Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure Universal Studios

We are huge fans of Dr. Seuss, his books, and of course the new television show, Cat in the Hat on PBS Kids. So much so, in fact that when I asked Miss A what theme she wanted her 5th birthday to be she said, “Cat in the Hat.” And that’s exactly what we did. {I’ll post more on birthday party details another time.}

On our Spring Break trip to Florida in April, we got a Seuss-y treat when we arrived at Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure – Universal Studios. Not only did I get to do some research/gather party ideas, but we had a truffula-green-egg-and hammy-fish-splashing-whoobilee-sneetch-filled time!

Seuss Landing was magnificently themed, from the details of each ride, to street lamps, and signage. Here are some pictures from our fantastic few hours:

Seuss Landing MommyBKnowsBest

As you can see we enjoyed the Caro-Seuss-el, with it’s many Seussian creatures, but that wasn’t the only ride we had a great time on. Miss A and I really loved The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride, and all the fun Sneetches we got to see along the way, warning, this one has a really, really, really, long queue, but totally worth it to be able to ride above Seuss Landing and through the Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous, a very cool big top themed restaurant.

We also liked the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ride, well, all of us except Lil’ C, she wasn’t a fan of even the thought of getting wet, we ended the ride with a few tears, but Miss A loved making the fish car go up and down trying to avoid the water streams using the easy controls.

Red Fish Blue Fish MommyBKnowsBest

The only ride that really scared the kids was The Cat in the Hat indoor ride. We asked the ride attendee outside the entrance if the ride was “scary” or “very spin-y”. She told us that there were about 3 spins and they were mild. I guess we had a different definition of spin. For Lil’ C who is 2 and Miss A who was then not quite 5 years old, it was not a good ride. Both of them were a little scared from being spun around and all of the different pieces from The Cat in the Hat story moving or jumping out in front of us. I’m not sure what I would have thought if I was a kid, but it was a little intense for me. So just a warning if you have sensitive kiddos you may want to skip this one, but if you have daring, ride-anything children have at it!!

All in all, most of the rides in Seuss Landing were entertaining and enjoyable. We also loved the theming, play areas that were set up, and bush sculptures. Of course after watching The Lorax in theaters, we were very excited to also see parts of the book, {and movie accordingly} portrayed in Seuss Landing. Like the Lorax himself, the home of the Once-ler, truffula trees, and the, “Street of the Lifted Lorax Sign.” Miss A got super excited, because it’s one of the few movies she’s seen in the theater.

The Lorax MommyBKnowsBest

Honestly and truly, visiting Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure was like stepping into Dr. Seuss’ books, I only wish we had more time to enjoy more rides and details of this section of the park.

Don’t be a grinch!! Make sure you visit, and bring the kids to Seuss Landing when you come to Islands of Adventure Universal Studios, I promise you’ll have fun too!

And if you’ve been, we would love to hear your thoughts on Universal Studios Islands of Adventure as well. Leave a comment and make sure you visit my Facebook page for more pictures of our Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure Universal Studios trip. For the roller coaster fans, check out DaddyB’s site for his review on Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey, also at Universal Studios:

Thank you Islands of Adventure Universal Studios for having the B family visit. We loved our time visiting the park and the above opinions are my own honest words and thoughts. Your opinions may vary. 


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