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American Girl – Girl of the Year 2018 – Luciana Vega

We are excited to share with you the incredible, empowering, and sweet American Girl Girl of the Year for 2018, Luciana Vega.

This 11-year-old dreams of being the first person on Mars.

Luciana celebrates being a natural-born leader who puts her whole heart into making her dreams a reality.

Cool fact: American Girl worked with NASA, including a task force of advisors (scientists, astronauts, and more below) who helped ensure the accuracy and authenticity of Luciana’s world—from her story and products to a STEM-based educational program in partnership with Scholastic and Space Camp.

Looking beyond her cool line of space-inspired products (like a Mars habitat and flight suit!), American Girl’s purpose behind this character is what it means to be a girl of strong character this day in age. Celebrating creative thinking, collaboration, and STEM literacy providing opportunities for meaningful growth and development.

My girls love science and exploration and this doll is the perfect fit for encouraging learning and allowing for creative play. It’s really great when toys can meet several needs of the child and I feel that really makes it a worthwhile addition to our toy collection and isn’t just gathering dust on the shelf because of that. If you’re anything like me you don’t want to just have a bunch of toys just to have them, and this is one that your child will enjoy playing with for years to come.

Luciana and her story help kids to learn about their infinite potential to change the world. How empowering is that?!?!

As you’ve probably noticed from our other American Girl posts that we really love how inspiring American Girl Dolls can be. Miss C was so excited that she read this entire book in a day and a half. We love the thought that was put into Luciana’s life changing story.

To find out more about Luciana Vega head to American Girl’s website: Girl of the Year 2018



Thanks to American Girl for sending us Luciana, this is not a paid post, all opinions and thoughts are honest.

Go!Go! Sports Girls – Toy Review

Be inspired, be a dreamer, think BIG!

We have some lofty goals for our girls, but feel that instilling future thinking qualities in them now will help them to aspire to greatness. We want our girls to love God, love others, and work hard to accomplish their goals in life.

I remember as a kid I wanted to be a ballerina, pediatrician, architect, mommy, teacher, and in different ways I’ve achieved some of those dreams through being a mom. Ever since they were little our girls have had dreams too. Since she was a toddler Miss C has wanted to be a fashion designer for people and pets, and Miss A has wanted to be a Little Gym instructor and has loved science and art/music since I can remember.

I’m thankful that my girls life in today’s world. While I’m not naive to the fact that in most cases women are still not being treated as equals to their male counterparts, I do know that there has been some progress and I’m excited to see what the future holds for them and their children.

Aligning with the ideals of empowering girls, Jodi Bondi Norgaard and Kara Douglass Thom have combined their talents to create Go!Go! Sports Girls. This unique line of dolls and books inspires girls to be strong, fit, smart, and adventurous to name a few qualities.

What we love about Go!Go! Sports Girls

In a world of dolls that often times are encouraging girls to grow up quickly, these dolls are refreshingly age-appropriate. Instead of focusing on hair and makeup these dolls and their stories emphasize what their bodies can do.

We were able to check out Go!Go! Sports Girls Read and Play Sets where dolls came with their very own stories. Soccer Girl Cassie and Cheerleader Girl Roxie were a big hit in our house as Miss C has been involved in both sports.


Go!Go! Sports Dolls are soft bodied, easy to clean and are also great to sleep with since they’re not hard like other dolls and toys. {Having the soft body does make them a little hard to sit up on a shelf though.} I also love that their hair isn’t easy to tangle.

Miss C really loves the books that come with the dolls. Cassie comes with a book about teamwork and Roxy’s book talks about being a leader, both great life skills for growing girls to learn.

The kit description mentions that they come with doll accessories, but our two dolls didn’t come with anything other than the doll, book, and the sports uniform the dolls were wearing. **Other dolls may include these items.

In having a chance to speak with creator Jodi Bondi Norgaard, I told her how, as a multiracial family always love when brands have girls of different ethnic backgrounds. While at this time the dolls are pretty light-skinned, Jodi mentioned they were hoping to add more dolls to their collection.

Current dolls include, Cassie – Soccer, Maya – Gymnastics, M.C. – Dance, Suzi – Swimming, Ella – Running, and Roxy – Cheerleading. Which doll do you think your child(ren) would like?

What qualities do you think are important for little girls to have??

Go check out their website for coloring pages, more information about creator, author, and illustrators, and their fun app! gogosportsgirls.com


Click on the link below to buy or check out dolls, books, and sets, or head to a local retailer.

This is not a sponsored post, we received product samples in order to test out the product. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are honest.

