Sprout Announces New Hosts During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Were you watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? If so you may have seen some pretty cool floats and entertaining acts. You may have also noticed two new hosts for Sprout’s The Sunny Side Up Show.

Sprout The Sunny Side Up Show New Hosts

Meet Tim and Kaitlin. Along with current hosts Dennisha and Carly, Tim and Kaitlin will join the show. It is unclear if hosts Kelly Vrooman and Sean Roach will completely leave Sprout or continue their spin-off Sprout shows, Vrooman with The Chica Show and Roach with Noodle and Doodle.

Even Sprout Online makes no mention of the cast change as of today. If you find any information feel free to add a comment and I’ll be updating as new details are revealed.

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  • I watched it, but I missed that part of the parade! 🙁 I am not sure I would have recognized them, though. I think my kids are past the age group that watches Sprout. 🙂

  • Sean will continue with Noodle and Doodle and Kelly will continue with the Costume Coop and will not be on the Sunny Side Up Show.

  • As Kim mentioned, Sean and Kelly will be continuing with their spinoffs. But I wonder what happened? Last month, Sprout was advertising the Kindest Kid award with Kelly and Chica, but that advertising has since changed to switch to Tim, Caitlin, and Chica.

  • According to what I’ve seen/read, Kelly and Sean are doing their little shows, but no longer in the sunshine barn, aside from special appearances. They both work for an improv company in Philly, so they’re still here, but I believe they are both going on to explore new business opportunities (they’ve both been with sprout for 6-7 years). I hope these two new ones stick, because we have seen a lot of coming and going in the past few years

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