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Earlier this month I let you know about the new Superbook Bible Stories Summer Series, did you get a chance to watch them on CBS or ABC?? If so, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts. If not, no worries, Superbook is now available on DVD.

There are 14 DVDs in the Superbook DVD series:

In the Beginning
The Test!
Jacob and Esau
Let my People Go!
The Ten Commandments
A Giant Adventure
The First Christmas
Miracles of Jesus
The Last Supper
He Is Risen!
The Road to Damascus
***And a bonus: Revelation The Final Battle

We received 14 DVDs and I viewed them on my own since my girls can be very timid when it comes to content in movies. I am glad that I did watch the videos prior to showing them to Miss A {age 6} and Lil C {age 3}. My girls are extremely sensitive when it comes to “bad guys” in movies, and Satan is notoriously the biggest “bad guy” of them all. This series portrays a lot of imagry of Satan, throughout the Bible stories he’s a part of. Also watching some of the evil pharohs, the whale in the Jonah episode, and even Goliath would have bothered them. I did, just to be suer show them a portion of a couple of episodes I thought might be more “mild” and with their personalities and viewing preferences (and mine too) they just weren’t ready to watch the series.

I do love the way characters Chris, Joy and Gizmo start off the show and go back in time/in the Superbook and learn from Bible stories, and think that this DVD series offers valuable lessons that children of the appropriate age can appreciate, have fun with, and also benefit from.

The series is recommend for children ages 6 and up. Personally, I would say 8 to 10 years might be a more appropriate age, but that’s just my opinion.

I’m glad that I have these DVDs for when the girls are older and love that there are options out there for my children and yours to learn about the Bible in a unique way.

To purchase a copy of what could be your family’s favorite episode or to join the Superbook DVD Club head here:  Superbook DVD Club

*DVDs include both English and Spanish audio tracks and subtitles except Episode 1.


DVD Collection


Also, head to for more information on the series, to check out the kid’s site and to download the Superbook App.

**Since every child is different, I encourage you to head to the Official Superbook website, {available through the website listed above,} to view some of the episodes before your children watch them if there is a question of maturity or if the content is appropriate for their personality. You know your child best.



I received review products as part of a promotional program with CBN and MomSelect. The opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own, honest words. Your opinions may vary.

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  • Thank you for your review. They have started showing them in our children’s church and my sensitive 5 year old is now afraid to go to church. She’s had to leave 3 of the last 4 Sundays because the show is too scary. I was wondering if it was just the ones they’ve been watching, but a quick look at the website shows that there are a lot more that might be a problem. I’ve been doing a search for reviews, and came across yours. I think my daughter might be ready in a few years, but right now she’s not even close. We’re going to talk to the church, but if they don’t change the programming, it looks like we’ll be changing our church 🙁

  • Thank you for this review. my Ms. S is 3, and very sensitive to who is the bad guys, and I am careful about her seeing things might over do scaring her. Im glad i found this, because i was doing research if old cartoons were bad for children, and some were saying superbook is good. It sure pays to do your research on each individual ones.

    • Thanks for your comment Brian. I think opinions are very objective. My girls are both highly sensitive children and so bad guys even when defeated don’t necessarily go away for them, they will think about them during the day and especially at night. I think you need to know your children and what they are okay with as well, but for my kiddos Superbook still isn’t a show we’re able to watch. Hope you continue to find good resources for your little S. Also I encourage you to check out my post on Highly Sensitive People to see if Ms. S may be also, it may help if she is.

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