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Holiday Gift Giveaway – Discovery Place Inc. {CLOSED}

Discovery Place Inc Holiday Gift GuideIn case you don’t know how much I love Discovery Place Inc., you need to read my Twitter page, Facebook page, and blog and you’ll see what an avid fan I am.

Although I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the Charlotte Nature Museum I hear they have some pretty cool exhibits and events like: Chicken Day and the Butterfly Pavillion. Discovery Place, in uptown Charlotte, is pretty cool in it’s own right. In fact, for the holidays, the full schedule of interactive live shows and programming includes wildly fascinating science experiments, guided aquarium and frog tours, close-up animal encounters and more for visitors of all ages. All activities are free with Museum admission (except IMAX films).  Read More

Holiday Gift Giveaway – Scentsy {CLOSED}

Scentsy Holiday Gift GuideWith little ones on the prowl and having childhood issues with fire I am very, very, cautious, and error on the safe side when it comes to flames in my home. Having a Scentsy warmer is one of the ways I can have my candle scents without the worry of safety.

Scentsy has so many options for warmers and scents that you can mix and match probably a million times and always end up with new creations. Right now in my home I’m working on the Faith warmer with the Clove & Cinnamon Scent because I just adore cinnamon anything this time of year. Mmmmm. Read More

Operation Beautiful Review

Operation Beautiful CoverI first met Caitlin Boyle, from HealthyTippingPoint.com at the Ball Canning Event I blogged about in July. I sat at a table full of food bloggers/”foodies” and was the only one at my table using the wrong fork I’m sure! Although, I personally was a little intimidated to be amongst the bunch each one of the girls I sat with, including Caitlin were very inclusive and personable. Although none of the bloggers at my end of the table were moms I even got a chance to talk about the girls, which, as some of you know I can’t get enough of.

After meeting Caitlin and checking out her website, and social media outlets, I found out that she had written a book. Actually, it’s not just A book, it’s a very special book, Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time. Operation Beautiful is an amazing, inspirational book that, (in my opinion,) should be on the coffee table in every home.

Why would I be so bold to make such a statement?? Here’s why:

I believe in self. I am a strong believer that every person, no matter what background, what race, gender, economic status, or hardships in life, can change their life for the better and find peace and happiness. Now I may sound like I’m delusional, but I know several people, Caitlin Boyle for one, and the many participants in the Operation Beautiful Movement who agree with me. Read More

Purchase for a Purpose Winner

Santa ShopsJust wanted to remind all you Charlotte area readers that The Santa Shops: Purchase for a Purpose event is going on as I type! Now through tomorrow (Friday, November 10th) at 9:00 pm you’ll be able to find some amazing vendors, yummy food and give to a great charity while buying presents for your favorite people. So be sure to stop by and feel free to tell them MommyB Knows Best sent you.

Now for the winner of the Facebook giveaway! Thanks to everyone who updated their statuses to spread the word about Santa Shops: Purchase for a Purpose. The winner of the tote from Quill Designs is: Lisa W!! I am emailing Lisa to be sure she can pick up her tote today or tomorrow and if not I will redraw.

Purchase for a Purpose – Giveaway {CLOSED}

Santa Shops‘Tis the season, the season to shop apparently. I went to North Lake Mall today and all of the Holiday decorations are up, Miss A is loving them and thankfully for my sanity they have not started playing Christmas music yet. Don’t get me wrong I love the holidays, what I don’t love is hearing the same song 500 times in one day. Another thing I love about Christmas is picking out unique Christmas presents and giving to those less fortunate.

Read More

Discovery Place KIDS Sneak Peek

Discovery Place KIDS LogoI kept a secret from you…shame on me!! But I was actually invited earlier this month to attend the Discovery Place KIDS media event. I was ecstatic to be able to check out this great new children’s museum, (the only children’s museum in the greater Charlotte region.)

Sorry adults you must be accompanied by a child to be admitted, so if you’re not a parent you need to find a pint-sized cutie to borrow for the day (legally please!)

Have you ever considered purchasing a membership to the Discovery museums? Membership is available, but not limited to all three museums including Discovery Place (science center in Uptown), and the Charlotte Nature Museum near Freedom Park and Discovery Place KIDS. I’ve been eying the family membership to at least Discovery Place KIDS because if I take Miss A at least 6 times just the three of us (Baby C is free since she’s under 1) then we get our money’s worth. ****WARNING Insanely long post to follow with some greataction photos, prepare yourself! This is my longest post to date since there is so much to tell you about. (I’m hoping to make a post with just pictures or segments on each exhibit in more detail so be on the lookout in the future.) For photos only go to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mommybknowsbest Read More

Discovery Place KIDS Opening Weekend

Discovery Place KIDS LogoI’m beyond excited about the opening of Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, North Carolina this weekend. Every Sunday we pass the building on our way to church and both Miss A and I have been waiting to see the “Now Open” sign up. Well, guess what??? This is the weekend!

At 9:00 AM Saturday, October 23rd, Discoverpy Place Kids will open it’s doors to the public for the first time. Discover Place Kids is the only children’s museum in the greater Charlotte region and is the third Discovery museum member in the Charlotte area among it’s older brother and sister Discovery Place (science center in Uptown), and the Charlotte Nature Museum near Freedom Park. Read More

No Fizz Charlotte: An Interview with Kate Kincaid

Kate Kincaid No Fizz CharlotteRecently, I had the opportunity to interview Kate Kincaid from No Fizz Charlotte about her role in the 60 Days of Hydration Challenge, and the importance of the program in her personal life as well. I learned a lot more about the program, the thought processes behind it, and personal goals that Kate has set for herself, and the people she cares about.

So whether you live in Charlotte, North Carolina or not please check out this great interview for more information on the 60 Days of Hydration Challenge, it’s never to late to start hydrating! Read More

Little Gym of Huntersville / Lake Norman

The Little Gym of Lake Norman/HuntersvilleCommunity, health, and teamwork are three important things that I strive to teach my girls on a daily basis. I never knew until recently that I could get this trio of values all rolled into one, until I enrolled Miss A in classes at The Little Gym of Lake Norman/Huntersville.

Here’s a story about  how we started attending The Little Gym, (maybe you can relate): It was a dark and stormy night, wait, that’s not the right story. Let me try again, once upon a time…in a land filled with toys, there was a desperate mother who loved her children, and knew a very big event was upon her. She feared that the toys would over-run her entire house as Princess A’s third birthday was drawing near. So what did this poor mother do, you ask?? She pondered her options, analyzed the Princess’ favorite activities, and then realized that it would be wise to ask the royal grandparents for birthday money towards programs at The Little Gym of Lake Norman/Huntersville instead. What a smart mother!! Read More

MommyB is for Bountiful Harvest

Today was our first Farmer’s Market visit and as I sit here eating McDonald’s, yes you heard right, not food from Old MacDonald’s farm, the kind of McDonald’s that has the fries that never decompose, I wonder where it all went wrong. I guess perhaps it all started this morning…I wasn’t feeling great and Daddy B let me sleep in with Baby C, we ended up getting up around 10:30, this is crazy late for me.

Now in a perfect world I’d get up at 10:30 and the whole family would be ready to head out the door by 11:00 right? Not with us, not only did I need to get myself around, I needed to feed Baby C, get her dressed, dress Little Miss A, and then, dum…dum…dum…Mis A’s hair….this is an entity in itself. Often times I find myself wondering why I prayed for daughters with curly hair, and I love the look when it’s all pretty and done up, but it sure does take some energy, time, and product! After all of us getting ready plus 30 minutes for two puffy piggies, we were finally out the door…at lunchtime?!?! Read More