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Creating a Relaxing Summer Morning Routine

“I’m sharing affresh® in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #affresh


If you read my previous post on Summer Schedule for the kids you’ll know we like a mix of schedule and flexibility in the summer. Some mornings we sleep in and other mornings we have to get up early for play dates or errands, but we always make time for breakfast and that includes a delicious cup of coffee for me.


To make things run a little more smoothly in the morning I use our daily magnets to set up how our day will look so the girls will know what to expect for the day first thing in the morning.

If we are going to a play date or the pool I’ll also get any items we will need, like snacks, water bottles, pool toys or towels ready the night before so we can just grab and go. That ensures that we’re not running around trying to find items last minute and also equals less stress for everyone.

I find for me, preparing things the night before helps us to not feel rushed eating breakfast and allows us to enjoy our mornings together.

Since I drink coffee every day I want to make sure my coffee maker is fresh and clean and honestly I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing that when I’d rather be playing board games with my girls or taking them to the park.

I love the affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner. It is a speciality cleaner designed to work specifically with coffeemakers. That means it is compatible with multi-cup and single serve brewers, cleans hard water deposits and mineral build-up, and it’s super easy to use. There’s no need to mix, measure or stir, I just drop in a tablet and let it do the work. {One of my favorite things is that my whole house doesn’t smell like vinegar after it’s done cleaning.}


Here’s just how simple it is:

How to use for multi-cup coffeemakers:
  1. FILL the reservoir with water to max level
  2. Drop 1 tablet into reservoir. (For coffeemakers with covered reservoirs, fill the brew pot with water and dissolve 1 tablet in the brew pot, then pour solution into water reservoir)
  3. RUN 1 brew cycle (or ‘clean’ cycle if applicable) into brew pot.
  4. DISCARD dirty water from brew pot and then fill reservoir with fresh water to max level
  5. RUN 1 brew cycle using fresh water then discard to rinse the coffeemaker.
How to use for single serve brewers:
  1. FILL the reservoir to max level. Drop 1 tablet into reservoir.
  2. RUN 2 brew cycles selecting largest cup size, discarding dirty water between brews.
  3. DISCARD remaining water from reservoir. Fill reservoir with fresh water to max level.
  4. RUN 2 additional brew cycles and then discard to rinse coffeemaker.

Or as I like to say fill, drop, fizz, bubble, brew, clean!


For more information about affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner, check out affresh.com


No matter what machine you use to brew your coffee, you can’t beat a virtually hands-off cleaning product, especially when it comes to some coffeemakers that make it tricky to clean thoroughly. So if you’re dreaming of easy summer mornings and a fresh cup of coffee, affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner may become your favorite cleaning product.



If you have a busy summer like us affresh® cleaners provide so many quick cleaning options that will allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your family. Purchase your affresh® cleaners HERE.


What are some things you do to help summer mornings run smoother?



Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean in Summer

“I’m sharing affresh® in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #affresh


Summertime means a lot of things in our home, it means the kids are home from school every day, it means hosting friends and family for celebrations and gatherings, and it means our kitchen is in FULL use. More kitchen use means more kitchen mess means more kitchen cleanup.

There are so many reasons to make sure you are keeping on top of kitchen cleaning other than to make it looks nice.

Here are a few reasons to keep a clean kitchen in the Summer:

  • Keep away ants and other bugs that LOVE dirty kitchens
  • Make it easier for entertaining {one less room to clean}
  • Not feel like you have chores hanging over you when fun activities pop up
  • Smelly kitchen can effect the way your entire house smells
  • Dishes are clean and easy to grab for a quick meal in between pool time
  • Enough counter space to pack a park lunch
  • Lessens the amount of germs for a healthier summer


Is the kitchen a hard place to keep clean?!? YES!! Especially when you aren’t the only one living in your home, but you can see it’s an important room to tidy up. Luckily there are some ways you can make cleaning the kitchen easier.

Enlist Help

With Miss A and Miss C tall enough to reach the counters and old enough to put things away on their own I can give them a good bit of kitchen cleaning chores. Even if you have a small child you can find these fun kitchen helper stools at almost any online retailer and they can easily help with wiping the counter or putting away unbreakable, non-sharp dishes.


Remember, help doesn’t just have to be your littles it can also be a spouse/significant other, or a friend {just be sure to return the favor}.

