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Why I Will Never Flush My Toilet Again

Why I will NEVER Flush My Toilet Again MommyB


A momentous occasion is upon us, the moment I realized I never want to flush my toilet again. Seriously. I’m tired of grabbing the germy handle and flushing, tired of thinking what kinds of viruses et al. may be on the “flusher” {and yes I am a stage 1 germaphobe.}

All of my life I never knew the joys of not flushing until I was introduced to Kohler. Two words: Game changer. Game changer folks!

Recently Kohler sent me some of their newest technologies for toilets {bet you didn’t know toilets had technology right?!?!} and I got to test it out in our new home. How cool!


Kohler Touchless Flush Kit


Kohler’s Touchless Toilet Flush Kit was so easy to install. I followed the convenient video on their website using my iPad and had it installed in around 20 minutes. Our toilet cover was a little different than the one featured in the video, but was very easy to figure out how to install. I ended up making a minor adjustment to the height of the no touch sensor that is mounted inside the toilet bowl and voila!

I really love this product because:

  • The sensor makes cleaning a little easier since I’m not having to disinfect the handle.
  • The kids love the novelty and I love that their hands are staying that much cleaner! I seriously wish these were in every toilet I come across, I’m ruined.
  • I also don’t have to worry as much about maintenance because there’s no handle to loosen as time goes by with all the flushing we do.

We’ve only confused a couple of guests so far, but the hand sticker that is provided in the kit gives guests the gist.

Kohler Flushless Toilet Kit

The kit comes with the no touch sensor, a pull chain, a handle plug, a no touch indicator sticker, pad stickers for toilet lid, 4 AA batteries, and a sensor mount. You don’t need to purchase anything extra because the kit has everything you need, however the kit isn’t compatible with all toilets, so be sure to check and see if your model works with the Touchless Flush Kit, if it is head to the Kohler website for install videos and see how easy it is to install for yourself.


Kohler Touchless Flush Kit Toilet Types


Pricing and Availability

The kit is $99.97 is listed for purchase on Kohler.com, you can find a store near you with their “Where to Buy” link. Kohler also sells toilet bowls with the touchless technology as well if you are in the market for a brand new toilet.

Now this isn’t something I think every family needs, but if you have the extra money and are wondering where to spend it, just for the cleanliness and potentially lower rate of illness in your home I would spend it on this kit. It’s a great product that you can tell will hold up with time and is super low maintenance {changing the batteries maybe 1 time a year on average} once the kit is installed.

Other Game Changing Kohler Products

Kohler also has a seat with nightlight technology and a seat perfect for transitioning little kids to the big potty with a built-in child-size potty seat. Plus their seats feature technology that prevents slamming the seats, my favorite feature of all!


I would definitely recommend this kit and after some other home projects have been tackled would love to install this product in each of our toilets in our new home.

How about you? What technologies could you use in your home?


I received product from Kohler in order to provide a hands-on review. I was not compensated or obligated to write this post and all opinions and thoughts are my own honest words. 

Pfister Revitalizes Homes with Rebuilding Together


DaddyB and I feel that it’s very important to teach our girls about community, giving to others, and being selfless. The best way to show them the qualities we want them to have is by showing them through our actions. In church we participate in donating food and other goods to families worldwide and in our own backyard as well. We love serving all over the place and that goes for our hometown as well.

One of my favorite places to volunteer my time and goods to is Florence Crittenton Services of NC. This is a very special facility in Charlotte that houses single, teens and women and their families. A majority of the women living at Florence Crittenton are pregnant or have young children. It’s so nice to be able to make and serve a meal, but the absolute best part of the trips are when I get to sit with the women and just talk.

Helping out in our neighborhood is important. How do you help out in your community??

In honor of all the hard work done by Rebuilding Together, the great people of Pfister would like to make their job a little easier.  For every new “like” on Pfister’s Facebook page, $1 worth of brand new Pfister faucets will be donated to the organization up to $20,000 worth of product for homes in need.  During the month of April, which happens to be National Rebuilding Month, you can help, too!

Here’s how you can help Pfister and Rebuilding Together reach their goal:

  • “Like” Pfister’s Facebook Page and $1 worth of product will be donated
  • Already a fan of Pfister? Make a monetary donation to Rebuilding Together through the Friends of Pfister campaign on Causes.com!  Pfister will even match your donation up to a total of $5,000.
  • Join my Blog Hop!

Want to do more to help?  Join my Friends of Pfister Blog Hop!

  • Simply publish a post on your blog sharing how you get involved in your own community and encourage your readers to like Pfister’s Facebook page and join the effort for Rebuilding Together.
  • Amplify your post on Twitter using hashtag #PfisterHop
  • Link up your post on the linky below so readers can “hop” the posts and read your experiences.
  • Encourage your readers to join the Blog Hop, too!  The more posts the merrier!  Host the linky code in your post so your readers can join in the fun!
  • Posts must be included in the linky by 11:59pm EST on April 30, 2012.  Only one blog post per domain name, please.

Grab the code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.simply-linked.com/listwidget.aspx?l=7b96a0a4-d1be-4865-8ad8-83ca0e448f8a” ></script>

OK, you joined the Blog Hop…so now what?

  • Pfister will donate $1 in product to Rebuilding Together for every post on the Blog Hop linky (up to $500 in product donation).
  • Twenty (yes, TWENTY) posts included in the Blog Hop linky will receive your choice of one Pfister faucet from among several kitchen and bath options! Have you seen the selection?!?  Winning posts will be randomly selected.

Ready, Set, Go!  Pfister and I thank you for helping spread the word during National Rebuilding Month.  With your help, many homes in need will receive a much needed facelift.