive Feliz Navidad/Christmas game board and pieces. For those of you not wanting to cut your insert please note there is a great printable version in the Bonus Content.
For those of you looking for the more traditional versions of well-known Christmas songs, you’ll have to look elsewhere. When I first listened to the CD with my daughter, I was expecting the songs to be the original version but of course sung by Dora.
Dora incorporates fun friends from her show into her songs relating to the kids who follow her show. Dora’s version of “Deck the Halls” mentions some of her best friends, “See Boots the Monkey jump before us. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Big Red Chicken joins the chorus. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.”
As expected Dora also includes great learning opportunities by including Spanish into many of the songs on this album including “Here Comes Santa Claus.”
“Here comes Santa Claus, Aquí viene Santa Claus, To visit me and my friends, Everyone’s waitin’, anticipatin’, As his sleigh comes round the bend. Bells are ringin’, Boots is singin’, All is merry and bright. So hang your stockings on Nochebuena, ‘Cause Santa Claus comes tonight.” I’d expect nothing less from this Hispanic sweetheart.
If your child is a Nickelodeon fan they will adore this exciting CD not only because it features voices from Dora the Explorer, but also friends from The Backyardigans, and Go, Diego, Go!
Kids will recognize the “Dora The Explorer Christmas Theme” which is a jingle bell filled version of the original Dora Theme song. Parents will love that it features the Young People’s Chorus of New York City.
After I got over my initial shock of the “Dora-fied” words, my daughter and I were dancing around the living room enjoying the upbeat song, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”. So if you’re like me you may want to listen to the album once through, sample it online, and once you buy it just have fun with your kids. Dora’s Christmas is a really fun CD for kids who love Dora the Explorer to be able to enjoy Christmas with singing, and silliness.

Just in time for the holidays, get your copy here:

Dora’s Explorer Girls: Dora All Grown Up

Dora Grown up April 10 2010 On April 10, 2010, last year, I wrote on my family website about the possibility of Nick Jr.’s Dora the Explorer all grown up. Here is a picture to the left depicting the current Dora and what they wanted her to look like after she aged. But then it was all pipe dreams.

Say, “Goodbye” to Map, Backpack, Boots the Monkey, Isa the Iguana, Benny the Bull, Tico the Squirrel, the Grumpy Old Troll, Big Red Chicken, Azul, Swiper the Fox, the Fiesta Trio, Mami, Papi, Abuela, and the rest of the old Dora “cast”.

In less than a week from today, the new “crew” is making their debut and the pipe dreams are coming to fruition with Dora’s Explorer Girls! On Sunday, August 7th at 8:00pm Nick Jr. is premiering the new episode. Where a “grown-up” version of Dora, along with her friends, Naiya, Kate, Emma, and Alana go on an adventure when they realize they’ve forgot their tickets to hit-singer, Shakira’s concert.

Dora's Explorer Girls and Shakira

Photo provided by: Nick Jr.

Dora’s Explorer Girls features Dora, {who now lives in the city} and her four friends who are trying to make the world a better place by working together. Each girl has their niche, Dora is great at reading maps and being a leader, Naiya is the expert on the universe, exploring stars and space, Kate “speaks out” encouraging people to make things better by taking action, Emma brings people together by making music with her violin {sometimes Dora joins in with her flute}, and last but not least, Alana teams up with others through playing soccer and being an organizer, rallying people to work together.

Miss A, who is now 4 years old, loved Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go, but recently has left those shows behind for the likes of Olivia, The Fresh Beat Band, and even Dino Dan. I’m interested to see if this older version of Dora, and her friends will be something she likes. So far, after seeing the previews on Nick Jr. she has asked me to make sure she gets to watch it next Sunday.

For my youngest, Baby C though I’d still like to see the short, round Dora and her gang of silly friends, or maybe even Dora’s younger brother and sister as a spin-off of Dora the Explorer.

Are your children excited to see the new Dora’s Explorer Girls? How about you? 

For more information on Dora’s Explorer Girls show, videos, {including Shakira’s Todos Juntos, the music video/song featured in the premier episode} and games, check out Nick Jr.’s website here: http://www.nickjr.com/doragirls

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