When you’re enlisting help be sure to make it fun, put on some music or make it a game to pass the time and encourage cheerful workers.

Keep it Simple

Use products that will clean without a lot of work. This is what I call “Return on Rub”. If you spend hours using a product that makes you scrub and sweat, and you’re not left with something sparkling clean, it’s so not worth it, am I right???

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Clean Smart. I clean smart using products I know that work, and products that are super easy to use.

Remember the smelly kitchen I mentioned above? One reason kitchens get so smelly is because the ever-so-helpful garbage disposal won’t clean itself. I know, maybe in the year 2030 that will be a thing, but in the meantime giving our garbage disposal a deep clean with minimal effort is humanly possible.

affresh® Disposal Cleaner is designed specifically to clean and remove odor causing residue using powerful foaming action.


Not only does it work, {trust me I tried it}, but it’s easy to use. Follow the instructions listed on the back of the box once a month or as needed.




1. Get ready for awesome affresh® cleaning to take place

2. Turn on hot water to a low flow

3. Place 1 fresh, citrus scented tablet in your disposal

4. Turn on the disposal for 15-30 seconds and watch the foaming action

After turning off your disposal and rinsing any foam residue, enjoy a fresh smelling disposal in practically less than a minute.

Wherever there is a specific cleaning job to do, you can count on affresh® cleaners to provide the right tool for the job. Purchase your affresh® cleaners HERE


Break it Up

When you’re thinking of steps you need to clean your kitchen think broad and make a list, when you break the work into chunks and spread it out it becomes easier to tackle. If you’re a visual person writing down your task might be a great help. We have a white board in our kitchen that has many uses including writing down and checking off chores.

Here is a list of some tasks that may be helpful to send you on your kitchen cleaning journey:

  • Counters
  • Appliances {you could even break these down more}
  • Sink & Disposal {see tip above}
  • Floors
  • Cabinets

Your tasks may vary depending on the size of your kitchen, your appliances and your personal preference, but hopefully this is a great start to a clean kitchen this Summer.


What tips do you have to keep your kitchen clean, and you’re not allowed to say, “don’t use it”, I’ve tried that but eating out every meal is too expensive. 


How to Quickly Clean Your House When Hosting Guests

“I’m sharing affresh® in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #affresh

I love a good night in with friends whether we are hosting in our home or headed to a friend’s house. It’s so nice to enjoy the laughs, the food, and the company, but before any of that happens I find myself stressed out with a long list of things to clean and do. In an effort to protect my sanity, I came up with a few tips to help clean your house when hosting guests.

Plan of Attack

I’m a planner by nature, and if you’re not this step will help you be able to focus on what you REALLY need to clean rather than scrambling around and not really getting to the tasks that are high priority.

  • Think about what rooms your guests will be in (encourage them to be in only a couple)
  • Decide which rooms are the messiest and cleanest
  • Figure out if you can multitask (i.e. wash the tablecloths while vacuuming)

Cook First

If you are making food for your guests you don’t want to clean and then cook because you’ll only end up cleaning the kitchen twice. Cook first if at all possible, check out great make ahead recipes on my Pinterest board.

Quick Tip: If you don’t have time to cook there are great options at local grocery stores and wholesale stores. Deli, fruit, veggie, and dessert platters are great and so easy to re-plate.

Clean Smart

So many times I’ve started to clean something and forgot leaving cleaning spray to dry or dishes soaking for far too long. Tackling one room at a time, one area at a time. For example, if I’m in the kitchen typically I’ll clean the stove top first then the counters, then move on to the dishes.

Quick tip: If you have a ceramic cooktop, and it has caked on residue, or if you have gas stovetop grates that are dirty and want a quick and easy cleaning solution, I recommend cleaning smart with affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipes, designed specifically for your cooktop. These dual-sided wipes have built-in scrubbers to remove everyday residues and a smooth side to clean your cooktop with a streak-free finish.

The affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipes not only smell fresh, but are easy to use and who doesn’t love simple?!?

  • Remove a wipe from the pouch
  • Reseal for freshness
  • Scrub with the textured side
  • Polish with the smooth side
  • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth for a streak-free finish
  • Throw away the wipe when finished

Save yourself some time, clean smart and pick up your own affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipes or other affresh® cleaners to provide the right tool for the job at amazon.com/affresh


Tuck it Away

Have you ever seen the sitcoms where guests come over and open a closet only to experience an avalanche of objects? Let’s not go that far with putting things out of sight, but do scan the room looking for items that you may be able to put in a drawer. I have found in our home it’s great to have furniture that doubles as storage, like a storage ottoman, or decorative storage bins/baskets, especially when you are in a time crunch.