Gabriela McBride, American Girl’s First African American Doll of the Year 2017

Exciting news folks! One month ago American Girl announced and started selling their Girl of the Year for 2017. Meet Gabriela McBride, American Girl’s first African American Doll of the Year.

Gabriela is a true talent who uses her passion for the arts—specifically spoken word poetry—to overcome personal obstacles and create positive change for her community. Gabriela launches with a beautiful 18-inch doll, plus several performance-inspired outfits, accessories, and toys. We’re also happy to share that, unlike past Girl of the Year characters, Gabriela will be available throughout 2017 and beyond.

And, to connect students with Gabriela’s inspiring message and to bring awareness to spoken word poetry, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic to create and distribute Express Yourself, a program for classrooms that empowers students to use the arts as a tool for self-expression. Available in March 2017, the classroom resources give teachers the tools to encourage students to find their creative voices, just in time for National Poetry Month in April.

As a multi-cultural family we love celebrating the uniqueness in the world and in our own home. We are so excited about Gabriela and love everything about her.


  • Her passion to inspire others and fight against the adversity of her stutter.
  • Her beautiful skin tone and soft curly hair
  • Her adorable athletic wear and fun style


It’s always great for your children to be able to see role models that can remind them of themselves. I am thankful for the virtues woven throughout Gabriela’s story that will inspire my girls to want to stand up for what is right and push through hard times.

Can you see the smile on this girl’s face???


We encourage you to take a look at American Girl’s first African American Girl of the Year, celebrate diversity, and inspire others around you. Head to American Girl’s Website for more details on Gabriela McBride, other great dolls and accessories.


We received Gabriela McBride as a product review. All opinions in this post belong to MommyB and her sweet, sweet children.

American Girl: WellieWishers – Learning Important Values

I’d like to introduce you to WellieWishers. American Girl’s newest content & doll lifestyle brand.

The lively group of WellieWishers friends–Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille–imagine and play in an enchanted neighborhood garden supervised by Aunt Miranda. Through their heartwarming and humorous adventures, the WellieWishers help a girl to learn how to “stand in another person’s wellies” to discover the skills of empathy, kindness, and compassion that will help her be a good friend.

WellieWishers World Doll Set-HR


Available through American Girl channels, the line includes their first-ever animated series based on the WellieWishers characters, plus digital play experiences, early chapter books, and a line of adorable 14 1/2-inch dolls (retail $60) and garden-themed accessories that help bring the characters and their stories to life for young girls.

Like a lot of friends and girls around A and C’s age, we like the American Girl brand. Admittedly, we don’t have many American Girl products, not for lack of a great brand, it’s just not something we’ve been really into. We have a doll we purchased from a friend, some accessories from the Grand Opening at SouthPark, and have bought some books for our girls that came highly recommended from other bloggers and parents (I love, “The Care and Keeping of You” younger girls version). What we are HUGE fans of however are great values shared in a way that our kids can relate to. This is exactly what the newest addition to the American Girl family represents.

I let Lil’ C choose which of the WellieWishers she wanted and she chose Camille. C, our aspiring fashion designer (for people and pets) said, “I like her sense of fashion.” Camille is indeed dressed adorably, she, like her fellow WellieWishers each love different things and Camille’s favorite thing is the ocean. Of course her ensemble reflects that with her ocean colored top and skirt coordinate and her Wellie boots stand out as cute fish.



The girls were ecstatic to see Camille in her box and couldn’t wait to open her up. I love how neatly the doll was packaged and back story of the WellieWishers that is included.


Wellie Wishers MommyB


As a mom of biracial girls I love that the dolls are different ethnicities and can totally see the WellieWishers expanding even more because of how inclusive American Girl seems to be with their other products. I think in general it’s great for kids to play with lots of different dolls to highlight how different our world is.

Along with Camille, we also received three books for review, Ashlyn’s Unsurprise Party, The Riddle of the Robin, and The Muddily-Puddily Show.


Wellie Wishers Books MommyB
My favorite aspect of the books is that it’s inspiring our kids to not only play with these adorable dolls, but that it’s okay to love nature and getting dirty, it’s not always a bad thing to change plans to include a friend, and also how to get along with friends when situations don’t turn out as planned. To me, these lessons are so valuable for our children to learn at a young age and I love that American Girl recognizes this need and is addressing it in a fun way.

The illustrations and storyline in the books are easy to follow and really engage the reader. I also love the Parent section at the end of the book with words of advice, a quick note about the story, and activities and crafts to expand on what your child has read.

Lil C who is 6 really loved these books and was easily able to explain to me what happened in the books and how the WellieWishers solved the problems they were faced with.


