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Concord Mills Announces New Play Area

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Concord Mills Mall. I only work with brands that I myself would use or think worthy of promoting to others.


After several renovations both inside and out to Simon Mall’s North Carolina location, Concord Mills, upgrades are here and beautiful.

While there are new stores and restaurants in and surrounding the mall, some of the biggest changes come from within.

Among the changes, Concord Mills boasts updated bathrooms and new flooring that now make the mall much more attractive and pleasant to shop in, and for families one of the biggest attractions is the brand new mall play area.

Sponsored by Sea Life Aquariums located inside the mall, this new play area caters to a wider range of ages. The previous play area was mainly focused on crawlers through young children, but the new area has three distinct places for toddlers through young teens to play and learn.


  • Toddler Pod: Features sprout designs where little ones can climb and spin.


  • Elementary Pod: Features elements including climbing blocks and an electronic piano with touch sensitive pads featuring eight different musical notes.


  • Tween/Teen Pod: Features the light tower challenge and the interactive electronic game, which uses light and sound. Parents can get in on the fun here, too!


This new addition allows shoppers with different age children to play in the same general area at the same time.

As a busy blogging mom, one of my favorite features is the new soft seating area complete with charging stations that allows parents the opportunity to recharge as their children play. I also love the bold color choices for the play area and how open and inviting it is.



If you haven’t had a chance to check out the play area your kiddos will thank me. Whether you’re shopping for back-to-school supplies, or updating your closet for Fall, this fun area will keep your kids busy and give mom and dad a little break.

Check out Concord Mills website simon.com/mall/concord-mills for your favorite stores and don’t forget to stop by the new play area.


Comment: What would be your family’s favorite feature of the new play area??



MommyB Knows Best Blog Redesign


Tah-Dah!! Welcome to my “new” blog. Here it is! Make sure you check out all the pages and feel free to leave me some feedback, now that you can post to your heart’s content, and if you want send me a private message here. You can also follow me on social media! (Look for the follow buttons.)

Like I mentioned before I could not have done even a smidge of this new redesign without the help from my amazing husband! Thanks DaddyB!!

I’m proud to have my blog looking more put together since I’m a crazy organizer lady.

I’m excited to add my outlook on reviews and hopefully giveaways in the future too. I’ve noticed while reading lots of mom blogs that there aren’t many “real” reviews, you know where they say how they feel about the products rather, “just the facts ma’am.” Well this is not going to be one of those blogs, you’ll hear what I loved and hated about a product depending on the way I felt. I feel like I have a great opportunity to really test these products and services out and don’t want to do my readers a disservice by sugar coating my reviews.

I also look forward to bringing you some fun, new posts and tips and tricks that anyone can use, and hope to hear some of yours too!

Lastly, check back in the next couple of days for an amazing Celebrity, yes that’s right Celebrity, you know her from reality TV, review!

Now what are you still doing here?!? Go check out the rest of my blog, and I’d be ever so grateful if you’d spread the word.