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Birthday Bash – Oriental Trading Company

Some people live and die by Oriental Trading Company and while I don’t go all out for every occasion, they have been my, “go-to” for a lot of events that I’ve hosted, and why wouldn’t they be? With the millions of different themes, the great prices on all of their items, and their amazing customer service {not to mention quick shipping.} I have yet to hear someone speak ill of Oriental Trading Company. {And if you have a different opinion, please feel free to leave a comment, I love to hear from everyone.}

I love the catalogs that I get in the mail because it gives me so many ideas for parties. With the girls parties we had already planned the themes prior to looking at Oriental Trading Company’s items, however after we had the theme we found that both owls and rainbows were featured, I was a little surprised that they had something for such diverse parties, but much to my delight we found some cute items for each girl’s party.

For our owl themed party we found these great Owl Finger Puppets. The Owl Finger Puppets come in four colors, our only issue is that the paint comes off pretty easily, so they may not be great for children who want to put them in their mouth.

Now for the rainbow theme we many more items we are using in the party including these mini rainbow crayons, that I adore:

Rainbow Crayons Oriental Trading CompanyRainbow Crayons Oriental Trading Company Side View







Don’t they look cool, and they actually work, you have to push on them a little hard though. I personally wish they were a little bigger but that’s my only real complaint, and really they are a great size for small hands.

We also got these large rainbow swirl lollipops that I’ll be putting tags on for favors:

Oriental Trading Company Swirl Lollipop

Sorry in advance parents for the sugar high that your children will be on once you’re at home.

and lastly we got these great favor boxes in rainbow colors, a perfect size for birthday party take-home gifts:

What have you bought from Oriental Trading Company that you LOVE or HATE. Have you had experiences with Oriental Trading Company, what are your thoughts?

This post was not a sponsored or paid post. I am just a fan of Oriental Trading Company and like to promote things I like. The opinions expressed above are mine, however yours may vary.


Wooleybug Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Wooleybug Hand-Crafted SpecialtiesWhen Miss A saw the Target circular in September she automatically decided she would be Snow White. Although, I’m almost positive she would have chosen a different Disney Princess if she had more options, but Snow White is cool. Anyway, I was hoping that Baby C could have a complimenting costume and now knowing that Miss A was going as Snow White I had a few options.

Our first thoughts were that she could be one of the dwarfs. We opted against this idea for a couple of reasons, one being that I couldn’t find a Snow White dwarf costume in 6-9 months anywhere, and also I felt like if I made her a dwarf it may come back on me when she got older. My mom was also thinking maybe Baby C could be a Disney Princess too, but all their costumes were in 12 months and up…sorry Baby C, we tried!! So, after some Facebook chatting and great suggestions I decided that Baby C would be Snow White’s apple. I looked into baby apple costumes and decided they looked more like strawberries and were also a little cumbersome. Instead I opted for an apple hat with red clothes, (I figured that’d be more comfortable for baby C anyway). After seeing Wooleybug Hand-Crafted Specialties on Facebook I knew they could handle making Baby C’s costume come to life with a cute apple hat, and that’s exactly what they did. Read More

My Busy Kit Review

How is My Busy Kit going Green?
My Busy Kit looks proactively for ways to be environmentally friendly. We recycle our toy packaging and use recyclable materials wherever possible. The My Busy Kit bags are reusable, so families do not throw away bags when they purchase our kits, but use them for multiple trips and even refill them with their own toys. My Busy Kit also repurposes extra bags into activity kits for needy families. Soon we will add another dimension to our green efforts – an educational Eco Busy Kit with earth-friendly items and activities for kids.

My Busy Kit ReviewWith another child on the way I thought it would be a good idea to get a few things together for Little Miss A to play with while I am nursing or just have my hands full in general. Typically Miss A is easy to entertain, but I do notice that she focuses longer if she’s playing with something new. As I looked for new toys for her I stumbled across My Busy Kit.

My Busy Kit isn’t just 1 new toy or activity for Miss A, it’s a cute lunch box sized bag full of great goodies. As soon as we got the clear plastic bag Miss A could see all of the great things that were in store for her and couldn’t wait to get into it right away. Read More