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Safety Innovations Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

safe beginnings If you’re like me then one of the main concerns for your children focuses on safety. Now when it comes to going to the park and the pool this summer there are many “unknowns” that arise that require caution and being able to think on your feet, but I feel when it comes to my home that I need to prepare and be proactive.

From before Little Miss A was crawling Daddy B and I baby proofed our house. Now we didn’t go overboard, but we got the usual electricity plug covers, door knob covers and cabinet locks. You’d think after all that we’d be pretty covered, and we are, but as children grow they learn lots of fun things, like how to open the refrigerator and that if they can just open the bi-fold closet doors they can get to their dress-up clothing, well that’s when we decided to revisit the safety department.

Safe Beginnings offers a great line of child safety products, tips for parents on babyproofing, and family safety information. Read More

Guidecraft Toybox Review and Giveaway{CLOSED}

guidecraft logo.gifMiss A just had her 3rd birthday party and as I look around at the house I see thousands of plastic toys upon toys, sometimes the amount of toys she has makes me go bonkers, and Baby C hasn’t even started to accumulate any yet!

Not only am I unimpressed by the quality of most of these toys, but the little fabric bins I have them in are starting to burst at the seams, thank goodness for both the amazing quality and durability that Guidecraft offers in all of their toys, but especially this amazing Noah’s Ark Toy Box I got to try out.

From taking the pieces out of the packaging to Little Miss A helping me fill it up with her toys we had an overall great experience and here’s how it all went down…

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Royal Drama Review

royal dramaYou know the saying, “Save the Drama for yo Momma?” Well, in this case you can save the Drama for your Momma, your sister, your daughter, son, anyone you can think of, this is Royal Drama!

Royal Drama’s shirts come in several different styles from t-shirts, to hoodies and even cute little dresses, (can you tell I’m the mom to two girls?) I love all of the sassy sayings on the Royal Drama clothing line and found it hard to pick from them.

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Peter Rabbit Organics Review

peter_rabbit_organics_logoLittle Miss A has had several different eating phases in her life. She was an amazing eater when she first started eating solids and munched on everything with the exception of anything with tomato sauce. Well, unfortunately it went down hill from there with her just wanting carbs, diary, and protein. With lots of work, games, and bribes, we’ve been able to get her to eat some vegetables here and there and almost every fruit imaginable.  We’re not too worried about her fruit and vegetable intake but a little extra couldn’t hurt right?

We decided to try out Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches. Now I’m not sure if you’ve seen these pouches around, but it seems like it’s becoming a big trend, food/nutrients in an easy-to-carry pouch. I’ve seen a few other kids products packaged the same way and even Gatorade is making a Pre-Game Fuel in the same manner. Read More

Calico Critters Card Game Review

Who's Missing Calico CrittersInternational Playthings sent Little Miss A the fun card game, Who’s Missing; A Calico Critters Card Game. Before we received this item I had never heard of Calico Critters, but boy are these characters cute.

International Playthings encourages educational indoor play and the “Who’s Missing?” Calico Card Game does just that. Miss A loved the cute critters and immediately was matching the cards by the number of Calico Critters, stacking them in piles. There are so many other ways to play with this fun set. Read More

Bebe Au Lait Review

Bebe Au Lait LogoBaby C has completed her first review 🙂 Hooray!!

Like most babies, little Baby C is not a huge fan of baths (yet). She’s not a huge fan of being naked and cold and wet, until it comes to hair washing time, and then she’s in heaven. We are currently giving her sponge baths on the kitchen counter, but that’s going to change soon since she has her very own “big girl” belly button. Hooray for her first milestone! So of course we have the baby wash, washcloths, and water, but we also have the Bebe Au Lait Hooded Infant Bath Towel.

Since this is our second child we’ve accumulated about 10 cute hooded towels, but this Bebe Au Lait towel is my favorite by far. In fact, I’m sad when we have to wash it because then I can’t use it. When I gave Baby C her bath using this towel was the first time she didn’t cry during bath, it could have been the fact that mommy is faster at bathing than Daddy B, but I really think it was the comfort and warmth of this towel. Read More

My Busy Kit Review

How is My Busy Kit going Green?
My Busy Kit looks proactively for ways to be environmentally friendly. We recycle our toy packaging and use recyclable materials wherever possible. The My Busy Kit bags are reusable, so families do not throw away bags when they purchase our kits, but use them for multiple trips and even refill them with their own toys. My Busy Kit also repurposes extra bags into activity kits for needy families. Soon we will add another dimension to our green efforts – an educational Eco Busy Kit with earth-friendly items and activities for kids.

My Busy Kit ReviewWith another child on the way I thought it would be a good idea to get a few things together for Little Miss A to play with while I am nursing or just have my hands full in general. Typically Miss A is easy to entertain, but I do notice that she focuses longer if she’s playing with something new. As I looked for new toys for her I stumbled across My Busy Kit.

My Busy Kit isn’t just 1 new toy or activity for Miss A, it’s a cute lunch box sized bag full of great goodies. As soon as we got the clear plastic bag Miss A could see all of the great things that were in store for her and couldn’t wait to get into it right away. Read More

Grow Green Baby Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}

Grow Green Baby Review and GiveawayI cannot say that I am a “Green” mommy or that I do all the right things when it comes to being eco-friendly. However, I do try to take steps in the “Green” direction like recycling and checking out great sites for eco-friendly products like Grow Green Baby.

Grow Green Baby is a great website for organic baby products and a few fun mom products as well. They have everything to cover your baby necessities from 100% organic clothing to baby safe Green to Grow bottles and bubbly body wash to keep your baby fresh and clean.

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I Heart Jonas DVD Review

I Heart JONAS ReviewWant to fall in love this Valentine’s Day? If you’re already a fan of the Jonas Brothers you’ll be crushing on them even more after you watch the I Heart Jonas DVD. If you’re not a fan, the acting, or lack thereof, may bother you, but in general the storyline is pretty decent for being a tween/teen Disney show.

The Disney Channel TV series JONAS premiered on May 2, 2009.JONAS was created by Roger S.H. Schulman and Michael Curtis, and stars the Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Nick, and Joe – as well as cast members Chelsea Straub, Nicole Anderson, Jon Ducey, and Frankie Jonas, the brothers’ real-life brother. The brothers appear as three members of the fictional band JONAS who try to live a normal life in the face of stardom. The show won the 2009 Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV: Breakout Show. Read More