Enlist Help

More hands means faster cleaning! Ask people who you know won’t mind helping clean. You may want to consider asking them which cleaning chores they like best, happy workers are hard workers. Always offer some form of payment, whether it’s food, or a hug to a good friend, a thank-you note, or a gift card, let them know their help was appreciated. If possible try to co-host an event and divvy up the chores between you.


Of course these are just a few ways to make cleaning your home for guests and entertaining easier. I would love to hear your tips. Leave a comment on how you clean before you host guests.


Getting our House Market Ready – Window Genie Review

The Bullocks are moving to Charlotte!

Lately our family has been getting our current home market ready and as we do so we want our home to look amazing for buyers. Our awesome realtor has helped us with staging the home, we hired a carpet cleaner to freshen up some areas in the house and recently Window Genie of Concord paid us a visit.




Most homes around this time of year need a little cleaning and our home is no different {other than the fact that we want it to look extra nice for potential buyers}. We were introduced to Window Genie Concord and they helped us achieve a beautiful, clean looking home.

If you’re not familiar with the company, Window Genie offers a huge selection of services whether you are getting your home market ready or just want to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

Mark from Window Genie came to our home to survey areas that were in need of care and give us a recommended plan of action. We chose to have the North side of the house, North side of our inside fence, and both front and back patios/walkways powerwashed.

While they were here Mark and his team went above and beyond to make sure our home looked amazing.

Here are some before and after pictures:


Window Genie Patio MommyB


Window Genie Siding MommyB


Window Genie Fence MommyB


(No filters were used on any images but as you can tell the direction of the sun changed between photos.)

As you can see the results speak for themselves. Mark and his team were friendly, and professional. One thing I really loved too is that they moved and put back all the furniture that was where they cleaned saving me time to complete other tasks on my ever growing to-do list.

I love how clean the house and fence look and know whoever decides to tour the house will notice as well. We are so happy we worked with Window Genie to help get our home market ready. I’m already making a list of tasks for Window Genie for our new house to make it look just as great as our house now.



If you want to check them out, they’re a national company, and I can personally recommend the Concord branch. concord-nc.windowgenie.com

Mention MommyBKnowsBest to Window Genie Concord location and receive 10% off!!! 


I want to know: What are some things you’ve done or services you’ve used to make your house market ready??

This is a review for Window Genie services I did not receive compensation and all opinions are my own, honest thoughts.

Keep it Clean in 2014 with Mr. Clean

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mr. Clean

Think keeping your house clean in 2013 was a chore?? How about cleaning up Times Square in New York City after the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve celebration??

For the first time ever, Mr. Clean stepped up to help in the massive New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and Times Square Alliance cleanup of Times Square following this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Each year, the DSNY completes the heavy clean-up of Times Square in record time. This year, Mr. Clean provided the finishing sparkle to Duffy Square’s famous Red Steps with a NEW product, Mr. Clean® Liquid Muscle™.

A 25-person “Mr. Clean Team” led by “The Accidental Housewife” Julie Edelman ushered in a clean 2014.


Cleaning with Liquid Mr. Clean

The new Mr. Clean® Liquid Muscle™ has 2.5 times more power in every drop vs. Mr. Clean 40oz. With its new auto-stop cap feature, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle delivers the right amount of cleaning gel with one squeeze – free of mess. It penetrates dirt, fights grease and lifts stains with less going to waste. Liquid Muscle can be used on a variety of surfaces, including sealed floors, tables, countertops, sinks, stovetops and more.

Julie Edelman aka The Accidental Housewife gives us some tips to save time, money and your sanity in 2014:

1. TACKLE HIGH TRAFFIC ZONES FIRST: Divide your home into MUST DO and CAN DO LATER zones. The must do’s are bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms which are bacteria, allergy (dust mites) and germ magnets AND should be cleaned regularly. Can do later zones are areas such as family rooms, guest bedrooms, and hallways.

