Things Sleeves are Good For

Momma's Sleeve And now for a moment from every mom on the planet with…”Things Sleeves are Good For,” going out to all the  momma’s with sleeves by MommyB Knows Best:

Sleeves are good for keeping your arms warm, of course!

Sleeves are good for wiping noses, but you already knew that didn’t you?

Sleeves are good for wiping faces, you knew that too right?

Sleeves are good for opening doors with dirty handles

Sleeves are good for making snowballs when you don’t have gloves, yes I did use this method, don’t judge, it’s North Carolina!

Sleeves are great for hugging your kids!!!

This has been a message by MommyB Knows Best. Stay tuned for a new installment of the, “Things Sleeves are Good for,” series. Please post the things you think sleeves are good for in the comment section under this post and they will be considered for the next, “Things Sleeves are Good For” post!

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