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Little Miss Matched – Fun Clothes for Girls

Little Miss Matched

Little Miss MatchedIn case you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, or really cute presents any time of year, and have a little girl, I highly recommend Little Miss Matched. I recently stumbled upon Little Miss Matched, although I have friends who have known about them for a while.

As I was looking through their website I found some really cute items and thought they would be great for Miss A. They have fun, quirky styles for girls of all ages. Through my searching I also found out that their sock line, which is probably their most popular item, carries socks for babies age 6 months and up, toddlers, girls, women, and even men! Now DaddyB is pretty conservative with his socks so I’m not sure that he’d wear them, but I know my younger sister who is 14 would LOVE some of their styles. I think their city-scape socks are pretty cool.

Whether you’re looking for fun accessories, sock bundles, or even cute clothes I suggest you check out Little Miss Matched, Miss A LOVES her socks, I think mostly because she can express herself even though she is required to wear a uniform to Preschool, and I love it because I don’t have to worry about matching socks when I’m folding laundry!

Little Miss Matched

How much fun right?!?! If you want to check them out head over to Little Miss Matched’s website: http://www.littlemissmatched.com/ and check out their last minute gift ideas and great shipping choices!!

I was able to try out some Little Miss Matched products in order to give my honest thoughts on their products. I was in no way swayed by the company and all the above words and opinions are my own. Your opinions may vary. 

Hartstrings – A Great Source for Holiday Outfits

Hartstrings Outfit

Holiday pictures, fun Christmas-themed play dates and parties, and festive family gatherings with two girls in tow always requires a hint of cuteness, and of course the girls themselves are adorable, {don’t you agree?} but it doesn’t hurt to have them dressed in the cutest outfits either.

I must admit being a “girl mom”, I enjoy every second of picking out girly clothes. And I’m glad the girls just go with it, {for now at least}. I know it’s not too far off when the girls will be telling me more what they want to wear and less what I think looks adorable, but while I can dress them, I will.

Hartstrings LogoI recently learned about the online clothing shop Hartstrings, and immediately fell in love with their outfits. If you don’t already know I’m a prude when it comes to my girls especially and I make no apologies, I think little girls should be able to dress their age. Hartstrings clothing is age appropriate, stylish, and high quality.

The price point on the clothes as you can see is much higher than a Children’s Place or Carter’s, however so is the quality and style. If I had to compare Hartstrings to a children’s store I would say the pricing and style come close to Gymboree. Hartstrings, however, has hands down, the best quality children’s clothing I have seen in a while.

You know those flimsy, long sleeved t-shirts that you see and buy at every clothing store? The ones you need to have several layers just to stay warm indoors in? How about the ones that you question whether your child should wear and undershirt because it’s so thin you can see through it? Think of those shirts, and then think of the complete opposite and that is the amazing quality of long sleeved t-shirts you can purchase from Hartstrings.

Hartstrings Necklace ShirtWe not only love the quality AND the cut {not to slim or too long}, but the details of the stitching are great too. The designs they put on their shirts can be very simple or more ornate, I love the range. Also, I can tell from the details, of their clothing{I’m a details gal} that Hartstrings is really proud of the work they put out, and I admire companies like that. Read More

Ruby Moon Laundry Detergent {Guest Post}

Diaper Parties by AndreaI first took the “plunge” into cloth diapering about a year ago. I’ve faced several challenges along the way, which is a post in itself, but one thing I’ve had an issue with is detergent.

Cloth diapers enthusiasts will tell you that you need a detergent specifically formulated for cloth diapers that doesn’t contain optical brighteners, phosphates and other chemicals that can increase the likelihood that your diapers may experience odor or stain issues.