2. BLEND CHORES THAT BORE INTO EVERYDAY ACIVITIES: Housework can be boring, so staying focused while doing it can be a chore. ‘Blend’ i.e. ‘work’ tasks into everyday activities and routines. Next time you’re chatting on the phone with your BF or mom, chat while cleaning countertops, door handles and sinks.

3. SAVE YOUR NRG: Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle can handle anything, especially if it can clean up Times Square after New Year’s Eve! Save your elbow grease and simply squirt a drop of the powerful new formula onto countertops, appliances and more.

4. TAKE THE GUESS WORK OUT OF ‘HOW MUCH’: Thanks to its innovative one-dose cap, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle delivers the perfect amount of cleaning gel with every squeeze – that can be applied directly to surfaces or diluted in water as a cleaning solution. Similar to tasks like dishwashing and laundry, buy single, pre-measured packets. This will certainly help you prevent wasting product and in the end, also save you money!

5. ENLIST PINT-SIZED HELPERS: If you have young kids, they are perfect for helping with kid-friendly home-keeping chores like vacuuming and laundry. If you don’t have any children, I’m sure friends and family who do will be happy to lend out theirs so they can enjoy an hour or two of free time!


Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is available at grocery retail, home improvement, and mass merchandise stores nationwide starting January 2014. More information on the entire Mr. Clean product line can be found at www.mrclean.com or www.facebook.com/mrclean.


This is a sponsored post from Mr. Clean. I received compensation in order to bring you this information, however all opinions stated in this post are my own. As a household we use Mr. Clean brand products. Your opinions on the above product may vary.


Easy Entertaining Tips for the Holidays

Thank you Swiffer Bissell Steamboost for sponsoring this post.

I don’t know about you, but I love celebrating my holidays surrounded by amazing people I love and care about. Whether it’s a family get together or friends coming over for a night in, or even a holiday pajama party with the kiddos, we enjoy opening our home to others.

While I would love to say I’m a Mary {enjoying the conversation and company}, more often than not, I am a Martha {wanting to make sure everything is in it’s place, clean and neat}. The older I get, the more I realize that the people visiting my home don’t care if I dusted my baseboards or the inside of my oven is sparkling. Of course being me, I want my home to be clean and neat, but it doesn’t need to be sparkling.

Easy Entertaining Tips for the Holidays MommyB.jpg


Instead of stressing myself out over cleaning my home, I’ve decided that I’m going to take less time cleaning and more time enjoying my company, but I need to come up with some tips to help me be a good hostess, while achieving this goal.

Holiday Entertaining MommyB

Here are some easy entertaining tips for the holidays that I came up with that may help you be a Mary instead of a Martha too.

Bissell Happy Holidays.jpg1. Use cleaning products that will cut my cleaning time and get the job done. 

I recommend the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost, it’s lightweight (so your arms won’t feel like jelly when you are done mopping), easy to put together, and works AMAZINGLY!!! I used this right before a big play date and the floors were sparkling, I could see it removing the gunk from my floors as I used it.

2. Use white dishware and serving dishes. 

Using all white dishware not only allows you to dress up your dishes with ribbon and other table decor without being too much of an eye sore, but it also gives your table a streamline look rather than hodge podge, plus you can use them anytime of year, not just during the holiday they represent.

3. Buy food don’t make it. 

Unless you are hosting a dinner party (and even then you may want to consider some pre-made food items), consider buying snacks and food from the store. Less work and clean-up for you and will limit the amount of tasks on your to-do list before your guests arrive.

4. Tidy, don’t clean.

Remember that your home is probably going to need a cleaning after your guests arrive as well, so spend your time cleaning counters, floors, and moving clutter rather than focusing on the small details. I also highly suggest, moving extra toys or furniture to the garage or another empty room in your home temporarily to help make your home look more clean.

5. Shower and dress after everything is done.

I’ve gotten ready before cleaning and moving furniture before parties and get togethers before and ended up a sweaty mess, so needless to say I’ve learned my lesson and try to save getting myself ready for the party for very last. I also try to get most things ready the night before so I don’t have a lot of big work to do the day of.

So thanks to my tips and tools of the trade, I go from:

Stressed and Excited Pic MommyB

What are your easy entertaining tips?

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Swiffer Bissell Steamboost. Any opinions about the product are my own, honest thoughts. Yours may vary.



Holiday Cleaning in a Time Crunch

Thank you Molly Maid for offering your services for this review.

