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So yes, I teased my new project in my post Project & Life the other day, but couldn’t really reveal exactly what the project was until it launched, which was Feburary 1st!! Hooray!!

I’d like to introduce you to my new website: The Charlotte Moms:

Screenshot The Charlotte Moms

Isn’t she purdy?? Go to the link above or go to to get a better look. I am very proud of this site, especially since DaddyB and I spent so many nights staying up late to work on it.

Lately, I’ve been approached by a number of great Charlotte companies for reviews on and I always love giving shout outs to local peeps. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all of you from New York to California and even my overseas and Canadian readers! But that’s why I wanted to make something specifically for Charlotte. I decided I wanted a “team” of mom-xperts to join me in providing information to our readers that they weren’t getting anywhere else along with some fun and thoughtful articles as well.

We are still working on rolling out a few of the features we have to offer at The Charlotte Moms but you’ll be seeing those as our name spreads. Speaking of which, shameless plug, you all have been an amazing reader base and I love all of your comment love both on posts as well as Facebook and Twitter. If you check out my other site (even if you don’t live in Charlotte, you can still like it, it will have general articles from fresh faces too,) I’d love it if you’d share it with your friends.

The Charlotte MomsOur Facebook page is:


and you can tag us in your status or scroll down the left sidebar of our fan page on Facebook and “share” us with your friends too.

If you are a company local or national and would like to speak about advertising opportunities please visit our Advertise form here:

Thanks again for your AMAZING response to my new project, I had quite a few of you checking in yesterday and it really warms my heart!


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