Overall, we really love the WellieWishers brand and love that the line has a lower price point. It definitely helps when you are encouraging your children to pay half or full-price for the things they want as well. Not to mention the positive messaging and age appropriateness that I think American Girl always instills.


How about you? Who is your child’s favorite character? Do you have a WellieWisher? Which one??


We received review product in order to give our honest thoughts and opinions, this is not a paid or sponsored post.

Grand Opening of the NEW American Girl Store Charlotte Sneak Peek

The NEW American Girl Store at the Southpark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina opens this weekend, Saturday, October 11th – Sunday, October 12th.

The B girls and I were invited to the store today for a sneak peek before opening day. Here are some photos of our visit:

American Girl Charlotte Sneak Peek MommyB

NEW American Girl Store Southpark Charlotte Visit MommyB

The new 12,000-square-foot retail site, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, features a fun, casual environment where girls and their family members and friends can shop for their favorite American Girl products, browse a great selection of books in their bookstore, enjoy lunch and dinner, or an unforgettable dessert in the Bistro, treat their doll to a new ‘do in the Doll Hair Salon, and celebrate birthdays or other special events.

American Girl Store Charlotte Salon MommyB


American Girl Charlotte bitty baby & Bookstore MommyB


American Girl Charlotte Beforever Collection


American Girl Store Charlotte Bistro MommyB


Details for the Grand Opening can be found on their website: American Girl Charlotte. If you’re interested in attending this weekend I highly suggest being prepared ahead of time and plan on spending hours at the mall. If you make it a day-trip it will definitely make you and your kiddos a little happier, bring activities, and plan to visit other locations in the Southpark Mall to make the time pass quicker.


American Girl Charlotte Grand Opening on MommyBKnowsBest


American Girl Store is at Southpark Mall, 4400 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28211. The best entrance to park next to is the Macy’s wing of Southpark Mall and you’ll find the store as you walk to the Mall entrance on the second level. {You won’t be able to miss it.}

In all we loved learning about the history of American Girl, enjoy the wholesome values and character that this brand brings to keep our daughters young as opposed to some products available on shelves today. While the cost of an American Girl doll can be higher than some customer’s budget there are options to purchase accessories, mini versions of their favorite dolls, or a great incentive {like my girls are doing} to save up their money by doing chores and birthday dollars.

Have you ever been to an American Girl store? Will you visit the NEW American Girl store in Charlotte, North Carolina? 



This is not a paid post, I attended a media event upon request from American Girl. All opinions and thoughts are my own honest words. Your experiences may vary.

My Twinn Doll Review

My Twinn LogoBecause my girls are biracial often times it is hard to find dolls for them that have features like theirs. Sometimes we will find dolls with some of their features but they’ll be missing one or two important features. Now it’s not essential that they have dolls that look exactly like them, and of course we want them to have all kinds of dolls because God created all kinds of people, however it’s always nice for my girls to be able to have things to relate to in all areas of their life.

I want my girls to love who God created them to be inside and out and with My Twinn Dolls facilitates that desire. Each My Twinn Doll is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, pose-able, and 18 inches tall. There are so many customization options like; face shaps, eye color, skin tone, and hair color/length/texture/cut/bang options. Artisans also hand-paint on freckles, birthmarks, eyebrows, plus the doll’s cheeks and lips are enhanced with hand-painted colors as well.

The My Twinn Doll website makes it easy to choose your custom options to create a doll that resembles your 3 to 12 year-old child. They also have you submit photos of your child to ensure that they capture their features as best as possible.

My Twinn Website

After making our selections that best fit Miss A, submitting our photos, and filling out the birthmark form, we excitedly waited for our doll to arrive. I don’t know who was more excited to open the My Twinn Doll packaging, {which was super cute by the way} but once I saw her I knew that My Twinn did an AMAZING job. See:

My Twinn Doll Face

Here “Olivia” is in comparison to my very tall (95% height for her age) 4 year-old:

Miss A and My Twinn Doll

And here they are faces next to each other, no it’s not 100% but being her mom I see all of Miss A’s faces and I think they did an amazing job and didn’t make it look too similar to be creepy, you know what I mean! I actually did Miss A’s hair to look like “Olivia’s” too.

Miss A and Twinn Doll Faces

Miss A was delighted to see her doll and immediately named her Olivia, and started playing with her. Because My Twinn Dolls have 18 joints you can pose them and better yet they can actually sit up, unlike a lot of dolls we currently own. Miss A loved this feature. She also was excited to see her birthmark on the doll and said, “Her outfit is adorable.” Lucky for us My Twinn has clothing for their dolls, and also for your child. A My Twinn outfit for Miss A is already on the Christmas list.