During the holidays we love to have friends and family visit. We enjoy celebrating and know that our home doesn’t need to be spotless to have quality time together, but being the Type-A momma that I am, I do like a clean house.

When approached by Molly Maid of Central Charlotte and Cabarrus County to try out their services, of course I said yes! {Wouldn’t you???} I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a cleaning service. When I nannied the families had regular cleaning services, but being a work-at-home mom, I figured that it would at least save me some of the work and time.

I personally had a bunch of questions about what to do before the cleaning, and the professionals at Molly Maid were super helpful giving me these three tips:

1) Would you like your bed linens changed? If so, strip the bed & leave out a set of clean sheets. We will put the new sheets on and make the bed for you!
2) Pick up, don’t clean up! We don’t expect you to clean your home before we come. However, if you can spend about 10 minutes the night before and just straighten up – toys put away, toiletries on bathroom counters organized, kitchen counters free of excess clutter. We understand that you live in your home, and we do not expect it to look like the front of Better Homes & Gardens!
3) Relax. Your home is going to be cleaned, and you don’t have to lift a finger!

I chose to go with the downstairs cleaning for this review because those are the rooms guests regularly see during the holidays. I intentionally left some things a little messier than I normally would {I was itching to clean it before they came, I contained myself}, and put some blankets and pillows on the floor too. I wanted to see what would really get clean, keep in mind this is a review. (I know it’s hard to tell from the pictures but there were definitely areas to clean!)

Molly Maid Before Collage MommyB.jpg

Here are a few things I was impressed with:


  • Brittany and Debra were on time and very professional
  • They got a lot of cleaning accomplished in the time they had
  • They vacuumed my couch and loveseat {who knew!!!}
  • My microwave glistened {seriously, like never before}


Things that they could improve:


  • There were a few small areas they didn’t clean well or missed
  • My “thank-you” card smelled strongly of cigarette smoke
  • The one-time cleaning price was a little steep for my budget {although competitive with others in the area}


Overall, I thought the cleaning was good and if I were to hire a regular service I would definitely consider Molly Maid. I think if you are in a pinch for the holidays and really don’t have the time to clean your home then the one-time cleaning service would be well worth it. I always feel stressed when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and getting organized and if there’s one thing I can cross off my list, and I have the funds to do it, that means more time to finish other things and enjoy a clean home.

Molly Maid After MommyB.jpg

Molly Maid of Central Charlotte and Cabarrus County serves the central and north Charlotte area as well as all of Harrisburg, Concord, Kannapolis, and the entire Lake Norman area. Their Home Service Professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured. They offer 100% Customer Satisfaction and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

If you’re ready to set up cleaning services for the holidays or anytime and are in the Central Charlotte, Cabarrus County area call 704-536-MAID or head to MollyMaid.com for a cleaning estimate. 

**For MommyB Knows Best readers, if you complete a one-time service or set up regular cleaning service with Molly Maid of Central Charlotte/Cabarrus County or South Park and mention you heard about them on MommyBKnowsBest.com you will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card!!



I received complimentary services in order to perform this review. The thoughts and opinions are mine as always, however yours may vary. 

Passion for Cleaning – REDLEE/SCS Inc.

This post is brought to you by REDLEE/SCS.

When it comes to cleaning, many of us probably do not have a passion, rather we do it out of necessity. That is not the case for the Redfearn family, founders of REDLEE/SCS Commercial Cleaning, there is a true passion that’s been handed down generation to generation.

Redlee SCS LogoThis family-owned business focuses on quality service, and heart behind the business. In 1982, Chief Strategy Officer Christi Redfearn’s grandfather {Charles} and father {Chuck} put their heart into their work and have only grown more in love with their jobs.

Both men are still very active with the business and have even been known to go on-site to walk through with property managers, and even to roll up their sleeves and clean on occasion.

Their heart for giving back to the community and others is even bigger than that for the business. REDLEE/SCS hosts charity events and fundraisers that benefit and give back to so many others including veterans, animals, children, and of course their own employees in need.

Having a heart for business, and a heart for others really shines through in their quality service. Not only is their focus on sustainability, but they work with property managers to discuss recycling options, offer green cleaning, and day cleaning which saves energy and helps save money as well.

