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Surf Sweets LogoNow that Miss A is in school and we’re around a lot more kids than were in our playgroup circle, we’re experiencing more and more food allergies. There are so many ways to deal with allergies when you’re a parent of a child without allergies. Personally, we’re a family that tries to accommodate our friends when we can.

Miss A decided at the beginning of the school year that she didn’t want to eat one of her favorite sandwiches; the peanut butter and jelly because one of her best friends has a severe peanut allergy. Although she has asked for one a few times since then, her preference is to eat nut-free foods. Also, with Baby C’s birthday party coming up, we have a nut-free friend attending the party and want to make sure she is not excluded from the goodies. That means making cupcakes from scratch, checking and double checking labels and choosing nut-free snacks.

One company, Surf Sweets Natural Candy is doing an amazing job filling the nut-free candy void. Not to say that there aren’t some great nut-free/gluten-free and casein-free snacks, but these are awesome, taste great, and are made with organic fruit juice.  That’s pretty extensive if you ask me.

Surf Sweets Products

I think it’s really cool that our friends can rest assured that when they are eating Surf Sweets goodies that there’s no chance of allergic reaction. Not only are these a great choice for goodie bags for birthday parties, but they’re great for filling Easter baskets, giving out at Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and as an all-natural treat for your kiddos.

Surf Sweets has a whole line of natural and organic treats including gummy worms, gummy bears, jelly beans, and more. To check out their ingredients, products, and find out where to get yours visit their website:


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