I’ve tried several cloth diaper detergents and believe some work better for us than others because of the hard water we have in the South where I live. Read More

BePe Baby Slipper Review {Guest Post}

BePe Baby LogoMy daughter thinks she’s a ballerina. No, we don’t take dance classes every Tuesday evening after school. But we do watch a lot of Angelina Ballerina and we’ve learned a couple of moves along the way. The lack of instruction hasn’t hindered my daughter’s dancing skills. She can still be found skating, floating and dancing around the house in her socks. This scares me as we have hardwood floors and they’re not fun when you fall on them. And when she does fall, it’s not fun. I’m sure her sobs can be heard down the street. Like most four-year-olds, small accidents are tragic. And while I make fun, these falls do worry me. I’m your typical neurotic mom that wants to protect my daughter from every fall in life. Literal and Figurative. Read More

Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids

As you all know, my girls are little, at ages 1 and 4 {mostly for the 1 year old} I can pretty much get away with dressing them up in the costumes I think are cute. Miss A definitely has her input, but can be swayed for sure, as long as the costume is cute and girlie.

Last year the girls dressed up as Snow White and her, {ahem} poison apple. Baby C was a cute poison apple for sure though. See:

B Girls Halloween

Adorable girlies 🙂 I loved that they were themed too, and so did everyone at the parties we attended and houses we stopped at. The girls got lots of, “ooooohs” and “ahhhhs” and “Oh my goodness, they’re too cute” ‘s. I loved it. And this year while both of them are somewhat agreeable I decided to pair them up again.

Miss A has agreed, {and actually is excited} to be Toy Story’s own Lil’ Bo Peep, and Baby C will be her sheep. I am still deciding on which sheep costume I want for Baby C, but here is Miss A’s costume from http://www.childcostumes.com and one I think is cute for Baby C too. What do you think?

Family Halloween Costumes

We were completely satisfied with the quality of the costume. I really like that the costume came with a cute shepherd’s crook to complete the outfit. Once Miss A put the costume on she did not want to take it off, but alas I convinced her. I love that  fact you can layer with long sleeves or take off the pants depending on the weather outside, because sometimes, depending on what area you live in you can’t tell if it will be warm or cool. One thing to think about when purchasing costumes it that this Halloween costume, and most costumes, do not come with shoes, which is not a big deal since we have a couple pairs of plain black shoes that will coordinate nicely. Also a small note our pants ended up being a little long on Miss A but nothing a little rolling won’t help, plus when in doubt I always say go with a bigger costume than smaller because it’s easier to make alterations.

I also love it when whole families dress up in a theme too, I tried to get DaddyB to dress up as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba a couple of times, but he just wasn’t having it. Maybe in a few years he’ll warm up to the idea.

What themes have you dressed your children or family up as?

Have you seen any really creative costume ideas?

ChildCostumes.com has a wide variety of costumes whether you decide to go with a family theme or not, check their website out here: http://www.childcostumes.com




I received a costume from http://www.childcostumes.com in order to complete this review. My opinions in this post are my own, honest opinions. Yours may vary.



BrightZoo {Guest Post}

BrightZoo LogoSpring is upon us with its trench coats, daffodils, fresh air and incredible urge to shop. How can you ignore your “beachy” instincts when vibrant colors, lighter fabrics and whimsical patterns greet you in-store? Visions of your son in a fresh champagne linen suit (Mr. Handsome before he plays soccer in it) or daughter in a pastel sear sucker dress (Little Miss before she drops a chocolate ice cream cone on it), no doubt conjure an exquisite family portrait.

Yes, a seasonal new beginning. But while Spring cleaning inspires you to redesign your home, your closet and your make-up bag, you can rarely afford to re-style all at once direct from the pages of the luxury fashion
magazines you adore. Thanks to our super power savvy mom smarts, we know these days it’s easier to shop quality and avoid paying full price. But the challenge remains: Who has the energy to race to the outlets with little ones in tow? Even when Spring IS calling?

It’s just these types of parenting lifestyle realities, along with style and affordability, that inspired our team to create BrightZoo – an online member mom marketplace where discounted designer and secondhand maternity and children’s products live side by side.

BrightZoo trunk shows feature high-end specialty items at insider prices, for both mom and her brood. And BrightZoo also offers parents the opportunity to buy or sell the essentials – fashionable maternity and children’s clothing, as well as key family items like gear, toys, books, electronics and more. A one-stop shopping arena for parents who are pressed for time and relieved to know they’re getting the best deals out there.