Commercial Cleaning

REDLEE/SCS commercial janitorial services currently serves 11 states, with account managers available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. REDLEE/SCS regularly services the following establishments: car dealerships, schools, commercial office spaces, bank branches, museums, medical buildings, retirement homes, religious centers, fitness centers, corporate headquarters, and more.

Find out more information on REDLEE/SCS by visiting their website: www.redleescs.com.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and get some great at-home cleaning tips and information from their blog.


This is a sponsored, informational post on behalf of REDLEE/SCS Inc. No opinions or experience with services are given in this post. 

Going Green One Baby Step at a Time with Care to Recycle™ Program

This is a sponsored, information post.

How many times have you or your family been guilty of tossing an empty roll of toilet paper in the trash? Where did the baby shampoo bottle end up after it’s last use? I know I am one of many, who although I try to recycle in our home, end up tossing bathroom recyclables in the trash.

Did you know:

While 7 out of 10 Americans say they consistently recycle, only 1 in 5 routinely recycles bathroom items, according to a recent report commissioned by Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies

To help raise awareness and influence behavior, Johnson & Johnson is launching: Care To Recycle™, a recycling campaign that begins with a gentle reminder to recycle more items from the bathroom.

Recycle Bathroom.jpg

I know with us it’s easier to throw bathroom recyclables away than to make the extra {small} effort of taking it downstairs to recycle. I believe that remembering the importance of recycling in every room in our homes is a great step towards our efforts to be green.


While shopping the other day, I heard a cashier and the customer behind me scoff at my recyclable bags because it took longer to bag up my items. Instead of discouraging me, I remembered why I take small steps and that not only am I doing my part, but hopefully inspiring others as well.

In the same token, the Care To Recycle™, {the first recycling campaign to be hosted exclusively on Tumblr,is aimed at creating awareness about the importance of bathroom recycling but it doesn’t just stop there, it too wants to inspire change by providing helpful resources, including clear information and tips about which bathroom items can be recycled, so really it takes a lot of the “guesswork” out of the picture making it that much easier and hopefully more desirable too.

Please take a minute to check out this short video, “Smallest Room”.  May it encourage you and your family to show your commitment to taking steps towards a green home and recycling in the bathroom and share with others.

To find out more about how you can go green one baby step at a time, starting with the “smallest room” in your home, visit Care To Recycle™’s Tumblr site here: http://caretorecycle.com/

In the meantime, if you have any bathroom recycling tips to share leave a comment here!

Caring for a Healthy Future logo

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Johnson & Johnson and MomTrends.com. Any opinions expressed in the above post are my own. I sincerely hope you enjoy this message and my family’s story. Your opinions may vary, thank you for being respectful of mine.

Toys, Toys, Everywhere – Toy Organizing {Guest Post}

Ever feel like your home is flooded with toys? Are there toys in every room of your home?? Are your children not sure what to play with first because there are too many options??

If there are 20 toys to play with, then she will play with the ones that appeal to her at that moment, moving on other options as the day or week progresses.

This is a similar mentality when our closets are packed with clothes. We are presented with too many options therefore wearing the items that we like the most. The rest hang for months or even years without seeing the light of day.

Here are some tips to organize your toy catastrophe in your house, or at least tame it a little.


Rotate children’s toys each week or month.

Rotating toys is easier than it sounds. I’m no scrooge when it comes to showering our children with love and presents. But to the point made above, give your child less options on a more regular basis.

Buy a few large storage bins from your local department store. Sort and categorize your child’s toys. Pack up a selection of toys into the tupperware bins. Think variety here. Rotate every week or month, whatever schedule works for you and your family.

As a nice bonus, it will be easy to pick out the toys that your child doesn’t really like. Easily donate those and your child won’t miss them!

Get your child involved with charities and giving early.

Pick a charity that speaks to you and possibly your child. Become invested in the charity by volunteering and making donations in the form of time or toys. Get to know some of the individuals involved.

When your children understand that others in the world don’t have it so well, then they will be more likely to give and help.

We are a society that will always accumulate more. Take the time now to set up a system that will keep your children interested in their toys and teach them to donate for the greater good.

What are some of your toy organization tips?


Burnham-HeadshotJennifer Burnham is the founder and organizer behind Pure & Simple Organizing. She encourages and inspires others to live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. We can all get down and out with an overpacked schedule and a cluttered home. She gives her clients permission to let some of the “stuff” and responsibilities go — enjoy your life! You only have one afterall! 🙂