Speaking of Christmas, or the holiday season in general, be sure to check dates to see when last orders for specific dates are. Standard My Twinn Dolls run about $149.00 retail value and includes your customized doll and one clothing choice from select My Twinn options. There are so many extras that you can purchase as well including earrings, wheelchairs, clothing, and more.

Now you may be thinking $149.00 is a lot for a doll, yes, I completely agree, however My Twinn really isn’t “just a doll”. Personally I feel like this is a keepsake that is so personal to Miss A and there is nothing out there that I have found that compares to her being able to say, “This doll was made for me, to look like me”. It’s durable and made with great quality, but also made with great care. If something happens to the doll there are care options and resources to “fix dolly up”.

If you are interested in purchasing this doll, or want to ask for it as a gift, or even go half-in with someone else here is the link to the My Twinn Doll website: http://www.mytwinn.com and you can check out their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/MyTwinn

Also you can win your very own My Twinn Doll and here’s how:


My Twinn is hosting an online contest through December 5, 2011. Log onto http://www.mytwinn.com/Doll-Giveaway to enter!

What are you buying your children for Christmas? Would you consider one of these awesome dolls?

I received this My Twinn doll in order to give my honest thoughts about My Twinn Doll’s website and product. This in no way effects the outcome of my post and all opinions are mine, however yours may vary. 

New Bratz Masquerade Dolls Commercial Too Sexy

Bratz Masquerade Dolls Too Sexy

Obviously you know my standpoint on little girls being seen as objects of anyone’s lust from my post Bikini Babes. In that post I talked about how some children’s swimwear showed off way too much skin with itty bitty revealing bikinis. Now, the infamous Bratz Dolls are cannon-balling back into the suggestive-but-we-dont-really-care-because-we-know-that-we-can-make-a-lot-of-cash pool, and as usual causing controversy with their latest Bratz Masquerade Dolls commercial.

While watching a kids television show with my girls, this Bratz Masquerade Doll commercial appeared, and I honestly could not believe my eyes. Take a look and see if you notice anything that may be questionable to you…

Here’s what I imagine the MGA Entertainment marketing meeting was like:

Marketing Team:

“Girls in bustiers check, bra straps showing check, loads of makeup check, short skirts check, 4 inch heels check, boys ogling them check, perfect!:

“Yes it is, but what age do we market this toy to?”

“Hmmm, how about 6 to 10 year olds?

“That sounds about right. Oh and it’ll be great if 2 to 4 year olds can see it on TV too, they are our future target market you know!”

Everyone knows that 6 to 10 year olds should want to wear scandalous clothes, and be objectified by boys to have fun at a masquerade ball, right?!?! Maybe they don’t know that, but perhaps it’s because their mothers never let them watch Moulin Rouge. Because if they had, they would know that it is perfectly normal to dress that way, see:

Bratz Masquerade Dolls Too Sexy

Now the dolls themselves aren’t as risque as the commercial, {don’t get me wrong though, they do come complete with their own, typical Bratz controversy}, but what are most little girls going to see first….the commercial. Again, I had to speak my peace and share my disgust with this commercial and the dolls in general. Wasn’t there any way Bratz and MGA Entertainment could have done a tasteful commercial for these less than wholesome dolls?

Marketing Team:

“Wholesome”, “Tasteful”, could you elaborate, we’re not quite following you on this one.

Sound off: What are your thoughts on the commercial?

Carry-Her® Spotlight and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Carry-Her Review and GiveawayIntroducting Carry-Her Incorporated

Founder and inventor of the Carry-Her doll carrier, backpack, Roberta Wagner is first a mom. While she grew tired of lugging around her little girls doll, she was inspired to create the solution. Ro was very happy to allow her daughter to bring her doll on excursions. She was not so happy when shortly into the trip, the doll was under her own arm, not her daughters. Ro realized she was not alone. Several trips to NYC, and numerous tea party’s made it more evident. Moms everywhere were left toting dolls. Some moms had a doll under each arm, others even more. Something needed to be done. There had to be an easy way for young girls to carry their own doll. Read More

Ni Hao, Kai Lan Doll

Kai Lan Plush DollNi Hao, Kai Lan is an animated series that premiered on Nickelodeon in February of 2008 and is blowing up. The show teaches children Mandarin Chinese, about Chinese culture in general, and occasionally a few yoga poses.

The show helps to support social and emotional development for preschoolers through cause-and-effect problem solving. Along those lines Fisher-Price has created four very cute, plush, Kai Lan emotion dolls. We got to try out Sweet, but they also offer Giggly, Happy, and Silly. Read More