BrightZoo PictureVisit Brightzoo this Tuesday when our Featured Trunk Shows include a fresh mix of collections up to 75% off, including designers Lunette (precious girl clothing), Soft (organic cotton toddler wear), Tree by Kerri Lee (nursery and gift items), Petit Couture (modern luxury basics for girls), Mai Flores (jewelry for Mom) and Adore la Vie (for the elegant little girl). This limited time trunk show ends Friday, so be sure to browse quickly for yourself and your family.

Visit us and register at: http://www.brightzoo.com
Visit this week’s trunk show at: http://brightzoo.com/featured-trunk-shows

With Love,
Kelly and Jessica – BrightZoo Founders

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks Giveaway {CLOSED}

SmartKnitKidsSocks run aplenty in the “B” household, in fact I think I could go for weeks on end and not run out of socks for Little Miss A, impressive, I know. Although most of the time she ends up wearing the same 3 or 4 pairs (after I wash them).

Recently, I was approached by SmartKnitKIDS to try out their, “Seamless Sensitivity Socks.” Normally, I probably would have passed, again, mountains-of-socks, however after checking out their fun, buggy, website, I found that these socks have an even greater purpose than just keeping “piggies” warm.

SmartKnitKIDS are perfect for children with sensory processing differences, and are hypersensitive to fabrics and seams. They are great for little feet and will not wrinkle or bunch. Albeit they look a little weird not having any seams and fit a little differently I know Miss A appreciates the comfort and at 3,4,5 and up who’s looking at your socks anyway! Read More

The Non-Facebook Giveaway – The Mommy Bundle {CLOSED}

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

NoSo I wanted to run a giveaway for two great products that I thought you, my readers, would appreciate and call it; The Mommy Bundle. My platform was going to be Facebook, however after simply researching  “how to run a giveaway on Facebook,” I discovered it’s actually “illegal” to do so in most formats, even the giveaways that the really big companies continue to use.

Although I’m a very tiny speck compared to HUGE companies, I am such a rule follower, and would rather not get in trouble with my posting, so I’m moving the giveaway over here to my blog. Read More

New to 2011

I really think I watch too much television when I start seeing commercials for the most hilarious products around. But I thought it’d be funny to feature them here on MommyBKnowsBest and in case you’ve never seen them then, “you’re welcome!!”

Pajama JeansFirst up are Pajama Pants….these darling bottoms are not quite pajamas but not quite pants…they’re the perfect birth between the two and we’re so blessed to have the opportunity to look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time!! (sense any sarcasm?)

You can wear them anywhere, to a funeral, when you are in labor, on the verge of a mental breakdown and still look fabulous! They’re especially great for moms and plus sizers according to the commercial. You can even get as versatile as to roll up the cuff (exposing the pajama like underneath) for a different look.

Sorry men they don’t make them for you….yet, and kids, well, I’m guessing they’ll be some knock off coming out soon for you too! But in the meantime if you want to try Pajama Jeans I won’t tell. Read More

BabyBond Nursing Cover Review

BabyBond LogoI’m not one of those super earthy moms, I didn’t have a midwife (no offense to anyone who is or did, that’s just not me), but I am a nursing mom. I never nursed Miss A in public, I’m not really sure why not, maybe because it was all new to me, I used a blanket to cover myself at home and stayed away from public places at feeding times.

I used to be extremely discrete about nursing, (and pretty discrete in general) and love that it’s a bonding experience between me and baby. Because there are so many people in public settings I don’t enjoy feeding my babies in public, when I had the choice. Now that I have a 3.5 year old, who’s very active I’m just not able to have that quiet time all the time to nurse. I can’t expect Miss A to sit in a changing room or in my car for 30 minutes expecting her to behave, and it’s just not fair to keep her in the house all the time. So I suck up my worries and I nurse Baby C in public. I’m sure it probably bothers some of my friends a little and makes strangers a tad uneasy, but I’m feeding my baby and nothing more. Read More