Nuka Maternity Spotlight

Nuka SpotlightTrying to find maternity clothes that you know everyone won’t be wearing? You may want to check out Nuka contemporary maternity clothes clothing line. Nuka was created by Julia Noik, a graphic artist turned fashion designer. Nuka focuses on soft, luxurious, modern pieces that look and feel great for mom-to-be. The line has grown from vintage inspired tees to fun maternity essentials and even includes some hand-dyed items.

Nuka has quite a few hot items in their selection including:

The Maternity Puffy Sleeve Tee

Nuka Spotlight Puff

The Maternity V-Neck Hoodie (which looks very cool)

V-Neck Hoodie

and The Maternity Coco Dress (I love this look with jeans)

Coco Dress

I like Nuka’s style, but since I’m a petite mommy it’s very hard to find items that will fit me.¬†Unfortunately, I’ve noticed in the maternity clothing department there are very few stores that cater to those who are short and pregnant. But if you’re willing to get your clothes altered Nuka’s line is definitely the fashion forward choice you should make.

You can purchase Nuka Maternity wear at their new website: and find them on Facebook or Twitter.


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  • Their stuff is cute. But try being a tall plus size momma. It’s even harder to find good maternity clothes then. Most of them make you look frumpy or your belly sticks out at the bottom.

  • Recently my wife’s puffy sleeve Tee was ruined when the server a restaurant spilled food on it. The manager is willing to compensate her for the shirt if she has a receipt or can show the price of the shirt. Can anyone direct me where I can find the price? My wife would love to buy another one. We live in Canada and the boutique we bought it from is closed.

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